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Basma in the coloring of hair: proportion, application technique, mixing with henna


This is a black hair color? Why stylists do not recommend it to a natural blonde? How to dye your hair basmoj? Is it possible to combine with other dyes basmu?

Striking brunette and gentle blonde? This dilemma has ceased to exist for us in the era of the development of beauty industry. Now we can easily and damage to health to change their hair color several times a year. But still, there are standards and canons, which is to adhere to, daring to radically change the image.

This is the black hair?

Basma in the coloring of hair: proportion, application technique, mixing with hennaFirst of all, the owners of this color are its carriers - the girl of Asian and Latin American appearance. Black hair is able to shade, and even more to emphasize their exotic nature.

Oddly enough, the hair shade cancome and European women. Especially important here game on contrasts: perfect white skin and deep bright eyes worthy finish newly acquired aristocratic image.

As an example, take a look at Dita Von Teese - that's really who knows what's what in the small selection of style!

However, there are certain typecasting women who simply counter hair dye basmoj or its chemical equivalent. Black hair can easily "cheapen"Appearance, making it messy and unnecessarily provocative.

This factor is important to consider, referring to the colorationown curls in shades of Smolny. Keep in mind - to bring them a bit hard, at least, without any harm to the health of the hair. And lighten up the resulting tone will be possible soon.

Indications and contraindications for black hair color

Black hair color - trump temperamental, passionate, sexy ladies. However, not only character traits It indicates what color shag you perfectlyIt fits. Daring to refer to strands in toning shades of resin, it is important to understand that not every woman will look to them advantageously. Some are altogether contraindicated.

So, let's see who exactly fit the shade shag:

  • Owners of the nature of dark skin;
  • Girls and women with milky white complexion (especially extravagant will look bluish-black shade);
  • Women with blue, green, "tea'Eyes.

Basma in the coloring of hair: proportion, application technique, mixing with hennaEspecially black hair is so-called "Snow White"- Women with fair skin and light eyes, prefer dark or moderately bright clothes classic style.

Top stylists all over the world recommendrefrain from rendering in dark shades of those who have gray eyes and brown hair. Although, contrary to their opinion, some of the women of the facial features are quite happy with a radical change of image.

They are dominated by women tsvetotipa "summer"And"Spring"- Liv Tyler, Emily Di Donato, Vivien Leigh, Isabelle Adjani.

Black shade curls strictly contraindicated brown-eyed brown-haired and blonde by nature. He is able to give them a visual appearance of fatigue, untidiness "cheapness".

Despite the fact that the resin is tintvery showy and elegant, it can make the face thin, haggard and emaciated. In addition, it is not recommended for women with skin problems because is able to emphasize the inflammation, acne and post-acne spots.

Do not refer to it, and those who abide in the eternal struggle with freckles and pigment spots. If you are celebrating at the signs of aging, staining also better to postpone.

Black tone shag is able to increase the contrast of the skin perception, emphasizing even the fine lines and imperfections. In addition, such a radical change of image is required to "will help"You emphasize the gray hair, and you'll be forced toconstantly refer to the touch-up roots. But the black color will be the best solution for you if you are not different volume and density of natural hair: it visually "increase"Amount of hair on your head.

Natural care and staining using Basma

Basma in the coloring of hair: proportion, application technique, mixing with hennaBasma is a powder of exotic plant Indigofera. It was used the inhabitants of ancient Egypt and India, and then joined them Greeks and Romans.

Basma already used for cosmetic purposes. Hair Basma provides not only black, but also more noble shades - brown, dark chocolate, espresso.

Everything depends on the application technique and the time-keeping of the pigment in the curls.

In addition to its coloring properties, Basma provides:

  • Impeccable hair structure from the roots to the tips;
  • Activation of the growth process;
  • Intensive strengthening of the hair follicles;
  • Giving lush head of hair color and natural silkiness;
  • Improving scalp condition: cure for dry and oily seborrhea, inflammation, dandruff.

Some recommendations on the selection and use of Basma powder:

  • Be sure to pay attention to the expiry dateproduct. If you will use the overdue powder, it can significantly harm the structure of your hair and scalp dry up. In addition, the shade, made with its use, may be very far from desirable;
  • If you do perm or straighten (the so-called "reverse chemistry"), Please refrain from the use of natural dyes. Basma can not be applied on the hair, damaged chemistry;
  • Staining clean basmoj can provokethe appearance of your curls specific greenish tint. To avoid this defect, mix henna with basma. Henna - a relative of Basma and as a natural and useful cosmetic product. It will add perfection to your final color.

For the black color with a slight tinge of coffee, use the 2 to 1 Basma powder henna powder.

How to paint basmoj hair black?

  • Basma in the coloring of hair: proportion, application technique, mixing with hennaThe mixture of powders of henna and Basma, place in a bowl (preferably a wooden or plastic, but in any case not iron);
  • Pour the contents of the dishes with boiled water (water should be at least as high as 90 degrees Celsius);
  • Pour water slowly, bringing the mixture to a thick consistency of thick cream;
  • Apply the product on your head, yet it retains its thermal properties. To have time to do this, we advise you to pre-split all the hair into strands and "arm"Brush for painting;
  • Before the procedure, rendering recommended to grease the forehead and ears fat cream or Vaseline in order to avoid absorption of the pigment in the pores of the skin;
  • Begin to paint the hair from the roots, a smooth transition to the tips. It is desirable in the direction from the top to the forehead;
  • At the end of the procedure, put on his head a plastic bag or a special hat for painting;
  • Incubate the mixture at tresses for 1.5-2 hours, depending on the desired intensity of shade. Rinse with warm water.

We decided to apply to the burning brunette? Using natural dyes, you will cause the least harm to the hair, and even improve them.

Do not worry about that you can not painthair paint standard. It will be available to you, but after a few months when the plant pigment will gradually break down on their own. Be beautiful and charming surrounding with its unique way!

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