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All variants of anti-cellulite creams


On sale eats a huge amount of anti-cellulite creams, funds. How to choose the right one, and how to achieve the desired effect?

If you took a responsible decision for yourselfBring your favorite body in order to the next beach season, or planned a trip to the resort this year, the most important thing is to forget about laziness and pull yourself together. It is necessary to set a goal and achieve it, and only then will the results of your labors be seen.

The best result

All variants of anti-cellulite creamsAnd in order to achieve the best result, it is necessary to use ancillary products, such as anti-cellulite cream, which at the moment in the market in a huge amount.

What to choose depends on yourPersonal preferences and financial opportunities, which is not unimportant. You can buy cream for five hundred rubles, and you can spend on this joy for women and more than three thousand rubles. Quite economical is the option to make an anti-cellulite remedy with your own hands, before going to the drugstore and spending about two hundred rubles on the purchase of ingredients for it.

But we will tell you about this later. And if anti-cellulite cream helps? A fair question? And our answer is yes!

So, for example, anti-cellulite massage creamPerfect fit if in the subcutaneous adipose tissue pass stagnant processes and help prevent the appearance of new deposits of fat. In a good anti-cellulite cream should include components such as red hot pepper, caffeine and various oils, for example - lemon, grapefruit, orange, as well as seaweed.

All this composition directly affects yourCellulite, improving blood circulation in the deep layers of the skin and removing excess fluid from the problem areas. Thus, your skin will eventually become smooth and supple.

Operating principle

What is the fundamental difference between anti-cellulite cream and Massage anti-cellulite Means? The fact is that the massage anti-cellulite cream has a more oily structure, it is absorbed longer, thereby increasing the therapeutic effect due to massage (physical impact) of problem areas.

If after applying to the body and rubbingAnti-cellulite massage means to turn for example, a food film that can be bought at any hardware store, the result will be better, because the effect of the sauna will be created and the drainage of the liquid will occur a little faster.

But do not leave the film for more than twenty minutes, so you can get a burn of the skin, which will not be very pleasant, especially if the composition contains cayenne pepper.

There are reviews of girls who have doneThese procedures and on average their volumes decreased to three centimeters in one month! But the best anti-cellulite cream is certainly made at home by own hands.

All variants of anti-cellulite creams

Here is one of the recipes for such a drug: For its preparation we need onlyFour teaspoons of a regular body cream (the manufacturer does not matter), twenty milligrams of sunflower oil, but it is better to take the olive oil and six drops of aromatic oil, the orange or grapefruit oil is best.

All ingredients must be mixed well inSpecially prepared, well washed cup or bowl. Prepared by us antitselljulitnyj a cream in house conditions to shift in glass container and to store in a refrigerator naturally having closed capacity a hermetic cover.

Use this cream will need one, andBetter twice a day after a bath or shower. In this case, apply the anti-cellulite cream to the pre-heated area, using a special brush to massage the area of ​​problem areas.

There is one important rule for applying anyAnti-cellulite remedy, about which in no case should not be forgotten. Whether it's a cream prepared by you with your own at home or bought in an elite perfumery and cosmetics store not far from home for a big day, we put and rub the cream necessarily from the bottom up, so we tighten the skin and make it more elastic and elastic.

Do not forget to do these procedures every day for at least a month, and you will see the result that you will definitely like!

Sport, sport, sport!

And that the effect of anti-cellulite cream wasAs fast as possible - engage in any kind of physical activity! For example, by charging, squatting, twisting the circle, dancing, go swimming, pilates or bodyflex. Video lessons can easily be found on the Internet, there would be a desire!

In general, do everything that delivers you moreAll the fun. The most important thing is to do this every day for at least fifteen minutes, and already, in a month or two you will be surprised by the result.

So forget, finally, about laziness - it's not your girlfriend anymore! Especially it's not difficult to implement. Dare!

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