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Most popular recipes against hair growth on the body


Get rid of unwanted hair on the bodyusing folk remedies. How to slow the growth of body hair. Most popular methods - get to know the best recipes and choose for themselves the most effective in the fight against unwanted hair on the body

Traditional recipes against hair growth on the body

The question of the efficient removal or at leastslowing the growth of hair is always important for a woman. Traditional methods of hair removal does not provide a proper result, and the hair is beginning to grow immediately after removal. Is there a way to extend the smoothness of the skin and slow the growth of hair? How to prevent ingrown hairs?

20 effective folk remedies to deal with the hair on the body

Traditional recipes against hair growth on the body - turmeric
  1. Turmeric. Pour turmeric with warm water until the consistency of cream. Apply to problem areas, wrap polyethylene fifteen minutes. Besides slowing down the growth of hair, this seasoning has also anti-inflammatory.
  2. Treatment of problem areas of the skin with grape juice. It is advisable to choose the juice of wild white grapes.
  3. The alcohol mixture (Ammonia and castor oil - 5 g, iodine - and a half grams, alcohol - 35 g). Mix the components treat the skin twice daily.
  4. root hyacinth. Fresh root grate, squeeze the juice from the juice treat the skin before going to bed.
  5. Traditional recipes against hair growth on the body - walnut

    Walnut. Rub the skin juice matured nuts (with care to avoid burns).

  6. Walnut with ash. Pour water to the ash of burnt shell of cream consistency. Apply after hair removal procedure.
  7. Walnut on alcohol. Insist in a dark container drenched with alcohol "partition" of nuts. Infuse for two weeks. Apply after shaving.
  8. Traditional recipes against hair growth on the body - lemon

    Lemon. After each hair removal procedure, wipe the skin with a slice of lemon.

  9. Lemon and sugar. 10 spoons of sugar (tea) mixed with lemon juice (half of the fruit), heat, mix. Apply to the skin, wash off after fifteen minutes.
  10. Traditional recipes against hair growth on the body - nettle

    Nettle. Mix vegetable oil (half a cup) and 3 tablespoons nettle seeds. Infuse for two weeks. Wipe clean skin daily.

  11. Datura. Boil for fifteen minutes grass dope (Article 5 / l) in 0.5 liters of water. After cooling and dewatering in the cold store. Use infusion after shaving.
  12. Hemlock (tincture). Apply after hair removal, oiling problem areas.
  13. Traditional recipes against hair growth on the body - potassium permanganate

    Potassium permanganate. Dilute potassium permanganate to a dark rich color. Keep feet in the bath for half an hour.

  14. Dissolve papain (0.2g) and bromelain (0.3g) peppermint in Water (20 mL). Thickened mixture using guar gum (0.3 g), add essential oil (3 in.), Peppermint. Components mixed, applied to the skin after hair removal, no more than twice a week.
  15. Traditional recipes against hair growth on the body - pine nuts

    Pine nuts. Pound shell nut flour to the state, diluted with water to the consistency of cream, rub into the skin for a week. You can also use a decoction of nut husk.

  16. Quicklime. Mix lime (10 g) and calcium sulfite. Apply for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  17. Cornrose. Burn plant. Rub the skin resulting ash.
  18. Rivanola. Lubricate the skin with a solution rivanola (1/1000).
  19. Traditional recipes against the growth of body hair - hydrogen peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide (6%). Mix the drug with liquid soap (1.1). Add ammonia (10 in.). Apply the mixture on your skin for fifteen minutes every week.

  20. Ant oil (Cosmetic preparation). Apply after hair removal (at bedtime) to dry skin, to massage the problem areas. The course - five days / month for six months.

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