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How to get rid of worms?


Causes of infection with worms. Symptoms helminthic invasion. Treatment of worms in children

Glaive diseases most often strikeChildren. Exposure to these parasites is due mainly to the lack of hygiene skills in the child. That is why children are more susceptible to infection with worms that enter the body through dirty hands, soil, sand and water.

How to get rid of worms?Worms have a very strong influence on the child. They delay physical growth and mental development, reduce immunity, and also complicate and prolong the course of various diseases.

There are many kinds of these parasites, and they can be found not only in the intestines, but also in other organs and tissues of the body, feeding on its juices.

Worms in children parasitizing in the bowels:

  • Absorb vitamins and nutrients intended for nutrition;
  • Irritated intestines mechanically, poisoning the body with secreted poisons;
  • Badly affect the central nervous system.

If the worms are in the nursing mother, they also affect the baby, causing him to deteriorate health and long-term digestive disorders, which will only happen after the cure of the mother.

The most common species are ascarids, pinworms, whipworms and dwarf tseleen.

In some cases, several types of worms can parasitize the intestine.

Ways of infection

Even during pregnancy, the fetus may beInfected with worms, as they ways along with bacteria and viruses penetrate the placenta with blood. They can also penetrate during childbirth through the birth canal.

At the older age, children are most often infectedAt home, in kindergarten, for a walk, when contacting contaminated objects (sex, street shoes, toys, public places), on the street (when playing on the ground or in the sandbox).

When dealing with animals, you also need to beCautious, since they can have lamblia eggs and pinworms on their wool. Even falling, they remain viable for up to six months, remaining on dust, toys, carpets, linen. In addition, they can dissipate through the damp breath of dogs and cats. Fleas are also carriers of eggs of worms.

Often helminthic invasions occur when the rules of hygiene are not observed (the use of raw fruits and vegetables, unwashed hands, etc.).

From person to person only eggs of dwarf chainworm and pinworms are transmitted. The rest must be put in water, soil or organism for ripening.

The most susceptible are infants and preschool children, because their digestive tract has not yet developed protective barriers:

  • How to get rid of worms?Toxoplasmosis. Domestic cats are very dangerous. They have toxoplasmic parasites in the intestines and are discharged into the environment together with feces, where they can remain viable for up to a year and a half, and when ingested, immediately cause disease. Children are 100% susceptible to it. It is very dangerous toxoplasmosis during pregnancy. It provokes miscarriage or stillbirth. If the fetus managed to survive, then often there is mental retardation. Sometimes there are visual impairments. If a child becomes infected after birth, the symptoms do not appear immediately. Even with congenital disease, signs can appear only after a few years;
  • Pinworms are one of the most common species. Toxins that they excrete, provoke a variety of side effects, there are peculiar Signs of helminths in children: Headaches, insomnia, fatigue. May cause appendicitis;
  • Ascarids are the most powerful allergen. It causes reactions in the gastrointestinal tract, lungs and on the skin. These worms absorb ascorbic acid, vitamin B6, thereby reducing immunity. Ascarids drill the intestinal walls with spiral movements, then penetrate into these holes and clog them. Eggs enter the body with unwashed food, through dirty hands, in addition they are carried by flies.

Symptoms and signs of worms in the child

Most often about the appearance of unwanted guestsSays sluggishness, capriciousness and absent-mindedness of a cheerful and active kid. He quickly gets tired, complains of headaches. His skin may become pale, appetite may worsen, digestion may be disturbed. Sometimes there are allergic reactions.

Indirect signs:

  • Abundant salivation, nausea, decreased or increased appetite, cramping pain in the navel;
  • Constipation or diarrhea;
  • Frequent dizziness and headaches;
  • Blue under the eyes, pale skin;
  • Increased excitability in the evening hours;
  • Bad sleep;
  • Itching in the perineum, gnashing of teeth.

Treatment of helminths in children

It is recommended that all children from 1.5 andUp to 7 years, antihelminthic drugs to prevent infection by parasites. This is done twice a year. Even if the kid does not complain about anything, you need to give him some remedy, because it is quite difficult to determine the presence of worms.

Any medicine for worms for children should beAppointed by a specialist. It is worth noting that the funds of this group have side effects and they can not be assigned on their own. These drugs are safe if you do not violate the dosage prescribed in the instructions or by the doctor.

It is worth noting that the doctor's recommendations may sometimes differ from the instructions, for example, for "Vermox"A safe dose will be more than the instruction says, since it is almost not absorbed.

When parasites begin to die under the influence ofAnthelmintic, a child may experience malaise. Sometimes there is a single diarrhea, a brief pain in the abdomen, vomiting, fever, unpleasant sensations in the mouth. But these signs are rare, and sorbents, for example, ordinary activated charcoal, can help with them.

Tablets from worms for children almost do not haveContraindications. However, the exception is the presence of tumors in children, serious disorders of the nervous system and blood diseases. In such cases, the question is decided strictly individually in each particular case.

How to get rid of worms?Sometimes, for the purposes of prevention and treatment, complex courses of taking medications are used, which include 2-3 drugs. They are given to children at small intervals.

When a baby or a member of his family has been found with pinworms or dwarf tartar, the whole family is treated. It is also recommended in such cases to carry out "General cleaning», Boil and iron on all sides of bed and underwear. If you find ascariasis, these security measures are not necessary.

It is worth mentioning that pumpkin seeds from wormsAre one of the most common methods of treatment. Seeds of a hollow pumpkin are peeled, but at the same time they retain a thin green film. Then they are ground almost into dust and mixed with honey. The patient should eat this mixture on an empty stomach for an hour in small portions. And after 3 hours he was given an enema.

Many parents prefer this way of fighting against parasites, because it is the safest.

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