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How to restore breast after delivery: nutrition, exercise and use of cosmetics


After childbirth inevitably changes not only the size of the breast, but also its shape, which often frightens the young mother. Your breast after birth will again be beautiful if you provide it with proper care

You do not dream of a beautiful, elastic breasts with gentleSkin? So nature has already given you this dignity! But many women want to change the shape or size of their bust, especially after childbirth, and even more so - breastfeeding.

Breast changes after birth

How to restore breast after delivery: nutrition, exercise and use of cosmeticsThe chest is the most vulnerable part of our body, itSuffers from any changes in the body: weight loss, pregnancy, childbirth, feeding the child. The mammary glands consist of 15-20 glandular lobules of connective tissue "Carcass"And adipose tissue.

They begin to develop during the sexualMaturation of a teenage girl, by the age of 20 turning into a fully formed female breast. It has the property of changing throughout the menstrual cycle, increasing at its beginning, and decreasing at the end.

This process is caused by a change in the hormonalBackground of the female body. For the same reason, there are changes in the size of the mammary glands during pregnancy. The owners of a small bust rejoice, noticing its increase, but how grieved they are when they notice that the breasts lose not only their previous size but also their form after childbirth.

Under the weight of the mammary glands, which swell,Preparing for lactation, muscle tissue weakens and decreases. The more forms before pregnancy, the more they hang around, so in this case, the luckier owners of a small bust were more fortunate.

Do you want to know how to restore the breast after giving birth? Take care of this delicate area of ​​your body during pregnancy and continue to do it during lactation, then you will manage to avoid unpleasant consequences, which often become a serious reason for the complexion.

Preparing the breasts during pregnancy

If you want the birth of a child to bringYou only happy emotions, protect yourself from seeking an answer to the question of how to tighten the breast after childbirth. Swelling of the mammary glands is the very first sign, indicating that you will soon become a mother.

Closer to the birth, they are also filled with milk,So they often increase to the limit. According to experts, it is the first months of pregnancy and at the beginning of the postpartum period that a woman's bust is especially prone to deformation.

The most affected is unprepared skin, after allSuch tests are quite difficult to sustain. The result of the changes are stretch marks, and soon and what all women are so afraid of - the sagging of the bust. So that you do not have to look for effective methods, how to restore this intimate body area, which is so attractive to men, take care of its tender skin beforehand, increasing elasticity and elasticity.

Timely care of the female bust is the key to his excellent condition after the birth of the child and breastfeeding. In this you can help simple recommendations of specialists.

Power: what should it be?

Nutrition plays an important role in the state of ourOrganism, so do not forget about this and with the purpose of preserving or restoring the mammary glands. Do not eat much salt: it leads to the accumulation of water, which stretches its tissues.

Enter in the diet products containing vitamins A, C and E, which are rich:

  • Bananas;
  • dried apricots;
  • currant;
  • citrus;
  • cabbage;
  • Blueberries;
  • spinach;
  • carrot;
  • Apricots.

In the diet of a pregnant and lactating woman who wants to keep "Girlish"Forms, there must be high-grade proteins - lean meat, nuts and dairy products.

Wear a supporting bra

Under the weight of enlarged mammary glands, the skinHas the property of stretching. To prevent the appearance of this cosmetic defect, as soon as you see that the mammary glands have begun to swell, get a supporting bra. Choosing this element of underwear for pregnant women, give him special attention, because the purchase will depend on the state of your body.

Bra should be pitted and suitableYou are the size. It is strictly forbidden to wear small underwear, because it will squeeze the mammary glands, and can cause a violation of lactation and lead to the development of certain diseases. Choose models with wide straps, so they will not crash into the shoulders, as well as with multi-level clasps, because you want it or not, most likely, you will gain weight.

Properly nourish the skin

To be able to do without the plasticity of the nursingGlands after childbirth, even before increasing them in size, use high-quality cosmetics, aimed at increasing the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Such care will prevent the appearance of stretch marks and other defects, frightening lovely ladies after giving birth. In addition to cosmetics, will come to your rescue and strengthening procedures.

How to restore breast after delivery: nutrition, exercise and use of cosmeticsTaking a shower, do a contrasting douche,Directing that cold, then hot stream of water to the mammary glands. Will benefit your bust and air baths, for this completely strip it several times during the day for 15-20 minutes.

It is not necessary to use cosmeticFunds purchased in the store, you can independently prepare them at home. A good strengthening effect on the skin is provided by essential oils - avocado, almond, wheat germ, lavender, calendula, geranium, neroli. Mix 2 ml of these essential oils, taking only some of them, gently massage with massage movements into the skin. So you can strengthen the skin, preventing the appearance of stretch marks on it.

When doing breast massage, do not forget to exposeMassage the nipples and the halo area is prohibited. Affecting these areas during the massage of the breast after childbirth, stimulation of the production of a hormone that causes contractions of the uterus muscles occurs, which can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

If you do not breastfeed, it will not go bad?

Among women there is an opinion that moreAll mammary glands suffer from the feeding of the baby, especially if this process lasts up to two years or even longer. In some Western clinics for the management of pregnancy immediately after birth, a woman may be offered an injection that interferes with the production of breast milk.

So experts give the woman the opportunity to save "Girlish"Forms, neglecting the health of the child. And given that changes in the mammary glands start to occur even during pregnancy, the vaccination will not bring the expected result.

Lactation itself does not have a strong effect on the mammary glands, here our attitude to our health and appearance plays a significant role.

Observance of such actions after childbirth, will allow you to keep attractiveness of mammary glands:

  • Refuse to manually express, so you just injure the mammary glands, after which only plastic can restore them. Use for breastfeeding breast pumps;
  • Do not let milk stagnate;
  • Make sure that both breasts have the same amount of milk, otherwise after feeding one of them will be larger, the other - less;
  • Every time before going to bed, try to completely empty the mammary glands, because because of such a long break in feeding they can stretch out.

Sometimes women notice that their chest hurtsAfter delivery, most likely, this phenomenon is caused by stagnation of milk. In this case, you can also get rid of an unpleasant symptom with a breast pump. If the pain continues to bother, you should consult a specialist.

Do not neglect exercise

Do not know how to increase the breast after giving birth in the most effective and safe way, try daily to perform feasible physical exertion.

Gymnastics for the return of elasticity bust can consist of such simple exercises for the breast after childbirth:

  • How to restore breast after delivery: nutrition, exercise and use of cosmeticsPush ups. Do the exercise while kneeling. Place the elbows parallel to the floor, keep your back straight, pull the stomach. Pushing, try to touch the floor with your chest. Do the exercise 10 times;
  • Compression of the palms in front of him. Squeeze your palms, keeping them parallel to the chest, count to five, repeat 30 more times;
  • Clenching of the hands behind the head. Do the same as the previous exercise, just keep your hands behind the back of your head.

These exercises will help you not only to restore the chest, but also to adjust its shape and even size!

Pregnancy should not be overshadowed by such trifles as the experiences of the future mother for her figure. Enjoy life, expecting the birth of a baby, and properly take care of the body!

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