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Crying newborn: what the child wants to say


Why do babies cry constantly? The most common causes of crying and how to eliminate them. Colic in the tummy or crying for no reason - how to recognize?

The crying of a newborn is absolutely normalphenomenon. On average, he spends in this state from 1 to 3 hours a day. A kid can not take care of himself, and so he needs help, that is, he communicates his needs.

Crying newborn: what the child wants to sayIf newborn baby Healthy, but Constantly crying, Then he is hungry, tired or cold. Many parents at first are very upset by this phenomenon, since they have not yet learned to understand the crumbs and do not know what exactly it wants. But worry about this is not worth it, because soon all newly mums and dads will know their children well.

As the baby grows, learn other waysCommunication: they start to look into the eyes, make all kinds of sounds, smile. Thanks to these methods, many reasons for crying fall away by themselves. To calm the crumb, it is worth trying the options below.

Why does a newborn baby cry all the time?

The main cause of this condition is hunger. The smaller the baby, the higher the probability that this phenomenon is caused by hunger. As an exception - the first few days after birth, when babies eat very little. If the mother is breastfeeding, then she probably noticed that in the first 2-4 days in the mammary glands there is colostrum, and full milk appears a little later.

Parents should remember that the ventricleThe newborn is very small, so he wants to eat often enough. It is necessary to offer a breast or a bottle. Usually calmness does not come at once, but as the stomach fills, it will subside. But if the feeding was very recently, then it is worthwhile looking for another reason for crying.

It is also necessary to mention that the crumb can notEating only with breast milk and staying hungry even after breastfeeding. Here you need advice from a pediatrician. Perhaps he will prescribe additional feeding with a mixture.

Inconvenience from wet diapers or diapers

Sometimes with the help of crying newborns report,That they have written in a diaper or a diaper (despite reusable products) and now it is inconvenient for them. Wet clothes irritate the delicate skin, this happens regularly both during the day and at night.

At the same time, they whine more and more, then weaker, but continuously. At this point, the crumbs may experience hiccups, in which case they will have to change the underwear, the diaper and cover it with a blanket.

Inconvenient clothes or films

Perhaps, the wrinkles are squeezed from the wrong folded diaper, into which it was wrapped, or any small thing (button, pebble, rope, etc.) got under the clothes.

He may be bored to lie in one position, and heWill want to roll over. Usually such crying begins with a slight whine, and then turns into a cry, waving with pens and legs. The kid can try to change position.

It is necessary to transplant the crumb, at the same time try to make the folds smaller, or turn it to the other side.


From the heat the child begins to whine. His skin becomes reddish, and sometimes there is a rash, popularly called hamstring. At the same time he tries to get rid of the diapers or clothes. It is recommended to measure the temperature, from overheating it can rise to 37.5 degrees.

Very attentive it is necessary to be in hot summer days to prevent a heat stroke. Do not use reusable diapers, because they are soaring, it is better to take thin diapers.

Also in hot weather, you need to give more drink, for example, you can increase the number of feedings or use special teas, or simply water.


When crying is first piercing, and thenBecomes quieter, but lasts a long time, then hypothermia may well occur. As in the case of wet diapers, hiccups sometimes occur.

The fact that the baby is coldly told by the cool skin of the chest, abdomen, back. It is clear that you need to dress it warmer.

What if the newborn cries all the time while feeding?

This phenomenon often indicates the presence of an inflammatory process on the oral mucosa.

Crying newborn: what the child wants to sayInflammation of the middle ear can also occur. When otitis occurs, it becomes painful to swallow, so even if the baby is hungry and begins to suckle with a greed, it will come off from her immediately after the first sip and will cry loudly and shrilly.

He can throw his head back a little. When otitis occurs, anxiety occurs not only during feeding, but also at night.

Creek during feeding and capriciousness may indicate a spill in the spout, especially if the baby is sick and has a runny nose.

All three of the above reasons are the reason for calling a doctor. Snot from the sock can be sucked with a special pear and continue feeding.

Why crying after feeding

It is likely that with food in the ventricle hitair. This is often a phenomenon in infants. As a result, the stomach begins to ache. In this case, the crumb will bend his legs towards him, frowning his forehead, whining pitifully, sometimes he makes a fuss.

First, the mother should check if she is rightHe applies the baby to his chest, whether he grasps the halo of the nipple or only the nipple. The baby should not bark loudly when sucking. After feeding, it is necessary to slightly abuse the child vertically, "Post". It will take about 15-20 minutes, maybe less. It is necessary to wait, while he will regurgitate.

Intestinal colic

Crying from the intestinal coli, the parents learn right away. It differs significantly from other forms, is piercing and periodic, that is, with interruptions. The kid asks for help, says that it hurts. It is worth noting that boys suffer colic much more often than girls.

This ailment can occur in children, whose mothersToo worrying. The reasons that cause this unpleasant state are quite a lot. Among them, immaturity of internal systems, and allergy, and breast milk (when my mother ate something unsuitable for the baby).

The child as a result in the tummy accumulates a large number of gas bubbles, which begin to press on the walls of the intestine and thereby cause soreness.

What to do in this case? First you need to warm the child, for example, put his tummy to his, or put a hot-water bottle ironed with a hot iron diaper. After feeding, it is recommended to give a little dill or activated charcoal. In pharmacies are sold special children's drugs, for example, "Espumizan".


They are an irritation of the skin. This happens when overcrowded diapers do not change for a long time or they are worn on wet skin.

Coping with this problem is easy enough. You just need to keep a close eye on the child.

Crying during urination

If this phenomenon is systematic, it is possible that the baby has an inflammatory process in the bladder. When there is a fever, you need to call a doctor.

The newborn constantly struts when he croaks and cries

Usually it comes during constipation. To avoid this condition, it is recommended to feed your baby with breasts, not with mixtures. If this is not possible, then you need to water the crumbs with water throughout the day.

Crying during defecation can occur due to an irritated anus. It is worth to wash the baby more often, after every urination and when he pokakal.


This is evidenced by a slight whine andLoss of interest in the world around them. Although the child wants to sleep, but can not always fall asleep on his own. So, it is necessary to help him. You can shake it on your hands or in a cradle, sing a song, buy before going to bed or go to sleep on the street.

The kid wants to communicate

Children, as well as adults, need communication. Sometimes they can do without it, but sometimes the lack of attention becomes the cause of whining. Parents should take the baby in his arms, talk a little with him, talk, sing a song, etc.

Reluctance to sleep

Crying newborn: what the child wants to sayIf the time to lay babies to bed alreadyIt has come, but he is capricious, trying to get out of the diaper, then the child is not ready to go to bed while he goes to bed. You can untangle it and give a little more wakefulness.

The newborn constantly cries for no reason

This phenomenon does not alwaysAny violation or disease. Most likely, the baby simply excitable nervous system. Such children need more frequent walks in the open air.

It is desirable not to include loud music and a TV in the room. It is necessary to muffle the bright light and it is better not to use too loud toys-rattles.

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