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Sleeping on the stomach - a risk for the baby?


Why is sleeping on your stomach is useful? Why pediatricians do not recommend putting grudnichka on his stomach? What if the child sleeps on his stomach only

Many mothers noticed that their babies last longer andSleep more calmly on the stomach than in any other posture. The fact is that this position of the body contributes to the escape of gases, besides the baby does not interfere with his hands during sleep. But there is an opinion supported by many pediatricians that it is dangerous to sleep in such a situation.

Accordingly, many parents are frightened and try to constantly turn the child over.

Why is it useful to sleep on the stomach?

Sleeping on the stomach - a risk for the baby?In general, the danger is not the posture itself, butThat the kid can turn the head, snuggle into the pillow or mattress and suffocate. And as is known, children under 3 months old do not have a respiratory reflex, and also the ability to breathe through the mouth. As a result of turning the head, the monthly crumb can suffocate - it is this factor that frightens modern parents and their pediatricians.

But immediately it is worth noting that the posture on the backIs not less dangerous, as with vomiting, vomit can get into the respiratory tract. There is only a position on the side. This is how pediatricians are recommended to lay newborns and infants.

But this is not the most optimal variant: the unformed hip joints are squeezed, and the likelihood of developing torticollis is high.

Many mothers, as well as people working with children, based on personal experience, argue that sleep in this situation has a number of positive points.

The main thing is that the baby, laid down with his belly, sleeps much calmer, longer and stronger than in any other posture, since:

  • Do not interfere with the handles, do not flinch at the sudden noise and sound;
  • Gases are better off;
  • Do not disturb colic;
  • Improves the work of the intestine;
  • Do not suffocate when regurgitation;
  • The muscles of the abdomen and neck develop well, so the baby starts to hold the head earlier and more confidently turns on all fours;
  • He has faster and better hip joints;
  • There are no sweats, because it is not preet and the body is well ventilated.

The above facts explain why the thoracicThe child sleeps on the belly, and children older than 6 months after the mother laid them on their side or on the back, turn over, clutching their knees and exposing the buttocks.

Negative moments

The main argument is the syndrome of suddenDeath, when the baby, poking his nose into the mattress, suffocates. A similar conclusion is given if he was healthy and there were no other apparent causes. Such cases occur most often in infants up to six months, in the winter and during sleep.

If you follow the medical literature, then inThe overwhelming majority of cases of babies were sleeping with their backs up. There is an opinion that the baby in this position overheats, can not breathe normally, because he inhales the carbonated air that exhaled, and then chokes.

Can a newborn baby sleep on the stomach?

Sleeping on the stomach - a risk for the baby?It has already been mentioned that infants up to 3 monthsThey can not breathe through the mouth. If there is no possibility to inhale air with a nose, they can not release it. Soft pillows, the same mattresses, dense blankets and even ordinary thick diapers that prevent the penetration of air into the child's nose can lead to death. When a baby sleeps on the stomach, then such a probability exists.

But it is worth mentioning immediately what to provokeA similar situation can and a common cold, which is accompanied by high body temperature and low air humidity in the room. Sleep on the abdomen is only one of a number of factors that lead to the syndrome of sudden death.

In a set of reasons, you can include:

  • Age to six months;
  • Male gender (mostly);
  • Cold season;
  • Too soft baby bed;
  • Overheating due to excessive wrapping;
  • Cold, nasal congestion;
  • Low weight of crumbs or prematurity;
  • Dry air in the room;
  • Smoking of parents before and after pregnancy;
  • Abuse of alcohol, psychotropic drugs during pregnancy;
  • Problems during labor, birth trauma;
  • The mother gave birth earlier than 20 or later than 40 years.

That is, factors that increase the riskThe syndrome of sudden death, a lot and statements that a child can die only from the sleep on his stomach can be regarded as unreasonable and unproven.

Recommendations for parents if their baby periodically sleeps on their stomachs

  • Pediatricians advise to lay newbornsUp to 3 months on one side. It is worth noting that the posture on the back is also excluded. If the crumb is turned on its own, it is necessary to control its sleep in this position;
  • You can arrange a so-called joint dream: to put the baby belly on his stomach. Then he will sleep better, they will not torment the colic. Such rest will be useful not only to him, but also to the parent;
  • Great attention should be paid to a separateBedding. It must necessarily meet three criteria: to be tough, safe and quality. Never use soft mattresses and certainly cushions. A baby should sleep without a pillow. Instead, it will be enough to have a diaper folded in half;
  • The room where the baby sleeps must be regularly ventilated. It is also necessary to monitor the humidity in the air;
  • Periodically, the child's nose must be cleaned from dry crusts, and the rhinitis must be treated, because both the first and second prevent normal breathing;
  • Do not put too much clothes on and babbling babies, do not overheat it;
  • Sleeping on the stomach - a risk for the baby?Parents, especially nursing mothers, should lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • Laying crumbs in the crib, turn his head to one side. Parties need to be constantly changed;
  • It is recommended to sleep with the baby in one room, to always be alert and, if necessary, to help him;
  • It is worth noting, if the monthly child is constantlySleeps on his stomach and does not want to take another pose, then do not forbid it to him. When he chooses himself a pose for a night rest, then he can get rid of himself and discomfort with difficulty breathing, or at least let his parents know that he is uncomfortable;
  • If the baby is turned over on the stomach before 3 months, then the parents should show attention and vigilance.

It is necessary to take measures to prevent anythingFree breathing. When the crumb itself turns, do not interfere with it. Mom and Dad should pick up the right blood for him and protect the sleeper.

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