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How to get rid of drowsiness and put the child?


Why there is daytime sleepiness in adults and what to do with it? Why newborns and older children grudnichki bad sleep during the day? As bedding grudnichka and an older child

The desire to sleep in the day is not uncommon. Many are familiar with the state of laziness, when the eyes close themselves during lunch breaks.

We are looking for the cause

How to get rid of drowsiness and put the child?Why is it so desirable to sleep during the day when it is still light and need to work?

The reasons for this state can be many:

  • The first of them is lack of sleep. It is believed that an adult should spend at least 8 hours in a dream. If this rate is significantly lower, then there is a lack of sleep;
  • The second reason is fatigue. If several days stay in a state of increased activity in comparison with the usual rhythm, then the duration of the night rest should increase. It is absolutely not important what kind of activity - physical or mental;
  • Drowsiness after eating. It occurs as a result of energy consumption for digesting food. After a "heavy" snack, you want to sleep more than after a lung;
  • Lack of oxygen in the room. The body feels deficient and tries to plunge into a state of sleep when oxygen consumption is minimal. This also applies to the lowering of atmospheric pressure. It is necessary to simply go out into the fresh air and take a few deep breaths;
  • Lack of vitamins;
  • Thick blood. Smoking and consumption of large amounts of coffee thicken the blood and it is difficult for it to deliver nutrients to the body. It is recommended in this case to drink a lot of water - about 10 glasses per day;
  • Drowsiness during motion sickness occurs onSubconscious level. With prolonged motion sickness, the vestibular apparatus malfunctions, so the body includes a so-called protective reaction. The weaker in a person's vestibular apparatus, the faster the drowsiness comes.

Usually, adults try to eat moreCoffee, however, this has a bad effect on the properties of blood. It is worth a little just to stay out in the fresh air. It is good to chew green tea with the addition of a circle of lemon.

There is an opinion that the sleep cycle is two hours andIf a person wakes up at this time, then the desire to sleep will pursue him throughout the day, that is, the adherents of this hypothesis believe that you need to rest 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours.

One of the most effective methods to combat daytime sleepiness is an interesting activity, although at work it is not so easy to fulfill this requirement.

Daytime sleep in children

Children, unlike adults, often enoughAre opposed to daytime rest. Many parents complain that the child does not sleep during the day or his sleep is bad enough. Such phenomena occur not only during the day, but also at night.

Children can not sleep as adults, because their sleep principle is completely different from the usual parents.

Why do children badly sleep during the day?

The state of sleep alternates in two phases - fast andSlow sleep. The first phase does not last long, the person at the same time sleeps superficially, can quickly wake up, often changes position and it is at this time that he sees dreams.

The slow phase is characterized by a deepImmersion in a dream. The body at this time is motionless, the eyeballs do not run, the person is completely relaxed. However, in infants, the rapid phase predominates over the slow one, so the baby often does not sleep normally both during the day and at night.

How to get rid of drowsiness and put the child?It should be noted that sleep is a very disturbing time, because dreams are not always pleasant. At the same time, a person loses control over himself, his life and the surrounding space.

Problems with falling asleep can be not onlyChild, but also in an adult. For example, adolescents and young men sleep well, but as soon as this period ends, there is tension due to accumulated stresses.

The cause of insomnia may be just fearfall asleep. And children in this plan are much more vulnerable to adults. For example, an adult will count sheep, present cute pictures, calm himself. But newborns do not know how.

When they close their eyes, the world around disappears and it can scare. That's why parents should help their children in every possible way to fall asleep and make the immersion in a dream as pleasant as possible.

In addition, extremely troubled moms and dadsCan convey their anxieties and fears to children - this is a fact. The more parents are worried, the worse the baby will be sleeping. It is necessary to give the child to understand that after sleep the world around will not go anywhere, that my mother will meet him with a smile and will again talk with him and play. In time he will get used, it will be better to fall asleep and sleep tight.

It seems that the newborn baby does not sleep well during the day

Very often parents think that the baby is badSleeps, although in fact everything is fine. For example, after breastfeeding, the baby slept only 40 minutes. However, Mom does not take into account that during the feeding, he, probably, also dozed. So you need to watch closely, he is awake or really dozing.

Good sleep gave way to bad

Sleep can be disturbed after reaching 6 months. At this time, the children can already sit, some crawl, they turn from back to belly, etc. For them, a new world opens, so in the daytime they do not fully rest, and by the evening, fatigue accumulates and is expressed in a bad night's rest. In addition, the baby can often require a breast, as in the afternoon he was sick of playing games.

How to put the baby to sleep during the day?

To put the baby, it is necessary to create the most comfortable for him atmosphere, after the creation of which you can start to pack:

  • Eliminate irritant factors;
  • It is convenient to dress;
  • Good feed;
  • A newborn will relax a warm bath or massage. These procedures are very useful to spend before going to bed;
  • Relaxing calm music, for example, a lullaby, the sounds of nature. You can read the tale in a monotonous voice;
  • Also used is aromatherapy, lavender or jasmine oils are recommended;
  • A crying person who does not want to fall asleep can be lulled into a stroller, a crib or a pacifier;
  • It is noted that the babies sleep well in the open air, so you can go out with him to the street or to ventilate the room well.

Put to sleep during the day the baby is older as wellQuite simply. By the age of 2 he has to work out a certain regime. In addition, the rituals of going to sleep will help. All children fall asleep in different ways.

You can try to stroke the back or head, sing a lullaby, read a fairy tale, turn on the music. In order for the crumb to sleep better, he must expend all his energy for the day.

How to put the tired child to bed?

Many mothers encountered the phenomenon when crumbsI want to sleep, but he can not fall asleep. In this case, you must adhere strictly to the regime of the day. The fact is that the braking systems of a small organism still function poorly and they need help.

It is necessary to dose the impression of a crumb,Regulate visits to guests, etc. If the shifting time has shifted, you first need to give him a breast, you can swaddle the handles, wash with cool water.

A separate issue is the need for swaddling. Modern parents do not see the need for such an event. However, it is worthwhile to wrap up the pens a little, as a babe will fall asleep quietly. At first it seems that the child does not like it, but a newborn can not experience such feelings. Movement at them absolutely arbitrary, therefore swaddling will allow to calm a crumb a little.

It is also worth mentioning the need for motion sickness. The fetus in the womb of the mother swayed by the movements of her body, so after birth it would be advisable to pump it on her hands. This will remind him of intra-uterine experiences, which will have a calming effect.

Joint rest

Joint sleep is allowed up to six months. At this time it is necessary for both mother and child. Parents will not have to often get up for feeding. And the baby will be calmer. However, after reaching the age of 6 months, the baby should leave her parent's bed periodically.

First you can only allow a separate daySleep, then only half the night and at the end go to a full-fledged separate. It should be noted that the final separation should occur together with weaning.

When will the child sleep well?

How to get rid of drowsiness and put the child?This question worries almost all parents. Often the first positive results are observed during weaning. If at this time the natural feeding is not replaced by a pacifier or a bottle, then the crumb's sleep will improve significantly. This is because in the dream of the child nothing is distracting: neither the bladder that should be emptied nor the intestines digesting food.

Usually by the age of two, sleep improves significantly, but at about this time there are also first nightmares. It is exactly the age when the psyche ripens for fears.

Newborn children are not afraid, they are worried, and older children have specific fears. Sleep quietly to you and your baby!

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