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How to get rid of back pain after childbirth?


Causes of back pain after childbirth. Exercises for posture recovery. Recommendations to eliminate back pain and lower back after delivery

One of the most common complaints thatYou can hear from the newly moms are back pain after childbirth. This is quite a common thing, if only because that gait pregnant is significantly different from the usual. A woman carrying a child in the period, particularly in recent months as if leaning back, leaning in the thoracic and lumbar region.

How to get rid of back pain after childbirth?In the third trimester, when the baby is arranged withright or left side of the uterus, felt significant bias. Furthermore, many known that soften and slightly increase the cartilage compound during this period. This phenomenon often causes infringement of vertebrate nerves, constant muscle spasms and back pain.

Causes of postpartum back pain

Another reason why begins to whine back -stretching of the pelvic muscles during delivery, because the passage of a sufficiently large fetus through the narrow birth canal for them is stress. Most suffer those ladies, physical training which the time of delivery is poor.

But women who were engaged in specialgymnastics during the pregnancy, there was a slight stretching, and even did not complain. But hyperextension of the pelvic muscles happens not only due to lack of fitness. An important role is played by hormones, or rather, its change, which leads to a metamorphosis in the structure of the joints and ligaments.

It should be noted that many doctors say that if a woman before pregnancy suffered from curvature of the spine, after the baby is born, this pathology will disturb more than usual.

Some osteopaths experts offer new mothers "correct"Spine in the first hours after birth toprevent the appearance of discomfort. However, a woman can take care of their own health. First of all, efforts should be made to restore the correct posture.

Why else back pain after childbirth:

  • The discrepancy between the bones of the pelvis and spine -a natural process that accompanies childbirth. In the postpartum period, this phenomenon can bring some inconvenience, because the bones will fall into place and take positions inherent in the normal state;
  • Dislocation / displacement of the vertebrae leads to severe pain. Often this is accompanied by a violation of pinching of the nerve roots;
  • Intervertebral hernia occurs during childbirth itself, but only if there was a predisposition to it, for example, nadkoly or crack in the spine.

Exercises to recover back after childbirth

On arrival home from the hospital when healthimprove, you must be sideways to the mirror to straighten up and evaluate the result. Most likely, it will simply expand the shoulders, but the chest, abdomen and lower back will bulge forward, with hips and thighs will remain behind. That is, the figure will be similar to the Latin letter S.

Therefore, it is necessary to put in order. For this there are special exercises that do not take much time, but will help to restore the old form.

How to get rid of back pain after childbirth?It is necessary to place the feet shoulder-width apart and becomefull-foot, straighten your knees. One hand is placed on the lower back, and the pressure should be felt. Buttocks strain. The second hand should be in the lower abdomen. When the lower back is straightened, the pelvis is forward, but the belly and buttocks are selected.

It should stay in that position 10-30seconds. The muscles of the body and limbs should be relaxed, but still matched. The voltage at the correct performance of exercise tests only waist. Then you need when inhaling raise the chest and both hands freely omitted. At the same time the shoulders like sag, chest slightly hunched.

At first glance it seems that the position of the bodywrong, but in fact back at this moment is absolutely straight. Then slowly straightened the neck and lifted his head, but it is not necessary to throw back back. At this point, you can go to the wall and feel how the back is pressed against the flat surface.

If there are several free minutes, you canTake the pose of the embryo - the chin is pressed to the chest, the knees are slightly bent, the back is rounded, the palms wrap around the shoulders, and then consistently spread all the parts of the spine.

Of course, after a woman is acceptedFor home chores, the right position of the back can immediately be forgotten. But at convenient moments, you need to straighten the back muscles. You can train even with a baby, for example, on a walk with a stroller. Over time, the body will get used to the right posture.

How to protect your back from stress, if your back hurts after giving birth

On the spine of a young mother, a great burden is borne when she is carrying a child, feeding him, doing housework. To protect your back, it is recommended to take some measures.

When feeding, an important role is played by a comfortable posture. The chair or armchair should have a high back and be deep enough so that you can rest on it with your entire back. Feet and knees should stand on the floor, be relaxed and occupy the right position.

It is necessary to rest firmly in the angle between the seat and the back. You can put a small pillow under your lower back. You can not fall apart in an armchair and slide off it.

The bed should be comfortable and rather rigid. If the mother sleeps with the child, then on the frame it is recommended to put a solid board, and on top of it a hard mattress. If a woman prefers to sleep on her back, a cushion is placed under her knees, so that the spine does not bend.

When lifting from a bed, you need to strain your abdominal muscles, bend your knees and turn to one side, then push off from the surface with your hands and sit down, lowering your legs to the floor.

When lifting heavy objects, theState of the back. It should be flat, not curved and not twisted to the side. When you move heavy things, your knees are bent. When lifting a portable stroller with a baby, you need to grasp the handles so that its head is as close to the body, then the load on your back will be minimal.

When lifting the older child, the stomach is drawn,Press the buttocks and strain the pelvic floor. You need to keep your back straight, bend your legs and squat, pull it closer to yourself, and then, taking a weight on the muscles of your legs, slowly pick it up.

If you want to put a heavy object on top ofA large height, for example, on the mezzanine, feet are placed on the width of the shoulders. In this position, the load is distributed evenly to the legs and spine. This reduces the risk of involuntary turn of the hand to the side.

Going to the store or to the market involves movingHeavy bags. To take them, you must first sit down a little, and then, taking both in both hands the load, straighten the knees. If the packages have different weights - it is obligatory to change hands periodically, one can not bear the weight only on one side, because the muscles will strain only on a certain half of the trunk and the spine will bend.

When changing bed linen or dressing the elderThe child can not be bent. You have to get on your knees. This applies to the moments when something rises from the floor. First they squat down, and then sink to their knees. Cleaning the apartment with a vacuum cleaner, one leg is put forward and swayed forward - back. In this case, the back, although it is difficult after birth, should be even.

Bath for a baby's bath is better not to put onLow chairs. It is better to arrange it on the floor, desk or board, laid over a large bath. If parents bathe a child in an adult bath (it is pre-washed with household soap), then put a pillow on the floor and kneel next to it.

How to get rid of back pain after childbirth?You can swim with a crumb if someone helps you get into the water and leave it. On the floor in the bathroom must always lie a rubber mat, so as not to slip.

When choosing such necessary things as children'sA stroller or a backpack-kangaroo should remember about your back. Carrying should be easy to put on and be easy to use. The head of the child should be at the level of the mother's breast, just below the chin, so that you can touch your head with your lips. The stroller handle must not be below the waist level.

If the back hurts and pulls the lower back after delivery, butSerious pathologies are not found, the woman should pay attention to the above-mentioned methods of alleviating the burden on the back, and to the extent possible perform the exercises.

When the cause of discomfort is seriousDisease or disorder, any exercise, whether exercise or medication, should be prescribed by a doctor. A specialist, starting from the cause of pain, will choose the method of adequate treatment.

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