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Learn how to properly sit down girl


When you can sit down girl? How to sit down daughter? Good exercise for an early sitting down. When you need to sit down and can not be children

The kid who has learned to sit sees the worldCompletely different. For him opens a lot of new things: the situation around is changing, he can independently take items that are nearby, and also occupy himself.

Learn how to properly sit down girlMany adults are eagerly awaiting this stage of development in their child. Parents who raise their daughters very often wonder, In what time Months You can sit girls. It is very good that moms and dads are interested in this thing, because the physical development in the female is significantly different from the male.

When can I plant little girls?

According to most pediatricians, it is normalDeveloping children already at the age of six months can sit with the support of an adult, by the age of 7 they are able to keep the backrest in a vertical position on their own, and by the 8th month of life they easily change the position to the sitting one from the recumbent.

By the age of 6 months, the abdominal muscles andThe backs are already well-strengthened. It is this moment that is defined by pediatricians as the most suitable for the beginning of sitting down. However, deviations from the norm are permissible in 1-1.5 months.

Up to six months of age, girls are artificiallyPlanting is strictly not recommended. But if the child independently takes a semi-sitting position during the game or exercises, then it is allowed to leave him for a short while in such a pose.

Parents should ensure that the daughter takes such a position for no more than an hour for the entire day. Also, the place where the baby is sitting should be well protected from all sides.

When a child who is not yet 6 months old,Learned to sit with a support, then he will be much more likely to occupy this position. The kid will very quickly guess that it is more interesting to play and watch the world around you.

In this situation, laying the crumbs backLying will not only be wrong, but also useless, she immediately takes a comfortable position for her, that is, sit down. In addition, the return to a recumbent position can adversely affect the development of the baby. If the child is already sitting long enough, you need to distract him with a game or abuse / hold on your hands.

At first, children, not only girls, but alsoBoys, sitting very uncertainly, periodically falling to the side. Do not worry much about this and constantly correct them. Once the muscles are a little stronger, he will sit more evenly.

There is no need to add cushions and rollers from the blankets around the baby, otherwise he will not be able to change his posture normally when he is tired. These things will not be superfluous, but it's worth putting them a little further.

How correctly to start to sit down the girl?

Learn how to properly sit down girlIn 7-8 months you can no longer be afraid and sit downA girl at least half-sitting. This can be done both on the chair for feeding, and in the stroller. However, what if the baby can not sit still? The main thing at this moment is not to force the child to take an uncomfortable position for him.

To help, you need to perform with your daughter a special charge, aimed at strengthening. In particular, exercises will be useful for weak and premature babies.

Gymnastics, which will help strengthen the back muscles, is performed on a hard surface (changing table, floor, etc.):

  • The baby is put on the stomach. His legs rest against the body of an adult. The child is lifted, holding his hands under the lower leg and under the breast. In this case, the buttocks and the backrest should be strained. In this position, hold a few seconds and return to the original;
  • When taking air baths, crumbs are put onTummy, and in front of her have some bright object. This should encourage her to pursue an interesting thing. Thus, the muscles of the press and back are strengthened, which will prepare for the development of the seat. For the same purpose, small, multi-colored rings are being purchased that are fastened over a baby crib. The Kid will try to grab them, and then try to sit down. In 7-8 months the child can be kneeled for several minutes a day;
  • Crowd is put on the back and held out to herIndex fingers. When she grabs them, she will try to sit down. The back should detach from the surface at this time, and the abdominal muscles - tighten. In this position, the baby is held for 20 seconds and returned to its original position.

Such exercises can be performed with the daughter every day starting from the age of 3 months.

A good option is to visit a specialPool, where you can work with young children. Swimming will effectively strengthen muscles and prepare for planting. A qualified specialist will help you to perform the necessary exercises even in the bathroom.

In the complex you can use a massage, which acts on the back and buttocks. Parents can do it themselves or ask a specialist.

When you can sit girls and when to do this categorically you can not

If parents doubt whether it is already possible to plantDaughter, then in the first place they should consult the pediatrician about this. The doctor will first assess the physical possibilities and development of the child, and then tell why it is not advisable to put the children up to six months. If the baby is ready to accept a new position, then mom and dad should help her in this.

Most pediatricians claim that girls beforeHalf a year can not sit down, if they did not do it themselves. Usually, until this age, the spine is not ready for heavy loads, and the vertical position is exactly that.

At early sitting it is possible to do much harm to children'sOrganism. At an older age, this can affect the posture. It is worth noting that children's orthopedists have identified the relationship between early sitting and scoliosis in the future.

Based on the results of medical researchIt is established that with an early sitting down it is possible to deform the pelvic bones. This pathology can significantly affect the birth canal. Twisted pelvic bones often overlap them, so the process of delivery becomes long and very painful.

In addition, the psychoemotionalCondition baby. In an unaccustomed position, a child may experience fear and uncertainty. Proper sitting, without haste, will prevent the development of such complications.

Also there is an opinion that the early sitting down leads to the bending of the uterus. But official medicine does not confirm this. Deviation of the uterus posteriorly is a physiological feature of the structure of the genital organs.

It is usually due to geneticPredisposition or occurs due to inflammatory processes in the small pelvis. Any doctor will confidently say that the bending of the uterus and the early sitting down are not connected with each other.

Learn how to properly sit down girlParents should know if the child has not sat down to 6.5Months, do not try to seat him forcibly, cover with cushions, sit down for a long time on his hands. It is allowed during the walk to install the back of the stroller in a semi-reclining position. But you do not need to use a carry-over where the baby is seated sitting.

Moms and dads who want to know how muchMonths, they plant girls, they must watch it closely. A healthy, strong crumb herself will sit down as soon as her spine and muscles are ready for such loads.

The delay in changing provisions often arisesPreterm infants, toddlers with excess weight and those who have a loose structure of the body. The girl will sit down later if the parents do not do gymnastics with her.

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