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Sex after childbirth and the reasons for its absence


When can you start having sex after giving birth? When sex after childbirth is not recommended? Intimate intimacy and postnatal stitches - how to combine? Loss of attraction to a partner after childbirth

The birth of a baby is undoubtedly a blessing for anyfamilies. Now the life of the parents will be saturated even more, but the joy of motherhood and fatherhood is often overshadowed by the fact that after the birth the woman does not want sex. In this case, both her and her partner begins to be tormented by the question of the possibility of a full sexual life after the appearance of the baby.

When are sexual relations resolved after giving birth?

Sex after childbirth and the reasons for its absenceEvery woman at the discharge from the hospital gives a doctorRecommendations, some of them affect sexual life. For example, the standard time of abstinence from sex is 1-1.5 months. But not everyone follows this framework. Some families start their sexual life immediately after the cessation of lichen allocation, while others, on the contrary, wait longer, so that the seams may have healed and the body has recovered.

At many during this period there is a weak sexualAttraction. This phenomenon can be significantly delayed: for a month, six months, a year. According to the results of the polls, it turned out that 20% of women had never had a sexual drive during the first month after giving birth, the same percentage had completely ceased to be interested in this sphere. There are often cases when sex began to cause disgust.

Sex after childbirth: when can they do it? - a question tormenting those women who have not lost the attraction.

It is impossible to answer unequivocally, because several factors influence:

  • The mother feels well, especially if there are stitches;
  • Relationships between partners play a role;
  • The condition of the child;
  • Ability to cope with household chores and stuff.

When sex after childbirth is not recommended?

Early intercourse can cause inflammation in theUterine cavity or bleeding. If you hurry, you can slow down or disrupt the recovery process of the body. Uterus takes the same size and regenerates the mucosa for 6 weeks. Her reductions provoke blood liberation, so sex can cause profuse bleeding.

Some women are in no hurry to have sex afterWhen the abstinence period is long over. As a rule, here there are psychological causes and, possibly, functional disorders of the genitals.

The main psychological reasons are:

  • Fear of intercourse;
  • Fear of experiencing pain;
  • Sensation of asexuality;
  • Fatigue;
  • Postpartum depression;
  • Presence of seams.

It is possible that the first intimate affinityWill be accompanied by painful sensations. Even from a slight touch to the vaginal opening, acute pain may occur. The reasons for its appearance are many: infection, thickening or thinning of the vulva folds, irritation from contraceptives or hygiene products, dryness of the vagina, incorrectly selected posture, etc.

When is affinity allowed, if there are stitches?

Sex after childbirth and the reasons for its absenceIn the postpartum period, both skin integuments andThe mucous membranes are very sensitive. If there are tears or cuts at the time of the birth of the child, seams will necessarily be present. They, in combination with increased sensitivity, provoke a woman to unconscious resistance to penetration.

Therefore, when resuming sexual intercourseThe partner should show tolerance and attention. It is also worth picking up poses that allow you to control movement and avoid the pain. At this time rushing and rudeness is not allowed.

A good alternative to traditionalOral or anal sex after childbirth. If the standard vaginal is not acceptable, the above methods may be useful. In addition, when a doctor speaks of sexual abstinence, he means intimacy with penetration into the vagina.

The restriction is partly affected by anal sexafter childbirth. But the oral-genital method is harmless, so it can be practiced without fear of harming one's health, because such contacts do not affect the process of restoring the uterus and vagina at all.

Postnatal stitches

Many women have a process of deliveryIs accompanied by complications, for example, ruptures and incisions are observed most often. Such wounds should heal within 5 days. But it happens that they become inflamed after some time. Sometimes in the wound area there is a hematoma that causes pain.

For this reason, it can be painful to practiceSex after childbirth. It will take from 2 weeks to a month for the skin to fully recover. A man must be patient. If the first intimate affinity causes discomfort, you need to stop it, and after a few days you can try to try again.

How to return the joy of intimacy?

If the first sex after delivery is not deliveredPleasure, first of all it is not recommended to hurry up and repeat it. Very often it happens that the unsatisfied is the man. In this case, a woman should not panic, but try to have a conversation with him on this topic.

Maybe he does not have enough variety, or heTries to pay more attention to the child, work and he does not have the strength. It is worth noting that many couples after the appearance of the baby visit a family psychotherapist or sexologist. A professional's help in such an intimate matter will be extremely useful.

If the sexual desire is absent in women

After the appearance of the child, the woman gives herself allhim. In the first month, attraction is dulled. At this time, some people have a sense of loneliness and isolation, since no one is so diligent in caring for crumbs like them. Against the background of such feelings, postpartum depression often develops.

An important role is played by the self-evaluation of a woman whoCan significantly fall after giving birth. It's no secret that pregnancy significantly affects the body and transforms the body. It happens that from the former attractiveness there is no trace: the waist is smoothed, the breast is enlarged, there is a big gain in weight and a sagging belly.

In addition, the nursing mother is fed a high-calorieFood, which also does not have the best effect on its appearance. With the advent of the child, the former rhythm of life changes significantly and in the overwhelming majority of cases, there is no time left for oneself.

Elementary hygiene procedures - that's allClasses with their appearance, which is already talking about an active lifestyle, attending a gym or fitness club. Proceeding from this, there is a significant increase in weight gain, which negatively affects self-esteem.

Sex after childbirth and the reasons for its absenceOf course, a woman should not despair, becauseThis is only temporary trouble. The organism has suffered significant metamorphosis and it takes time to recover. It is worthwhile to listen to the opinion of the spouse about his attractiveness, because very often a woman can not objectively assess her own appearance.

In conclusion, we can say that eachThe representative of the weaker sex decides independently when it is possible to resume intimate intimacy. It is clear that the first weeks and, possibly, even the months spent with the baby, will be difficult, but do not focus only on it, as well as overshadow the family relationship by mutual reproaches on the topic of sex. We need to maintain interest to each other, as before. Mutual respect and support will return the joy of intimacy.

Sex - an important component of married life. If he plays a big role for both spouses, then during abstinence you can practice oral or anal.

When one of the partners loses interest inIntimate life, it is worth to carefully study this topic, since it can cause quarrels and scandals, which will negatively affect the mother and even the baby can suffer.

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