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When a child is time to utter the first word?


If the child develops normally, the question "when the child begins to speak" is not really acute. But there are situations in which the child is delayed speech

Almost all young parents are interested in the question of how young children start talking. They are eager to hear the long-awaited words: "Mama"And"dad".

When a child is time to utter the first word? And sometimes it seems to parents that the speech delayDevelopment is due to mental retardation, although the kid cheerfully and cheerfully assimilates the surrounding space, in time sits down and starts to crawl, that's just not in a hurry to talk.

You do not need to grab the baby in an armful and run toConsultation with defectologists. Certain frames - at this time the kid has to say this, and at that time that - does not exist. When asked if a child should begin to speak, only an approximate answer can be given.

If by the age of 1,5 the baby consciously pronounces a few words and can even make up a short phrase, then one should not worry, even if his peers already read poetry. Children develop individually.

The influence of temperament on the development of speech

The age when the child begins to speak depends on his character and temperament. In vain parents think that the character is formed with age - it is laid in the prenatal period.

There are thoughtful babies. They play for a long time in a corner, turn to objects, something quietly babble. They start talking before.

Badass and fidgety actively explore the surroundingSpace, taste everything on the palate and to the touch. They have no time to communicate. It's easier for them to reach for the thing they need, which is necessary at the moment, and grab it than try to ask, and their vocabulary is limited to the exclamations and cries that express indignation or joy.

Dicosyllabic words in their vocabulary appear late, for years to 2, if a year from them something can be heard, it will only be "Bangs","Buh", And something like that.

More restless by nature, boys are calmer than girls. Therefore, most girls used to master the art of communication.

The first conscious agukanyami children answer adults. The more adults pay attention to the baby, the sooner he speaks.

But the paradox is that it will happen, if there is not too much attention.

The most expensive word

In many children - almost 40% - the first word: "Mama". When a child begins to speak consciously "Mama"?

Only after all the stages of speech development have passed: babbling, agukanie, imitation of adults. The first "Mama"Often turns out unconsciously, and is composed of combinations of sounds.

The very word children can pronounce from 6-7 months, and call on purposefully to mother only by the year.

Often children pronounce consciously words that they mean a conscious action, for example "give".

You can not believe it, but the child can be helped to tell mom.

To do this, you should:

  • At dialogue constantly to sound the actions: mum has left, mum does, mum puts on ...
  • Help develop learning games, for example, hide and seek. You need to hide behind your hands and ask: "And who is this? Mama?"
  • The more you communicate with the child, the more you read books to him, the earlier he will learn to express his thoughts in words.
  • Children start talking when they are forced to do it, not trying to guess the desires.

How to help the child early start talking? Talk with him and try to make him express his desires with speech.

It's not enough to just teach to talk - you need to learn to speak correctly

When a child is time to utter the first word?The one-year-old kid already understands the actions, knows how to find toys, fulfill the requests of adults. When a child begins to speak consciously "Mama"And"dad"To determine the speech of the rest of the family members, to recognize animals and imitate the sounds they are making, it's time to teach him to talk with sentences.

At this time you need to carefully analyze how to communicate with the baby, and can be changed the manner of communication.

First you need to stop lisp. The kid unconsciously pronounces the words the way parents approach him, and it is much harder to re-educate him later. Accustomed to the fact that the surrounding people are constantly distorted words, he will not understand what they want from him, he will close up, and may completely stop talking.

When the child is already beginning to speak with sentences, one must try to make clear phrases from several words when communicating with him, without complicating the speech figures.

It is already possible to begin to memorize verses - let the kid first speak only the last word, then a whole line from his favorite poem.

Some theorists advise to limit communicationChildren with those relatives who gag, stutter, and so on. What should parents do that have such shortcomings? For the time of speech formation, give the baby a clearly speaking adult? Of course not!

Parents will have to monitor their articulationMore carefully, and then their speech irregularity will be less noticeable. As soon as the baby reaches the age of 3 years, he will need to be taken to a speech therapist, where he will work with his parents.

Exercises for home lessons in a play form will help the child cope with difficult sounds, and sometimes correct speech defects in parents.

It happens that cartilage is caused by the pathology of the speech device: a short frenum or an incorrect bite. At an early age, all this can be successfully corrected.

SOS - need medical attention

Why do children sometimes start talking late?

The delay in speech depends on many factors, and some of them are explained by the state of health:

  • If every desire of the baby is foreseen before it even has time to express it, then it has no need for articulate speech;
  • Hereditary factor. Parents themselves began to talk late. Before you begin to worry, why the kid is silent, it is worth asking your own parents, did they encounter similar problems?
  • In the family, adults are silent and exchange rare phrases. Most likely, their heir will speak late;
  • The baby utters incomprehensible sounds, and can not utter simple short words. He may have hearing problems;
  • The Kid already pronounced separate syllables, but then got sick with some disease and fell silent;
  • Delay in speech can be caused by traumas of a different nature, including generic ones;
  • The child was frightened. He flinches from loud sounds, often cries, is afraid to stay in the dark, turns away when he is approached.

The delay in speech, caused by a delay in general development, is most often detected by the pediatrician, during routine examination.

When a child is time to utter the first word?How can parents understand that there are problems with the development of speech?

  • To 8-9 months the baby does not start "Babble";
  • To 1.5 years does not repeat monosyllabic "give"And"on", Only screams;
  • To 2 years does not seek to replenish the vocabulary, is limited to a few words;
  • When a 3-year-old kid can hardly understand his relatives, hardly guessing about what he wants to say.

If the child has these signs, then he needs the help of a specialist. The sooner the correction begins, the faster the problem will be overcome.

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