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First aid for heat stroke in a child


What are the signs and symptoms of heat stroke in a child? What should be first aid and further treatment of heat stroke? How to carry out the prevention of heat stroke

Thermal shock (hyperthermia) is menacingLife condition. This phenomenon occurs as a result of a strong overheating. Often the body temperature rises due to the fact that the body can not cool down on its own, that is, the process of thermoregulation is disrupted.

First aid for heat stroke in a childIn particular, children are exposed to heat shocks, because their body is not strong enough, many processes in it are still imperfect.

Babies are very easy to undergo thermalEffects during the hot season, for example, during a walk in hot weather, and also during dehydration of the body. Many parents make a big mistake by dressing the baby warmer than the season of the year or weather conditions require.

In addition, sunburn isAn additional risk factor for heat stroke. Also, you can not leave your child in a parked car, because in such conditions, damage can occur in just a few minutes, as in transport the temperature rises much faster than on the street.

Symptoms of heat stroke in young children

Determine that your child has a heat stroke will help the following symptoms:

  • High temperature without perspiration;
  • Skin covers often get red, but with severe damage become deadly pale;
  • The skin is hot to the touch;
  • Restless behavior, for example, aggressiveness, capriciousness;
  • Headache;
  • vertigo;
  • Dissipation and inhibition, for example, the baby does not respond to the call of parents, tickling, etc. He can become lethargic, as there is a weakness;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Breathing is rapid, superficial;
  • Unconscious state.

Parents should pay special attention to the symptoms of dehydration, which are accompanied by a heat stroke of any severity.

With mild and moderate degree of lesion correctlyThe first aid rendered becomes the key to a successful recovery. However, in case of severe hyperthermia, there is no guarantee that the person will be able to be saved. In more than 30% of cases, a lethal outcome is noted despite radical measures.

Symptoms of heat stroke and dehydration in a child

Parents should urgently give the child first aid if they observe the following symptoms:

  • Great thirst;
  • Sticky saliva, dry mouth;
  • Slight urination, urine dark yellow or light brown;
  • When eyes stop to water, then dehydration has passed to a degree of average severity;
  • Cold extremities;
  • Spot cramp;
  • A strong dehydration shows uncontrolled behavior;
  • Inability to walk and stand;
  • Weak rapid pulse;
  • Dilation of pupils;
  • Minor urination for 12 hours or their complete absence;
  • Fainting.

The severity of symptoms is largely dependent onIntensity and duration of exposure to heat on the body. Also important factors are such factors as: the presence of diseases, allergies, meteosensitivity, taking medications, the age of the baby.

Treatment of a heat stroke in a baby and an older child

First aid for heat stroke in a childFirst, it is necessary to bring down the temperature. It is very important, as soon as possible, to start the implementation of first aid measures, as time plays a decisive role. Heat stroke of a child, and even more so in a baby, progresses much faster than in an adult.

Secondly, you must always call an ambulance or doctor at home if the condition of the baby is too heavy.

Step by step first aid is as follows:

  • Undress the baby and move to a cool place. When the child is on the street, it is worth shifting it into the shadow, although the best option is still a cool room;
  • Before the ambulance arrives, the child's body needsWipe off with a dampened sponge in water, a towel or any suitable cloth. You can apply compresses. But the water should not be icy, but just cool, to avoid the collapse of blood vessels. Lotions are made on the following zones and body parts: forehead, neck, neck, whiskey, collarbone, inner fold of elbows, under the knees, calves, groin, sacrum;
  • Wearing things that mimic a fan;
  • It is necessary to talk with the baby so that he feels calmer;
  • Drink plenty of small sips. Water should be warm, but not cold, otherwise the child will vomit. You can give a solution of glucose 5%, baking soda or salt. It is worth noting that for babies diet is used. It is recommended to skip one breastfeeding on the first day of the disease, and reduce the total amount of food by one-third. The diet should include such products as kefir, acidic mixtures and biologics. In the following days, the amount of food should be gradually increased to the norm;
  • It is better to put the patient on his back and raise his head or turn to his side when vomiting occurs;
  • If there are violations of breathing - bring several times to the nose of cotton wool, moistened in ammonia;
  • It is not necessary to consult with a doctor to give the victim any antipyretic, since they do not bring down the temperature and can lubricate the clinical picture;
  • When breathing is stopped, it is urgent to do artificial respiration and closed heart massage.

When the first signs of thermalExhaustion, but it does not develop into a heat stroke, it is recommended that you take the patient to a cool place as soon as possible and give him a drink. It should be noted that the liquid should not be too sweet, as well as cold, otherwise there will be cramps in the abdominal muscles.

You can bathe a child in a cool bath orShower (water temperature - 18-20 degrees). After that, you can not go out. If the state of the victim is not recovering, it is better to call for emergency help or to transport him to the doctor by himself.

Heat stroke in a child is treated long enough, it takes several weeks for rehabilitation. During this period it is not recommended to go out, and it is also necessary to adhere to bed rest.

All the above measures should be well knownParents of young children. First, you need to cool the body. Secondly - to provide a plentiful drink. Thirdly - to call emergency care in the event of symptoms that threaten life. Such treatment in most cases has a positive effect.

In addition, the body can be cooled by anyImprovised means, but do not use too cold water. If a heat stroke occurred on vacation, you can immerse the victim in a pond, for example, in a lake or river.

Wiping is carried out not only with simple water, but also with a weak vinegar solution. Drink crumbs should be given every 20-30 minutes. Instead of water, a solution of Rehydron, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, is suitable.


Every parent should take care of the health of his child.

In the prevention of heat stroke the following recommendations will help you:

  • First aid for heat stroke in a childDo not go out with the child on the street during the hottest hours - from 11 to 16. Avoid at this time too active games and physical activities;
  • Protect the head from direct sunlight. To do this, not only headwear, but also umbrellas;
  • Wear crumbs only in clothes made fromNatural materials, for example, cotton, linen, wool. It is better to give preference to light tones. Also, do not strongly wrap the baby, because heat stroke can occur not only in the summer season, but even in winter;
  • Do not go out into the open sun during the period of its highest activity;
  • Provide a copious drink. Excellent quench thirst for fruit, kvass, tea;
  • Always ventilate rooms, open windows. If the house has a fan or air conditioner, then periodically use it;
  • Do not overfeed your baby.

The above preventive measures do not require special efforts, time and money, but they allow to completely eliminate the risk of heat stroke.

Take care of your children's health, watch for their well-being and urgently seek help at the first signs of malaise!

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