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Features of strabismus in children under one year


How to identify strabismus in young children? How to treat paralytic strabismus in a child? What exercises affect the correction of strabismus? Operation to correct strabismus

Strabismus is quite commonA disease of the eye, which to some extent occurs in every 50th child. Usually the first signs of this deviation appear after 2 years, but there are cases when mowing the baby started already in the first year of life.

What to do in this situation and how to treat this anomaly, we will tell below?

What is it and why does it appear?

Features of strabismus in children under one yearStrabismus is a condition in which a person does notCan with two eyes simultaneously look at one object. It turns out that one eye looks directly, and the other in the other direction or up. This is due to improper operation of the muscles.

In normal condition, a person sees a three-dimensionalPicture. This effect is achieved through binocular vision. Each eye sees the object in its own way, thanks to the visual adapter, our brain brings two parts into one and produces a three-dimensional image.

With strabismus, this possibility is absent, because both eyes can not simultaneously look at one object. The image is flat.

How to determine the strabismus in a child? Usually signs of anomaly are noticeable to the naked eye. The doctor only confirms the diagnosis and establishes the cause of the development of abnormalities. Very often, this disease is accompanied by other diseases associated with vision.

It can be myopia and hyperopia, glaucoma, neoplasms and amblyopia (lazy eye). With the help of special equipment, the specialist establishes a squint of strabismus and visual acuity.

If the strabismus is congenital, the cause may beCover in birth trauma, heredity and disorders in the nervous system. Such babies are only 9%, others have acquired the disease. The cause of development can be weakness of the body, trauma, infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Virtually all children of the first year of life, up to 6Months, you can observe signs of strabismus. This is due to the weakness of the eye muscles and the inability to focus the eye. Over time, it passes, as the child grows, grows stronger and learns. So worry about having strabismus in children up to a year is not worth it.

At this age, parents should regularlyTo visit an ophthalmologist and help the crumb to learn life. The main mistake that can lead to the development of pathology is low hung toys and brightly colored pictures near the crib, which attract the attention of the baby, but are not very well located.

If the signs of such anomaly are revealed afterYear, then it is necessary to begin to treat babies as early as possible. Up to 7 years the children's organism is very susceptible, the muscles are plastic and such defects can be corrected. How is strabismus treated in children?

Treatment of strabismus

The correction of strabismus in children and adults is done by a doctor ophthalmologist (oculist). Treatment is usually complex and depends on the type of anomaly.

There are 2 main types of anomalies:

  • Paralytic;
  • Friendly.

In 95% of cases, the detection of primary strabismusThe cause is paralytic strabismus in children. That is, the muscles responsible for the mobility of the eyeball weaken. One or both eyes can be affected.

Paralytic disorder can be convergent,Divergent, vertical and mixed. If the anomaly is complicated by the presence of hyperopia or nearsightedness, then treatment should solve this problem. For treatment, a correction is applied. Points help to create optimal conditions for correcting visual acuity and reducing the angle of the beak.

Features of strabismus in children under one yearCorrection of strobism includes a methodologyOcclusion. This is when the healthy eye is sealed to strengthen the muscles of the second. But here it is important to remember, even a short break in treatment, crosses the weeks and months of stubborn wearing of the bandage. Two minutes of looking with a healthy eye is a minus 1 day of treatment.

When primary amblyopia is usedPleoptical treatment. First, the functional equality (cosine) is corrected, then visual acuity is corrected. With the right approach, the technique has 100% efficiency.

Orthopedic treatment is also used. At this stage, babies are taught "correctly"To look, thanks to this, the normal perception of objects by the retina of the eye is formed. Training passes gradually, by performing special exercises with strabismus in children.

At the first stage, the child learns to connectPositively consecutive pictures, followed by the exercises on synoptophor, then on the colorostat and special glasses. At the last steps, the cosine is compensated by prisms. As a result of this consistent treatment, binocular vision is restored, and signs of strabism disappear.

Another method of treating strabismus issurgery. It can be carried out at any age and at any stage of recovery, when it becomes necessary. In particularly difficult cases, surgery may be needed several times. With a large forehead, the first 1-3 times decrease the deflection angle. Then correction at each stage of treatment can be carried out.

When strabismus in children, the operation is prescribed whenThe deviation value is more than 10 degrees. The interval between surgical interventions should not be more than 6 months. On average, the recovery period is about 10 days. Currently, laser correction is performed, which showed high efficiency.

The last stage of treatment is called diploptica. During this period, children learn to correctly look at both eyes, connect pictures and really perceive the world around them. With strabismus, the healing process takes a long time. From the beginning of therapy to the full recovery of binocular vision and the removal of glasses can take 2-3 years.

Children's Strabismus

Features of strabismus in children under one yearYou should know that strabismus is notA cosmetic defect, but a serious illness that will not pass independently and the child will not outgrow it. Therefore, after 6 months, you must be attentive and regularly undergo an examination with the appropriate specialist. When you have anxious symptoms, you do not need to raise panic, but you can not let things go either by themselves.

When this type of anomaly is revealed to children andParents should be adjusted for long-term treatment and strictly follow all the recommendations of the ophthalmologist. Determine whether the child was cured or not, only a doctor will be able to, therefore without his permission to remove bandages, glasses and to stop the performance of exercises is strictly forbidden.

A minute of parental weakness can result in a repeated return of strabismus or go into the opposite form (there was a discrepancy, there will be a convergence).

Watch the health of your children's eyes in time, pay attention to deviations in time, and then your baby will fully see the world around him!

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