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Marble skin in infants: possible causes of such a state


At birth, the skin of the newborn is tender pink, but sometimes it happens that the body looks like marble. Learn the causes of the marbled skin of the baby to get help on time

The skin of newborns is differentTenderness, smoothness and velvety. Immediately after birth, the color of the skin in babies can be gray or cyanotic, but after several hours, if the baby is all right with the newborn baby, the body becomes gently pink. However, the skin color can sometimes be marbled, which is very frightening for parents.

Causes of Marble Skin

Marble skin in infants: possible causes of such a stateBlood capillaries of a newborn's skin canBe formed within a few months after birth, so do not be alarmed if your baby's body is not pink. The marble color of the skin in a baby who was born before the term is considered quite normal, not related to the development of pathological processes.

The cause of marbled skin in the baby can be andStill imperfect thermoregulation system. A sharp drop in temperature, when the body does not have time to reconstruct itself, and there is such a shade of the skin of the baby. Especially such a process becomes noticeable during dressing.

Mom can notice that the marbled color of the skin isBreastbone is not observed throughout the body, but only at a certain site. This phenomenon occurs when the child has frozen pen, leg or other part of the body. As soon as you warmly put on your crumb, and it warms up, the skin will get a normal pink shade.

Sometimes the reasons for changing the color of the skinCan lie in the development of serious pathologies - generalized phlebectasia or telangiectatic marbled skin. This pathological condition is caused by constantly expanded surface capillaries, which never come to normal. There is such a phenomenon very rarely and mainly in children of northern peoples.

Usually, the marble color of the baby's skin disappears until the newborn's six months of age, without requiring the attention of specialists.

When there is cause for concern

Marble skin in infants: possible causes of such a stateDespite the fact that the marble color of the skin during the first months of a newborn's life is considered normal, nevertheless young parents often begin to sound an alarm.

And they do it right, if with such an unusual shade of the skin of a baby they find also such signs:

  • Excessive sweating;
  • pallor;
  • Lethargy or increased excitability;
  • Cyanosis of the lips and nasolabial triangle.

These signs may indicate the development of dangerous diseases, so when you find them from your child, call the doctor right away.

This state of the newborn can be the result of the following processes:

  • Intrauterine fetal hypoxia during pregnancy;
  • Congenital heart diseases;
  • rickets;
  • anemia.

If the parents of the baby suffer from vegetovascular dystonia, their crumbs could inherit this disease, which after birth is manifested in this way.

Necessity of treatment

Marble skin in infants: possible causes of such a stateIn the case when the babies have marbled skinA consequence of the development of certain diseases, immediately after delivery will need treatment. After the root cause of this condition of the skin is eliminated, they will acquire a natural healthy shade.

If marbling is caused by unformedVegetative-vascular system, the task of the doctor and parents is to create favorable conditions for its full-fledged development. Parents should take care of the proper nutrition of the baby, provide regular long walks in the fresh air, alternation of sleep and wakefulness.

It will benefit the general tempering of the childAn organism consisting of such procedures as douche, wiping, air baths, and also medical gymnastics. Marble skin of the baby becomes an indication for prescribing to the baby fortifying agents and vitamins, especially group B.

Having found out at the child a marbled color of a skin, do not worry ahead of time, address to the good expert who will specify the reasons of such condition of integuments.

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