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Paratrofiya "flour" disease


Paratrofiya - a disease of children first year of life, in which there is excess weight. Such kids often suffer from constipation, rickets, anemia, swelling and other abnormalities

Number of obese children of one degree or anotherIn our country is growing steadily. The prerequisites for a child to develop such a disease as paratrophy may include factors related to the antenatal period of the pregnant woman, when carbohydrates and fats predominated in her diet, while proteins, vitamins and minerals were lacking.

If the same situation persists in the postnatal period, when the baby is already born, the risk of acquiring this disease increases several times.

Several degrees of paratrophy

Paratrofiya "flour" diseaseParatrophy is characterized by excess weight in a child of the first year of life. From the first month of life, the body weight of such babies grows to 1000-1500 g per month.

In accordance with the indicator of excess weight, three degrees of disease are distinguished:

  • At paratrophy of 1 degree the body weight of the baby exceeds the norm by 11-20%;
  • With disease of the 2nd degree this indicator reaches 21-30%;
  • And the third degree of the disease is characterized by excess of normal body weight by 31% or more.

Peculiarities of pathology development

Paratrophy in children is still called "flour"Disease. A child who receives a large amount of carbohydrates with food suffers from depletion of the enzyme systems of the stomach and other internal organs - the pancreas, liver and intestines.

Carbohydrates increase the secretion of the hormone insulinAlong with the acceleration of fat synthesis, which leads to the deposition of excess fat under the skin of the abdomen, thighs, arms, legs, chin, etc. With a deficiency in the diet of protein observed edema of the eyelids, hydrophilicity of tissues with a violation of their elasticity.

If the child practically does not receive any vegetables andMeat, the body suffers from a lack of potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium, as well as vitamins A, E, D, Group B and folic acid, which creates the prerequisites for the development of rickets, anemia and spasmophilia.

Increasing metabolic disordersPromotes the accumulation of under-oxidized products and the occurrence of intoxication. Under a special blow, the central nervous system, skeletal muscles and internal organs enter.

Against the background of protein and vitamin deficiencyThere is a decrease in immunity, the baby is often more respiratory, viral and intestinal diseases. Often the consequence of paratrophy in infants are allergies, endocrine and other ailments.

All this is characteristic of "flour"Disease. But with its protein or milk form, several other symptoms are observed. With the predominance of dairy products, whole cow and goat milk, as well as adapted mixtures, the gastrointestinal tract is primarily affected.

Free hydrochloric acid is bound by a protein, inAs a result, the pancreas's work worsens, gastric secretion and the secretion of bile acids are suppressed. Because of violations of intestinal peristalsis, such children often suffer from constipation.

The development of rotting processes in this body causesIntoxication of the body. The kidneys and the liver work with increased loads, the urine acquires such a consistency that it causes diaper rash on the buttocks and inguinal folds.

Hypotrophy in children and paratrophy are two directly opposite concepts. At a hypotrophy the lack of nutrients causes deficiency of weight of a body.

Causes of the disease

The causes of illness include exo-and endogenous factors, namely:

  • Paratrofiya "flour" diseaseIrrational, erratic nutrition. Frequent feeding, and in the case of adapted mixtures, a violation of the dilution of the product with water;
  • An unbalanced diet, in which either flour products or dairy products predominate;
  • The constitutional propensity of the body to increase fat cells;
  • Low cultural and social conditions of life;
  • A violation of the function of the nuclei of the hypothalamus, in which the sense of appetite and satiety are not related to each other;
  • Increase of insulin hormone and other endocrine disorders;
  • A delay in the body of water;
  • Violation of sanitary and hygienic conditions.

The main distinguishing feature of paratrophy in children is associated with excessive fat deposition in the subcutaneous tissue.

Such children are not very well-fed and well-fed,Their pale skin, wide chest, short neck, narrow shoulder blades and rounded body shapes. Elasticity and muscle tone are inadequate, the baby is sluggish and slow-moving.

Treatment of the disease

Of course, the first thing to do with thisDisease - to adjust the diet. The baby should be put on a diet, allowing to suckle the breast during one feeding only 7-10 minutes, and after offering him water, skim kefir, broth of wild rose or compote.

To include in the menu fresh fruit juices, vegetableBroths, minimize the number of cereals and flour products. Instead, feed the child with fruits, vegetables and fruit purees. With a lack of protein, enrich the diet with meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese and liver.

LFK and massage are of great importance in the treatment of the disease. LFK will restore the motor skills that are lagging behind age standards. If the kid is at home all the time - this is wrong.

Paratrofiya "flour" diseaseHe needs to be on a fresh daily basisAir, welcome outdoor games, physical training on fitbole. In addition, breathing exercises, exercises for the muscles of the abdominal press, which induce motor activity are shown.

The room should be regularly ventilated, and the babyTempering and not neglecting hygienic procedures. It is necessary to pamper the child with fresh apples, bananas, mousses, compotes, curd casseroles.

If necessary, the doctor will prescribe a vitaminComplexes. Prevention of the disease is not associated with great difficulties. The main thing is to give the baby more time and try to provide it with everything necessary. Mother's love is the guarantee of the health of crumbs.

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