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Eruption on the skin - an indicator of the state of the body


Not all skin rashes in children and adults pose a health hazard. But there are also skin reactions, which are symptoms of serious diseases

Rashes on the skin of children and adults are not alwaysSymptoms that should immediately go to bed and call a doctor. Sometimes the causes of the appearance of skin reactions are not related to the general state of the body. When there is no temperature, the localization of neoplasms is limited, itching and burning sensation of the rash does not cause, then there is no reason to worry.

Eruption on the skin - an indicator of the state of the bodyIf the rash does not disappear within 6-7 days,Seek medical advice is necessary. There are dermatological diseases - for example, molluscum contagiosum - that are required to be treated despite the fact that they do not cause inconvenience to the infected in most cases, especially in the initial stage.

Distinguishing signs of rashes, which can diagnose the general condition

Eruptions on the skin in adults and children can be classified into several groups:

  • Manifested under the influence of contact factors;
  • Allergic;
  • Irritations on the skin are symptoms of disease.

All types of rashes have their own symptoms. Under contact factors are irritation from clothing, insect bites, traumatic skin lesions, etc.

They are expressed in the form of local skin lesions,May be accompanied by itching and burning, causing discomfort. But all of them pass after the application of local anti-inflammatory measures or the cessation of the effect of irritating contact.

It is worth mentioning separately the bites of insects: if they are allergic reactions, or bites were of a multiple nature - such rashes require treatment. Allergic multiple rashes on the skin can occur when you directly contact with the allergen, when it is introduced into the body through the respiratory tract or during a meal.

They can be of different types:

  • In the form of papules;
  • Small pimples, which can be dry and have serous or hemorrhagic contents;
  • Separate erosive formations;
  • Accompanied by peeling and redness of the skin;
  • Cause lymph node enlargement;
  • Manifest during the intestinal and respiratory disorders ...

Allergic manifestations indicate not only the effect of the allergen, which is introduced into the body from the external environment. Glistovye invasions are accompanied by skin reactions, which periodically arise and disappear again.

If after removal of a possible allergen the condition has not improved, it is necessary to find out what the manifestation of an allergic reaction is associated with. Reds numerous rashes on the skin Can testify about such serious infections as measles, scarlet fever and rubella.

With measles, rashes are small red spots, withCrimson border, they can merge into solid large spots. After the disappearance of rashes on the skin there are brown flaky pigment spots that pass only with time. Rash during scarlet fever is immediately draining character, is located throughout the body. The rash with these diseases is only a symptom.

With rubella, the rash resembles a measles, but the disease proceeds much more easily and sometimes its appearance can be detected only in connection with the appearance of a rash.

Red hemorrhagic eruptions appear on theThe skin during a deadly meningococcal infection. The disease progresses very quickly and can lead to death. At the slightest signs of such a rash, located along the course of the vessels and accompanied by a temperature jump, vomiting, it is required to immediately call "ambulance".

Bubbling papules on the skin occur during chickenpox. They are transparent and contain liquid contents. In no case should they be opened - scars remain for life. The younger the age of the child, the easier it is to have the abovementioned diseases, if the baby's body is not weakened. In adults, childhood infections can cause severe complications.

Dermatological diseases most oftenBegin with a rash of a different nature. If the disease occurs at the very beginning with a rise in temperature, then in the future the general condition is normalized, and rashes remain.

Skin manifestations accompanyingDermatological diseases, very often itch. Red rashes merge on the skin into spots with eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections. In addition, the affected areas become wet, they form crusts, ulcers.

The diagnosis can be made only in the laboratory after receiving the result of the analysis - scraping from the affected area. Only after the diagnosis is established, adequate treatment is prescribed.

Rashes in infants

Eruption on the skin - an indicator of the state of the bodyWhat are the rashes that appear on the skin of babies? Parents try to protect children from unnecessary contacts, are attentive to the diet, and the rash that they notice is surprising.

Rashes in babies are provoked by the same factors as in older children. They can also be associated with allergies, contact dermatitis and infectious diseases.

Even if babies can not stand on the street, theyStill in contact with the environment, and many diseases spread through third parties or by airborne droplets, for example, the same measles. If there is a sick person in the entrance, the infant may well become infected. Rashes in infectious diseases in infants have the same character as patients at any age.

Sometimes periodic red rashes in the form ofDashes on the skin, in children under one year, are associated with incomplete formation of the vascular system. This condition is called the vascular phenomenon of infants. If pinpoint hemorrhages do not resolve within a week, the pediatrician should be informed.

Do all the rashes have to be treated?

It is worth considering the types of skin irritations in babies that do not require special treatment:

  • Acne of newborns or neonatal pustules. Localized on the face, back, neck of the baby after it was born for a week. It is caused by hormonal reorganization of the body and accumulation of spores of yeast fungus. Goes by yourself to 3 months if necessary hygiene procedures are followed;
  • Red small tubercles in inguinal folds,Armpits and on a neck to the kid is, most likely, display of a sweat. It appears, if the child is excessively wrapped up, in the room is hot, the skin of the baby is irritated by organic secretions. With careful care of the baby's skin, sweating disappears;
  • Allergic rash in the baby has the appearance of small red pimples, which itch and cause him anxiety.

Link allergic manifestations can:

  • With the ration of a nursing mother - some foods that she consumes may not be suitable for him;
  • With hygienic means;
  • "Cosmetics»For babies - powders and lubricants;
  • Fabrics of which the children's clothing is made;
  • With some medicines that are prescribed to the baby or his mother.

Treatment, as with the usual allergy: removal of the allergen and the appointment of antihistamines.

Eruption on the skin - an indicator of the state of the bodyBubble rashes in infants on the skin,Appearing from 1 to 2 weeks of his life, may indicate the introduction of Staphylococcus aureus. Papules with liquid contents sometimes reach a value of 1-2 cm. When they burst, itchy erosions are formed, the baby becomes restless.

If pemphigus is not treated, it can give serious complications:

  • sepsis;
  • otitis;
  • Pneumonia;
  • Abscesses ...

For the treatment of pemphigus, antibiotics and external anti-inflammatory drugs are used. All the rashes that occur on the skin of babies, which do not pass for several days and cause the child to worry, it is necessary to show the pediatrician.

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