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Heaters for baby food: which is better?


Why do I need a baby food heater? Which heater should I choose: battery, electric, car, stationary? Functions of the universal heater

Parents who have small children know how muchTime consuming cooking and heating of infant formulas. It seems that the costs are small, but if it concerns night feeding, then in a few days it starts to strain.

Manufacturers involved in the production of productsFor children, already took care of you and found solutions for this problem. Now it is enough to buy a baby food heater, so that your baby's milk and piureks always have the right temperature. It remains only to choose the right machine.

Size and type of heating

Heaters for baby food: which is better?At present, the production of heatersEngaged in many well-known firms that produce household appliances. To whom to give preference - everyone solves individually. Parents of babies need to know that the devices can differ not only in the country of manufacture and the manufacturer, but in the type of food, size, device and operating principles of the heater.

Baby bottles have different shapes and sizes. For each of them there is a heater. This is the first thing you need to determine the parents of kids. The simplest option is to pick up the device to warm up the bottles of the standard shape, and then pour the mixture into the correct container.

By type of power, the following types of heaters exist:

  • From the electrical network;
  • On batteries or accumulators;
  • Automobile (from the cigarette lighter);
  • Road (on a thermos principle);
  • universal.

Most heaters are designed forHeating of cooled mixtures to optimum temperatures. Some of them are equipped with additional functions and can warm up not only milk at room temperature, but also frozen infant formulas.

Also, manufacturers, trying to attractBuyers, produce a technique designed to heat several bottles or cans at once, performing sterilization and working to maintain the optimum temperature of the products for some time.

The main role in improving the efficiency of the device is played by the choice of the heating unit, that is, the way the bottles are heated with power.

There are 3 types of heating:

  • Steam. These devices warm up milk due to steam produced from a small amount of water. The advantages of this type of technology include speed, the presence of the function "automatic shutdown" and maintaining the optimum temperature for a long time. Among the shortcomings, it is possible to get a steam burn, when opening the lid of the device, immediately after disconnecting the bottles are very hot, so how can you burn yourself, the appliance does not unfreeze frozen food, and require accurate measurement of water for steam generation;
  • On hot water. The principle of operation is similar to the operation of steam heaters, hot water is also used for heating the food, only in larger quantities. The advantages of this unit include the ability to use heating several times in a row, which allows you to warm up frozen mixtures. Cons: if the container with the mixture is missing in time, the contents will overheat and it will have to be cooled, when the bottle is pulled from it, water drips and you can accidentally get a burn;
  • On warm water. In this heaters the water temperature does not rise above 50 degrees, thanks to this there is no steam and boiling water, the food does not overheat. The disadvantage is the duration of heating at low water temperatures.

Which to choose?

Preheat the contents can each heater,So we need to determine where it will most often be used. Proceeding from this, they make a choice. For this purpose it is desirable to familiarize with each device separately.

Heaters for baby food: which is better?Automotive baby food heaters are designed for use in cars. It works from a network of 12 volts, that is, from a car cigarette lighter. What is the beauty of these devices?

First, for heating, no water is required, whichMay not be at hand, except that there is no possibility of getting burns from boiling water. Secondly, the majority of such devices can maintain the optimum temperature of the mixtures for an hour or more. Thirdly, after the heating is completed, the device will shut itself down.

Baby food warmers on batteries, theyThey can also be classified as road. They are convenient to use in a train or bus, that is, where there is no electricity. As batteries, finger batteries or batteries are used.

Very often complete with such a device canGo a thermos that helps to keep the desired temperature of the mixture for a long time, and a non-spill cup that allows you to give a drink to the baby without spilling water on your clothes. The main thing is to change the batteries in time and do not forget to recharge the batteries.

Electronic baby food warmers usuallyWork from the power grid, but there are adapters to the cigarette lighter. This is a very smart device, equipped with a large number of additional functions. In it, you can set the desired temperature and see on the display the time that will be spent on heating.

At the end of operation the unit will turn offYourself. If necessary, the time for starting the heating of the bottles is set. Most instruments are designed for simultaneous heating of several containers. Naturally, an electronic heater will cost more than a simpler apparatus, but it is more sensitive to voltage drops.

The optimal option is a universalBaby food heater. He can also be taken to the road at home. It is better to choose a heater designed for several bottles, so that you can simultaneously heat, for example, porridge and mashed potatoes from vegetables.

To take or not to take?

Heaters for baby food: which is better?To buy or not a heater, everyone decides for himself, it's unnecessary waste, and in 1-2 years it will become completely useless.

Of course, you can preheat the milk and under a stream of hot water or in a pot of boiling water, microwave, but heating in the microwave reduces the nutritional value of the products, and with the definition of temperature "to the touch"Can not always be guessed. So the baby food heater is not the first thing, but it greatly simplifies the process of caring for the baby.

When buying, be sure to pay attention toNot only on the price, but also on the availability of such functions as automatic shutdown of the device and the signal about the end of heating. The device should be easy to use, have a convenient control panel and turn on at the touch of a button.

Preference should be given to universal orStationary devices, as road heaters for baby food are not exactly suitable for home use. Remember, the more additional functions, the higher the price and the probability of failure of electronics.

We hope that our review will help you to make the right, and most importantly - a useful choice!

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