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Herpes sore throat in children


What is herpes sore throat, what its symptoms are, how to get rid of it quickly and efficiently

Any sore throat is a sudden acute infectious process, in which the first reacts with lymph in the tissues of the pharynx. Almost every child, sooner or later suffered this unpleasant disease.

What is herpes sore throat?

What complications can be, how to treat it, to avoid it and what preventive measures can help to avoid the recurrence of the disease.

Herpes sore throat in children

Herpes sore throat in children is always a spontaneous, spontaneous inflammatory process provoked by viruses.

This pathology occurs mainly among children from the younger age group, to the adolescent group.

After the virus enters the body, the diseaseIs not instantaneous. The incubation period lasts up to 14 days, but often is 3-4 days. In the incubation period, the child is already the carrier of the infection.

Further, within 7 days after the onset of characteristic symptoms, it is still a source of infection for others, and then, continuing to ache, is considered non-contagious.


Herpes sore throat in the human body is provokedCoxsackie viruses of group A, less often group B or ECHO-viruses. These pathogens are ubiquitous in our environment, so it is quite easy to get infected.

Infection occurs by oral-fecal, air-drip or contact routes. The carrier of viruses is mainly a man, much less often animals (pigs).

Children at the age of up to three years are at risk, but herpes sores can affect a person, at any age.


Diagnosis of herpes sore throat is performed according to the following criteria:

  1. Age factor;
  2. Seasonality of this pathology;
  3. Appearance of lesions in the larynx, as well as their localization.

At hospitalization, and also on an outpatient basis, patients are taken for analysis from the nasopharynx and carried out virological studies.

The disadvantage of this kind of research is its duration. By the time the result is ready, the patient, as a rule, is already receiving treatment. You can also check for antibodies to the Coxsackie virus.


Symptoms of herpes sore throat, found in children:

  1. Herpes sore throat in childrenSerious increase in body temperature;
  2. Abdominal pain;
  3. Irrelevant irritability;
  4. Weakness and general physical ailment;
  5. A sharp intense pain in the throat;
  6. Multiple blisters and small size sores on the back of the mouth and pharynx. These phenomena disappear within a week;
  7. A sharp decrease or disappearance of appetite, a refusal to eat, provoked by a pain in the throat;
  8. Rhinitis - swelling and discharge from the nose;
  9. Enlargement of lymph nodes on the neck, less often behind the ear;
  10. Rash on the body.

Herpetic angina in children has the following symptoms:

  1. Rash on the face;
  2. Bleeding on the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat;
  3. Increased saliva secretion;
  4. Inflammation of the gums.


Treatment of herpetic form of angina in children,Predominantly symptomatic. Based on the examination of the child, the doctor prescribes (or does not prescribe) antihistamines (diazolin, suprastin, eden, fenkarol, etc.) and antipyretic drugs (nurofen, tylenol, etc.).

In some cases, to avoid starvation andDehydration, children are prescribed a viscous lidocaine solution for throat anesthesia during swallowing. It is also included in the treatment of herpes sore throat to create an additional barrier to the spread of the virus.

Assign also rinses, which need to be done every hour. This helps to wash away pathogenic microbes.

Herpes sore throat in children30 minutes after rinsing, the throat is lubricatedLugol's solution, if the child does not have an allergy to iodine. In some situations of severe disease in children, the pediatrician may prescribe antiviral drugs and antibiotics that must be taken, strictly observing the appointment without interruption.

In addition, in the room where the small patient is located, it is necessary to conduct a wet cleaning twice a day and regularly ventilate it. Do not forget about the drinking regime.


Ill child - is a source of infection for others. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate it from peers, other children in the family or relatives with weakened immunity.


One of the possible complications is meningitis. This is due to the spread of infection with the lymphatic blood flow. If you comply with all the prescriptions of the doctor, the illness, as a rule, quickly passes without leaving any significant consequences in the child's body.

It is important to understand that herpes sore throat in children can pass without special consequences, provided timely diagnosis and strict compliance with all prescriptions of the doctor.

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