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Newborn Baby: What does he want?


Newborns eat little and often. If due to eating the baby appear colic, helps dill water. Find out what other difficulties encountered parents and how to resolve them

The child just born is completely helpless. It is vitally important for him to get not only warmth and care from his mother, but also food, a roof should be head, clothes, hygienic care, etc.

How much does a baby need? How often should you feed it, in what quantities? What should a child wear, do you buy a lot of clothes? What if the colic has colic, jelly? All these questions worry young parents. The answers to them will be given below.

How many newborns need milk?

Newborn Baby: What does he want?Babies in the first months of life are not particularlyDemanding, most importantly, in time to feed them, change clothes, wash, and do not interfere with sleeping. Many young mothers are interested in how many times to feed newborns during the day?

As a rule, the newborn eats often, 10-12 times inDay, and a little bit. How many crumbs need milk at a time is very easy to determine. To do this, the number of days of a baby's life should be multiplied by 10. Thus, on the first day, a newborn baby needs 10 ml of milk, and in the fourth - 40 ml. This calculation formula is suitable for children who are less than ten days old.

For newborns that are more than ten days old, butLess than 6 weeks, the daily volume of milk should be 1/5 of their weight. If a baby crumbles 4200 a month, then she needs to eat 4200/5 = 840 ml of milk a day.

Also calculate how much milk the child needs in theDay, you can by its height and weight. To do this, the baby's weight in grams should be divided by its height in centimeters and multiplied by 7. For example, if the weight of the crumb is 3600 grams, the height is 55 cm, then he needs 3600/55 * 7 = 458 ml of milk per day.

Formulas for calculating the required amount of milkFor a child should be used only when the baby is underweight, often capricious, little croaks (less than three times a day), pisses (less than 15 times), i.e. Shows that he is not eating enough. In other cases, it is not necessary to be wiser, but simply to feed the child as often as he asks.

How do you know how many newborns are eating?

If it is necessary to calculate how much the baby eatsFor one feeding, you need to weigh it. The best for these purposes are children's electronic scales, they are the most accurate and have a small error. To find out how much the child ate, it must be weighed before and after feeding.

In this case, the newborn should be weighed naked, because while he is eating, he can pee.

If there are no weights at home, you can find out how much you eat by using a bottle. To do this, you need to express a little milk, pour it into a bottle and feed the baby from it.

Do not be too hung up on how much milk a child eats at a time or per day. If the newborn does not have enough food, he will certainly report it, and quite loudly.

It is not recommended to feed the baby too much,Slipping his chest or bottle, tk. This can develop into a habit and the child will begin to gain weight too quickly. It is necessary to give so much milk that the baby is full, and it is also not recommended to delay the feeding time.

How many clothes do you need for a newborn?

In addition to full nutrition baby needs clothes. How many clothes are needed for a newborn? Not as much as we would like. Children grow pretty fast, so buying a mountain of clothes is not worth it.

It will be enough to buy for the first time:

  • 5 slips;
  • 3 body;
  • 2 pairs of socks;
  • 1 bonnet;
  • 1 blouse.

In addition to the clothes listed, the baby canYou need other things: a suit for hikes to visit, in the fall - a jacket and hat, in the winter - a coveralls and a warm hat. Also for winter walks you need to buy a woolen envelope or blanket. If a newborn was born in the summer, then it is enough diapers and several slips.

What if the newborn has colic?

Newborn Baby: What does he want?Almost all newborns are periodically disturbed by colic. Cope with increased gassing in the baby can be using dill water.

This drug is sold in pharmacies in the form of instant tea, however, when creating a pharmacy "Dill"Water is used not fennel seeds, but fennel. Fennel has long been used to reduce gassing in newborns, improve lactation in moms, and as a mild sedative.

At home, you can also cookDill vodichku. And dill will be used. To make dill water, pour a teaspoon of dill seeds with one glass of boiling water. Insist an hour, then strain and you can give the baby.

For the preparation of dill water it is better to use special water for children, which does not contain impurities and is absolutely safe for newborns.

Pharmacy tea is prepared according to the instructions. It is worth noting that the funds sold in the pharmacy, there is one big drawback in comparison with homemade dill water - their high cost.

So, now we turn to the main question: How much dill water to give a newborn? For the first time it is recommended to give a teaspoon of water before feeding. On the first day, you can offer the child up to three teaspoons of dill.

Then, if the baby does not have an allergy, the dosage can be increased to six spoons a day. A newborn on breastfeeding is better to give gulls from a spoon, so that he does not get used to the nipple.

As for the dosage of pharmacy dill water from fennel, in this case it is necessary to give as much money as is written on the package.

Another area of ​​application of dill water may beBecome the use of her nursing mother to improve lactation. However, it is worth using fennel in this case and only if there is not enough milk. Otherwise, the result may be unpredictable.

Jaundice in newborns

In the first two weeks of life, the baby canYellow skin and eyeballs. The cause of this phenomenon is the jaundice. It arises from the fact that children are born with an increased content of red blood cells. When these bodies are destroyed by the liver of a newborn, bilirubin appears, which has a yellow pigment.

The liver can not quickly cope with bilirubin,And the yellow pigment is located in the skin and eyeballs of newborns. With time, the bilirubin excretion system will ripen and jaundice will pass. Many parents wonder how long it takes Jaundice in a newborn. Usually it takes one to two weeks. Most jaundice occurs in premature infants.

The physiological jaundice is absolutely safe forThe kid. It lasts very short, almost does not disturb the crumb and passes by itself. But sometimes babies may have a yellowish, not associated with an excess of red blood cells.

The level of bilirubin rises due toIncompatibility with Rh-factor or with a certain blood group. If bilirubin becomes too much in a newborn, the doctor may advise using phototherapy to reduce it.

Jaundice manifests itself more strongly in children on the breastFeeding. Why this happens, the doctors have not yet figured out. According to the assumptions, this may be due to the fact that the baby is eating very little milk in the early days of his life.

Newborn Baby: What does he want?For jaundice to pass quickly, it is recommended to feed the baby more often and more, to ensure that it is enough to eat. Milk has a laxative effect and helps to remove bilirubin from the body.

Children with jelly become drowsy and do not want to wake up, but they need to eat often. Therefore, it is recommended to wake the child cautiously and breastfeed if he sleeps too long.

If the level of bilirubin in newborns is too highThe doctor can prescribe phototherapy. However, this can adversely affect breastfeeding if the baby is taken to a hospital. To avoid this, it is recommended to use photo-optical bilirubin blankets.

While the child is eating, the light from the blanket will destroy excess bilirubin. That is, you can simultaneously feed the baby and treat it.

The main thing that your kid needs in unlimited quantity is your love, care and concern. Show it to your crumb, and everything else will be easy to get by itself!

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