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How to get rid of the barking cough in a child?


The clinical picture in a dry cough. What are the causes of barking cough. Features of treatment of dry barking cough in children and adults. Cough as a symptom of pertussis

Cough is the first sign of a cold. Many parents are primarily concerned about the so-called "barking" cough. While wet indicates the departure of phlegm, dry, agonizing rough barking cough does not bear physiological advisability and becomes a real problem not only for the baby, but also for adults.

Clinical picture

How to get rid of the barking cough in a child?Barking cough does not perform protective functions and does notPromotes the excretion of mucus. It brings a lot of inconvenience and is heavily carried by children. This is due to the fact that in children the respiratory muscles are much weaker than in adults.

This phenomenon is intrusive and rather painful. There are times when it leads to vomiting. And in non-vaccinated toddlers, who suffer pertussis, it can provoke a stop in breathing.

The clinical picture primarily includesSelf edema of the respiratory tract. As a result, their lumen becomes narrowed, breathing is difficult, heavy, and the voice acquires a coarse hue. Significant swelling of the airways can lead to their complete closure.

Strong attacks, as a rule, ariseQuite suddenly. They are the reason for urgent hospitalization of the child. To avoid complications, it is necessary to visit the pediatrician (for children) or the therapist (for adults) at the first signs of a violation.

Why barking cough occurs in adults and children

The most common cause is ARI withWhich inflames the upper respiratory tract. However, not in all cases, this phenomenon is caused by viruses, sometimes it can become a manifestation of the body's allergic reaction. When the symptom is accompanied by a runny nose, sore throat, fever and other signs of ARI, it is often of a viral origin.

But if the above phenomena are absent,A person feels well, but suffers from attacks, it is likely that he is a sign of an allergy. There are several other factors that can provoke this unpleasant state.

Among the conditions and diseases that become the causes of dry barking cough, the following are distinguished:

  • Laryngotracheitis, acute laryngitis;
  • Pertussis / paracottis;
  • Acute pharyngitis;
  • Diphtheria;
  • Complication of ARI;
  • Tumor of the larynx;
  • Foreign object in the respiratory tract;
  • Allergic laryngitis.

Treatment of barking cough in children and adults

It should be noted that any cough isJust a sign of a disease. That is why all therapeutic measures should mainly be aimed at eliminating the root cause, that is, treating the disease that provoked the cough. However, this approach is more correct in the case of a wet form.

If it is dry, let alone dry barking, thenIt is necessary to eliminate it in parallel. By treatment is meant a transfer from a dry form to a wet one, that is, by appropriate methods, sputum is obtained.

Modern medicine uses three types of drugs that are successfully used for children and adults:

  • Expectorants;
  • Antitussive;
  • Mucolytic.

How to get rid of the barking cough in a child?It is worth noting that only a doctor can correctlyPick up a tool, first of all being guided by the root cause. Despite the effectiveness of all these drugs, they are only part of an auxiliary therapy. The main direction of treatment is the elimination of a provocative disease.

On the advisability of using antitussiveDrugs must necessarily consult with a doctor, as these funds have narcotic drugs in the composition, so their appointment to children is highly undesirable.

Allowed to receive them only ifThe discomfort state is observed for a long time, its physiological feasibility is not established, and the patient's quality of life is significantly reduced.

Treatment barking cough expectorants and mucolytics is rarely prescribed. They are more suitable at the stage of transition of a dry form to a wet one, if such a transition is observed.

It should be noted that the use of expectorantsAlong with inhalations does not guarantee the reduction of symptoms, that is, cough can remain quite pronounced even with such treatment. It can even increase for a short time due to dilution of dried and extra developed mucus.

Complex treatment of all kinds, including strong barking, consists of such procedures:

  • Procedures of inhalation. They help moisten the mucous membrane and dilute the dried mucus;
  • Cool clean moist air. It is he who can prevent the drying of the airways and the drying of mucus;
  • Abundant drink. This is due to the fact that the more liquid enters the body, the more liquid becomes the blood, and it, in turn, is associated with sputum. Accordingly, if the blood is sufficiently liquid, then sputum is also the same, hence, it is easier to cough up.

If the cause of discomfort is whooping cough orParakoklysh, the treatment is to eliminate these diseases and presupposes the use of antibiotics. Children with this diagnosis should spend more time on the air and, of course, it is desirable that it is cool and wet, rather than dry and warm.

After the course of antibiotic therapySymptoms can persist for another 3 months - this is normal phenomenon. Such a disease, like whooping cough, also allows the use of antitussive drugs.

Barking cough in a child of allergic origin goes along with the elimination of the allergen. It is also worth taking antihistamines.

In the case where the symptom is caused by an infection of the upperRespiratory tract, then appoint substances that can reduce edema, which have antibacterial and bactericidal effect. However, they do not use expectorants because they will not have the proper effect in this case.

The parents of young children should first of all see a doctor when they have a barking cough.

Barking strong cough - a symptom of whooping cough

Both pertussis and paracottus are viralDiseases and are very similar in nature. The main distinguishing symptom of these diseases is a prolonged dry barking cough that has occurred in a child or an adult. It is caused by a microbe, which spreads by airborne droplets and settles in the airways.

In the process of his life in the humanThe body it releases a certain substance that irritates the mucosa, which provokes the appearance of a cough. The younger the child, the more pronounced this symptom is.

Very dangerous whooping cough is for children on the firstYear of life. In the past, the fatal outcome of the disease was not uncommon. However, vaccination now prevents this phenomenon. That's why vaccinations against pertussis are shown to all children in the first months of life. Even a vaccinated child is able to get sick, but the course of inflammatory processes will not be heavy.

If the parents refused to vaccinate, they should be extremely cautious and at the first alarm signals to lead the baby to the doctor for an examination.

Barking cough in adults

How to get rid of the barking cough in a child?Adults often suffer from a dry formWith paragripa, laryngitis and pharyngitis. Usually in such cases it occurs during sleep. This phenomenon is also observed with tracheitis, when the mucous membranes of the trachea are irritated.

A dry cough may indicate lung damage, for example, croupous pneumonia. If it is accompanied by pain, then there may be abnormalities of the pleura.

This symptom is of great danger inA complex with a high fever, pains in the chest. Such signs may indicate an initial stage of tuberculosis. It is worth noting that at this time a person can infect another 10 nearby people.

When the above symptoms appear - urgentlyConsult a doctor. Do not engage in self-medication, because often under the same symptoms can hide various diseases that require different treatments. Health to you and your children!

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