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Three-wheeled strollers: main advantages and disadvantages


When a child appears in the family, one of the first items that parents hurry to acquire is a stroller. What are the advantages and disadvantages of three-wheelers?

One of the first and most important subjects inThe list of urgent purchases of young parents is just a stroller. And it is not surprising, because most of the time spent on the street in the first year of his life a child will hold it in it.

Three-wheeled strollers: main advantages and disadvantagesCurrently, the range of models of wheelchairs, presented in the modern market, is very wide and varied.

All children's strollers have their pros or cons,All are more or less attractive externally and are equipped with an arsenal of additional accessories, so most parents, especially if the child is the first child, it is very difficult to decide the choice, because you need to take into account a lot of factors, and they have no relevant experience.

Not so long ago, three-wheeled vehicles appeared on the marketChildren's strollers, they came to us from the West, and for many they seem unaccustomed. If you also think about buying this particular version of the stroller for your baby, it's about time "become acquainted"With them closer and evaluate the pros and cons of the vehicle.

Basic selection criteria

Choosing a vehicle for your baby, you need to take into account a lot of parameters, which include:

  • The age of the child;
  • Season and method of application (winter, summer, all-season, cradle, walking stick, three-wheeled strollers transformer);
  • Quality of the raw materials from which the "vehicle", The ease of cleaning them;
  • Height of the vehicle, the size of the chassis, the reliability of their attachment, the number of shock absorbers;
  • Weight and overall dimensions of the stroller (it is especially important if you live in a multi-storey house);
  • The presence of a visor and special protection from the weather;
  • The presence and shape of a basket of things and a removable bag;
  • Maneuverability of the stroller;
  • The possibility of adjusting the angle of height and inclination of the handle.

What are they good?

One of the biggest pluses of tricyclesWheelchairs is their high maneuverability and lightness. To make turns on this model, equipped with a 360-degree swivel front wheel, is much more convenient than on the analog with a conventional cradle with four rigidly fixed wheels.

With such a stroller it is much easier to overcomeClimbing the stairs when for no reason at your entrance the elevator broke down. Three-wheeled carriages perfectly behave on a city street with a good even surface (do not forget, this type of wheelchair was developed by Europeans who do not know our bumps on roads and sidewalks).

Often, these children's three-wheeled stroller are available in a 2-in-1 package, i.e. In addition to the cradle for the newborn, the kit includes a spare cradle for a child from 9 months old.

Without the spoon tar was not without it

Three-wheeled strollers: main advantages and disadvantagesOne of the significant disadvantages of such strollersIs their instability when overcoming possible obstacles on uneven surfaces. When driving through pits, especially on an inclined plane, it can easily turn over.

In addition, the wheels of such models are notAre adapted for movement on stairs. Even dragging a stroller to the first floor on a short staircase in 4-5 steps will be problematic, especially if the shopping cart is loaded with purchases.

Also children's three-wheeled strollers are not "Know how"Climb the ramps - special gangways,Which are installed on the stairs to entrances, medical facilities, etc. Certainly, it is possible to show miracles of dexterity and ingenuity and to put the wheelchair on a ramp on the rear wheels, but not every mother will go to such a "Acrobatic sketch".

Another inconvenience in using suchModels is a wide wheelbase, which prevents entry into the elevator. Even when folded, it remains a rather cumbersome design, making it an uncomfortable option for moving with a child in public transport.

Helpful hints for use

If, in spite of the negative sides, you still decided to purchase a three-wheeled stroller, the following tips will help you to smooth out some of its negative aspects.

So, improve patency in the following ways:

  • To overcome the hilly parts of the road can be tried with a raised front wheel;
  • On snow and sand it is best to move with the fixed front wheel, use its maneuverability only on level pavements;
  • Lifting on the steps is recommended to be carried out by double wheels upwards and a handle installed in the corresponding position;
  • In order to overcome a high curbYou must first lift the front wheel and rear wheels to come close to the obstacle, then put the front and only then raise the rear wheels. In this case, the front wheel must be fixed.

Three-wheeled strollers: main advantages and disadvantagesGoing with the baby for shopping, remember aboutThe fact that if all purchases are hung on one side or folded under one side of the net, the three-wheeled stroller may lose stability and tip over to one side. The same can happen if a small fidget too sharply decides to look out of the stroller.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that small children aged 1.5-2.0 years are very fond of rolling their "transport", Climb into it or climb out a hundred times a day. Therefore, its height should be as comfortable as possible for the child so that he can climb into it without risking injury.

Safety of transportation should becomeThe decisive factor in choosing a stroller. To prevent falling out of her child will help reliable belts, the presence of which parents also need to pay attention.

Easy choice to you, successful purchases and pleasant walks to you and your baby!

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