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Rocking the child in the car: what to do?


While driving in a car, children often get sick, which is manifested by poor health, nausea and even vomiting. To get rid of the baby from such a state, simple recommendations will help

Are you going with a child on a long trip? Be prepared for the fact that your baby can be rocked in the car. This is especially true for long trips. Swaying is a common phenomenon even for adults, however, a child with such a condition will cope much more difficultly.

Rocking the child in the car: what to do?The kid begins to be capricious, and parents do not know,That in such situations to do, to improve the state of health of your child. If your child is rocking in the car, you need to read some of the recommendations of specialists.

Causes of motion sickness

Why the child is rocking in the car, they do not know everythingparents. Often in the car, not only kids, but also adults, it starts to get nauseated due to the fact that the brain receives conflicting signals. The state of kinetosis is inextricably linked with the activity of the vestibular apparatus: from whom it is weak, nausea and dizziness arise.

A small child is cured because his vestibular apparatus only develops and forms, respectively, he is much weaker than in adults.

The organ of balance is in our ears andIs part of the membranous inner labyrinth of the inner ear. It is from here that the signals are coming to the brain, indicating the direction of the person or that he is in a stationary position.

The cause of motion sickness is entering the barkBrain uncoordinated, unreliable and contradictory signals that give the vestibular apparatus and the organ of vision. It turns out that the baby perfectly sees and understands that he moves when riding in the car, which the organ of vision communicates to the brain during the movement.

But at this time the vestibular apparatus sends a signal that the baby is not moving, that is, does not show physical activity.

Interestingly, children under one year almost neverSwaying in transport. This is due to the weak development of the body of equilibrium. That is why the signals coming from the vestibular apparatus and the organ of vision are not so inconsistent with each other to cause nausea and dizziness.

Signs of motion sickness

Rocking the child in the car: what to do?Understand that your baby is sick, will help some of the symptoms characteristic of kinetosis. At first the child becomes capricious, because he does not feel well: he is sick, his head is spinning.

Also, the manifestation of the symptoms of motion sickness in the car can be accompanied by blanching of the skin and increased sweating.

These are classic signs of motion sickness, however, they can be more serious and dangerous:

  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Change in respiratory rate and pulse;
  • Attacks of vomiting.

Headache and discomfort in the stomachAlso often occur when driving in transport. One should know that not always motion sickness manifests itself by these signs, often the child can experience only uncomfortable sensations.

What should parents do?

Parents who notice that their childrenSubject to kinetosis, should train the baby's vestibular apparatus to relieve it of unpleasant sensations while riding in transport. Children who are prone to frequent trips in the car, as a rule, do not experience uncomfortable sensations caused by motion sickness.

To this category belong and the guys,Engaged in sports, dancing or swimming. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the physical development of your child. In addition, during the trip, it is necessary to exclude factors that aggravate motion sickness.

Be sure to adhere to such items:

  • Avoid the presence of unpleasant odors and sounds in the car;
  • Maintain the optimum air temperature in the cabin - 18-20 degrees;
  • Periodically leave the car for 10 minutes;
  • It is advisable for the baby to look forward to the road;
  • Before the trip, feed the baby light food;
  • Try to ensure that the trip coincides with the time of sleep of the baby.

Rocking the child in the car: what to do?Compliance with these recommendations will help you avoidRocking the crumbs. If the young child is sick in the car, he turns pale and is sick, stop the car, go out into the fresh air, so that his vestibular apparatus calms down.

Parents who know that their child regularly shakes in the car, can buy pharmaceutical preparations aimed at combating the problem of kinetosis in advance. Can give a baby Scopolamine, Aeron, Mektozin, Diprazin, Copplonamide.

Swaying is not an excuse for giving upTravel with the baby, because over time the frequency of such situations will decrease. In addition, in this way the children's vestibular apparatus is trained. Enjoy your travels!

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