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The most popular dolls for girls in 2017


Popular dolls of 2015 - which of them will your child be pleased with? Dolls Monster High, Barbie, Winx and others - hits the puppet trend. Photos of the most famous and new dolls of 2017 - on

Previously, the girls liked the traditionaldoll-naked dolls, as well as - a world celebrity named Barbie. Modern toys are not "white and fluffy" - they differ extravagant and unique appearance. Manufacturers sometimes invent puppet copies of cartoon characters.

Consider which dolls are the most popular and in demand in 2017.

Winx dolls.

Toys embodied an exterior features heroinesJapanese anime cartoons. The dolls have common features of real images of Hollywood stars: Britney Spears, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez. Another difference between the collection - its name, which comes from the English word «wings». It refers to the "wings". Unique beauty is also able to fly through magic.

These attractive, glamorous toys for girls is transmitted not only external beauty, but also internal. They are lovely, kind, sympathetic. These dolls actually drove all the famous Barbie.

The cost of most kinds of toys, it depends inmostly from kits and parts. For example, an ordinary doll can be purchased for 250-500 rubles, and the doll and horse with all accessories for the care of the second hero - for 1,5-3 thousand.


Give a doll can be child of 3 years. Note that on the psyche and the emotional state of the baby will not be affected negatively. she really liked the girl!

Manufacturers of toys - German kompaniyaSimbaor Italian company Giochi Preziosi. Firms differ in the release of high-quality kukol.Ne not buy toys in the company Witty Toys - they have low budget and low quality material.

Monster High Dolls Monster High and conquered the world with the eccentricity

Toy girls monsters embody the traitsfamous film characters - Mummy, Frankenstein, Catwoman, and others. Images of the new Monster High dolls is very eccentric. They are bright, creative outfits and different skin color. That is what they are different from other types of modern dolls.

The series tells the girls toys, agewhich are older than 5 years of school. The school taught not just ordinary children, but also monsters. Kids under 5 years of dolls do not recommend to buy, because their appearance and affects negatively on the psyche, formed the wrong impression about the real life of students. This is one feature of the dolls.

Another is the positive impact on thechildren. Prototype characters of the film, as a rule, are fighting for good, why are they still a positive character traits: courage, commitment.

Monster High

By the way, each doll is attached to the same monster-pet. Imagining how the toy concerned about their animal, the girls have a sense of responsibility.

Created a Monster High company Mattel. This is a known puppet Corporation, based on the needs and views of children when designing toys.

Their cost ranges from 600 to 3500 rubles.

Bratz dolls and Bratz

These toys differ unusual appearance. Trendy, bright chrysalis embodied in its images of the real style of modern teenage girls. Expressed makeup plump painted lips, narrow and short skirts or tight dresses - this is what distinguishes them from others, especially from Barbie.

Six different toys teach girls to giveattention to detail. For example, in addition, Fashion Story, and cosmetics. Moreover, developing a sense of taste. Each doll has its own set of accessories that can be changed. The collection is updated regularly, so boring to play them.


Professionals predicted the failure of the developers of thesetoys, because they have created for school-age girls - from 7 to 13 years. But like dolls for both adults and children. Toys Bratz existed for 14 years, and their demand is increasing every year. They do not promote the correct behavior, but still buy them.

Produce dolls in America - the company MGA Entertainment.

toys cost of 600-3000 rubles. Excellent quality materials that create dolls, corresponds to the highest bidder.

Moxie dolls or Moxie

Translated name of the collection - bold. Little charming girl prototypes good heroines of fairy tales (Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White), New Year's heroes (in angel costumes, elf, Santa Claus) .Pravilnye images of girls here for 7 years in a row delight kids, age older than 3 years.


Moxie - ideal toys that promotesimple style. The motto of the dolls: follow dreams and always be yourself! The dolls represented the image of the brave, purposeful lady who, in spite of its simplicity and the lack of cosmetics, look great and fashionable. So, the beauty of each doll is reflected in the usual soft cotton dresses, colorful belts and air Banten. Makeup on their faces almost there, and they look very gently.

The cost of the dolls varies from 900 to 2000 rubles.

A collection of cute and beautiful dolls sisters released a US company MGA Entertainment. For quality toys issued can not worry.

Barbie dolls or Barbie

Despite vperedistoyaschego rivals,American Barbie still purchase a gift. We create a beautiful doll with the figure of 56 models back. During this time it has not lost its popularity and all the girls are also concerned about the heart, whose age - 3-14 years. By the way, I fell in love with Barbie and the older generation. Many women tend to look the same, like a long-legged, slender blonde in pink.

The uniqueness of dolls that she has a lot oftypes, which differ not only clothes, but also the sphere of activity - may simply be a princess, a journalist, a housewife, a doctor, etc. According to statistics, every second sold one such toy. And upon her as a gift not only for children but also for adults (if they are collectors).


Psychologists say different reactions to children dollsBarbie. On the one hand, girls may develop an inferiority complex, because the figure as the model is not given to everyone. In addition, the girls want to express themselves sexually - wearing revealing clothes, painted at an early age. On the other hand, the doll the most coveted in the world. Your princess will shine, if you receive a gift such a toy!

The price of a new Barbie doll is 600-4000 rubles, while the cost of new clothes and accessories for toys - from 400 rubles.

Dolls BabyBorn

Interactive baby doll won a million heartsfans around the world. Translated it means "newborn". There are almost 25 years Dolls nazad.Sozdali Baby Born to little girls feel their mothers.

A distinctive feature of Toys -this it canlook like for real babies. Dolly eats, drinks, and emits a lot of emotions (can cry, laugh), as well as a toy the child goes to the toilet. Complete with accessories prodaetsyaBabyvmeste - cutlery, stroller, nipples, bottles, Baths for washing. Pupsika insides consist of tubes on them water and food enters the stomach toddler. This is the main difference from the other toys.


On the emotional state of the child's dollaffected. But there is one problem. On many forums, parents leave negative feedback that a doll can not poop, crap one's pants or on the contrary the whole house. Therefore, before you buy your child a toy, consider whether it will be able to cope with it. Not recommended pupsika children under 3 years.

German toy is worth about 1.5-4.5 thousand. Rub. For an interactive doll, many give the same amount, and not buy a variety of accessories, their price starts from 150 rubles.

Rag Doll Tilda and its variants

The most popular was the rag dollprovincial named Tilda. Beige face, close your eyes point, cotton dresses and long-predlinnye legs - that is what characterizes this toy. The difference there is also a feature. Doll is always curvy shape. And her face devoid of facial expressions - it is not drawn lips. According to psychologists, this is not a problem - so develop imagination in children.


Tilda appeared 16 years ago. Norwegian graphic designer decided to please girls of any age and created a simple and at the same time, the original image of the pupa. Tilda in different countries is different, since the take over some national characteristics.

Another difference toys - you can make yourself. Schemes and patterns on the Internet is enough. Moreover, you can create a unique model of the required material and then fill it with aromatic herbs, which will favorably affect the baby.

Also became popular varieties Tilda - similar in form animals. For example, cat, rabbit and other animals, which can be represented with long legs.

Of course, if you do create such a rag doll, then you will spend only on the material and the filler.

The cost of finished toys ranging from 1 to 3.5 thousand rubles.

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