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Lice in children, what to do?


Lice in children: what to do and how to withdraw? Where do lice from children come from and what kind of treatment is needed? The causes of the appearance of lice in children

Lice in children - a fairly common phenomenonEven in the 21st century. Of course, there is nothing pleasant about the presence of parasites on the head of a child, but it is also not necessary to fall into a faint. There are a lot of means for getting rid of these insects, both folk and pharmacies, you just need to know when and how to apply them.

Signs of pediculosis in a child

Lice in children, what to do?The main problem is to notice time in timeAppearance of parasites. On average, these insects live 38 days. At one time the female manages to lay more than 100 eggs - nits. She glues them to the hairs and after 4-8 days new parasites hatch from them. Without a person, and, therefore, without food, lice can not live more than 10 days. They drink blood, piercing the jaw skin and sucking to the wound.

During the puncture, saliva enters the skin, it does not allow blood to clot, the same discharge causes itching. The child constantly scratches his head.

Therefore, the main symptoms of having lice are:

  • Severe itching, some children scratch their skin to the blood;
  • On the scalp appear small red dots, places of bite;
  • Some wounds can become swollen, furuncles are formed;
  • When viewed on hairs, nits are noticeable.

If you notice that the baby is constantly scratchingHead, take a closer look at the skin under your hair. The favorite habitat for parasites is the vertex and occiput, less often at the temples. But what to do when the lice are in the child? We must immediately get disinfected!

What if the children have lice?

First, do not panic. Try to limit his communication with other children. Secondly, examine the heads of other members of the family. Third, decide how and how you will treat.

Disinfection is recommended for all members of the family. In addition, you should wash all bed linen and clothes in hot water. Lice and nits do not stand a temperature of more than 45 degrees.

There are 3 ways to get rid of lice: Haircut, folk recipes and pharmacy. If you do not solve this problem radically, then you can use the last two methods. Choose the most suitable option.

The simplest and most effective drugs areHeavy water and tar soap. They cost a penny, but the efficiency is high. We put the money on the child's hair, put on the bag on top and let it walk for 30 minutes.

Then carefully wash the hair, dry and sit downComb out the nits, since these drugs kill only the parasites. In addition, you can use vinegar with water in a ratio of 1: 8 or kerosene, diluted with vegetable oil 1: 6. The method of use is similar to the use of dust and chemically water.

Pharmacy medicine can be in the form of a spray,Shampoo, concentrate or cream. Most of them are made on the basis of permethrin, phenotrin, malathion or pyrethrin. Everyone will be able to choose a drug depending on the age of the children and their material abilities.

From liquid solutions,MediFox","Fawkslon","Medilis-Super"And" Avicin ". Solutions help completely get rid of lice and kill nits already from the first application.

To comb out the last all the same it is necessary in addition as even dead they continue to cling to volosinki. It is easy to cope with them will help a frequent scallop.

Lice in children, what to do?How can you take the lice out of the child with the help ofSpecial shampoos? They are also applied to curls and left to act for a while. It is very convenient to use shampoos for children and adults with thick hair, the foam means can easily be distributed along the entire length.

It can be "Pedilia","Parasidosis"," Chigia "or"LiceGuard". However, most of them are effective only in combination with a scallop, which usually comes complete with the drug.

Sprays are considered a good medicine for lice for a child. They are easy to use and very effective against lice and nits. It can be "Paranit","Nyuda","Couple plus","Pediculum","A-Par".

True, use them is recommended in goodVentilated room, since some smell is very harsh. The remedies are simply sprayed along the entire length of the hair and clothing, aged for some time and washed off. Usually the re-treatment is done after 10 days, during this time the child is protected from the invasion of new parasites.

Children will also benefit from the cream "Knicks"And"Nittifor". They are applied to the hair and rubbed into the scalp for 15-20 minutes, then washed off. «Knicks"Is less dangerous for kids, so it can be used at any age, and"Nittifor"Only after 5 years.

Here are ways to treat lice in children. And yet, it is not out of place to find out where these parasites can come from and what prevention tools exist.

Causes of lice and prevention measures

Where do lice come from our children? Usually the children bring them from a kindergarten or school. The reason for the massive spread of pediculosis is non-compliance with basic hygiene rules. It is generally accepted that lice mostly inhabit people from the lower strata of society (homeless people and beggars), but this is not entirely true.

These parasites like places where a lot of people are constantly and there is a possibility of close contact between them. Therefore they "Feel good"In hospitals, kindergartens, schools, trains and holiday homes.

Like them and the increased humidity, soTo pick up this infection it is possible in public baths, pools and beaches. Often, pediculosis outbreaks are observed in barracks where seasonal workers and prisons live, as there is limited opportunity to observe hygiene rules.

They are transmitted through bed and underwear, headdresses and combs, water in pools and ponds with standing water. Where do they come from? Fall from the head of other people.

Lice feel great on a man, but they can lay eggs in folds and seams of clothes, linen. It is difficult to detect them there. Hatching young growth moves to the body "host"For feeding.

How to avoid the re-occurrence of lice?

It is necessary to observe simple rules:

  • Carefully monitor the hygiene of children.
  • Periodically browse their hair and skin for bites and nits.
  • After visiting the beach or pool, be sure to untangle the girls braids and dry hair with a hairdryer.
  • Be sure to iron clothes with a hot iron.
  • If necessary, use one of the above methods to control lice, treat clothing and bedding.
  • After a while, repeat the disinfection.

Life without lice

Lice in children, what to do?If your crumb brought home lice, do not be scared anddo not Cry. To begin with, treat the baby's head with the appropriate remedy and scrub out the nits. Then, change the linens and disinfect it and clothes. After that, remember the reasons for the appearance of lice in children and conduct an explanatory conversation.

Explain to the children that you can not use someone else's combs and headdresses. It is necessary to wash your hair regularly and comb it well. If the hair is wet they must be undone and dried.

It is not desirable in the kindergarten and school to walk with longLoose hair, on braided braids it will be more difficult for them to catch. Observing these simple tips, you can forever forget about these unpleasant parasites!

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