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Choosing a baby formula for milk: important points of choosing and using


Providing your child with food is the main task of any mother. Therefore, when choosing a milk formula, mothers become confused. The best formula for newborns, what are they?

For each mother, one of the main tasks is toProviding your baby from the first days of his life with a full-fledged diet. The most useful food for a newborn baby is, of course, breast milk, which contributes to the full development of the baby, the formation of intestinal microflora and health. But, unfortunately, breastfeeding is not always possible.

A few figures

Choosing a baby formula for milk: important points of choosing and usingAccording to statistics about 5% of women areDue to these or other physiological reasons, they are unable to breastfeed their baby. Another 10% of women do not get a normal lactation after childbirth or there are medical indications for its forced cessation.

In such situations, mothersUse breast milk substitutes - infant formula for milk, which is currently on the shelves of baby food stores and pharmacies presented a huge amount. How to choose the right formula for a newborn baby?

Types of dairy formulas for feeding

All the variety of children's milk porridge,Presented on the shelves of stores, can be conditionally divided into dry and liquid. In order for the dry infant formula to become usable, it is diluted with warm boiled water in the proportions indicated on the package.

Liquid mixtures are already sold ready-made and canImmediately be used for feeding the baby, however, despite all its convenience, it is rare to meet ready-made mixtures in our stores. In addition, there is a division of infant nutrition into fresh, sour-milk and medicinal.

Most of the milk mixtures forNewborns are prepared on the basis of cow's milk. But in order to exclude the appearance of allergic reactions to the protein contained in this product, the milk is treated in a special way and approaches the breast milk of a woman. Therefore, all of them differ also in the degree of their adaptability.

So they come in the following forms:

  • Adapted - as close to the composition andThe content of protein, carbohydrate, fat and vitamin components in breast milk. In their production, milk demineralized whey is used, which adapts the protein and makes it more digestible;
  • Less adapted or "casein" - more nourishing and nutritious, well suited for often belching babies, as well as those that do not stand the break between feedings;
  • Partially adapted - these porridges are only partially approximated to breast milk, can contain starch and sucrose. They are used to feed babies over half a year.

Choosing a baby formula for milk: important points of choosing and using

The best milk formula for feeding newborn babies, of course, is the most adapted. When choosing it, it is necessary to carefully study the package, it should have the number "1", Which means that the gruel is intended for feeding the youngest children.

When the child reaches the age of 6 months, you can switch to porridge with the number "2", And after 12 months - with the figure"3".

What is included in the composition?

All mothers are worried about the composition of the formula for a newborn baby, because the health, development and full digestion of the baby depend on it.

So, the composition of porridges for newborns includes such components:

  • Milk demineralized whey, which reduces the risk of problems with digestion and metabolic disorders;
  • Taurine and cystine are special amino acids that participate in the formation of the brain and promote the absorption of fats;
  • Nucleotides - adults, these substances are producedFrom amino acids independently, and in newborns this process is at the stage of formation. Nucleotides are involved in other metabolic processes, promote cell growth and improve the state of the intestine;
  • Vegetable oils - are rich in useful fatty acids;
  • Emulsifier and L-carnitine - the first promotes the dissolution of fats that are part of the dry milk porridge, and the second - accelerates this process;
  • Lactose - positively affects the absorption of minerals, helps maintain intestinal microflora in normal;
  • Mineral substances and vitamins, which are not found in cow's milk, namely: A, C, D, E, K and B6.

It is important to remember that the already prepared liquid milk formula for a newborn can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 3 hours, only during this time it will be safe to feed.

It should also be noted that when breastfeedingArtificial milk porridge a child needs additional fluid. Therefore, in the intervals between the feedings, the baby should be given a boiled water, and preferably with special children's water. An additional daily volume of fluid per day, which the child must drink, on average equals the volume of one feeding.

How to make the right choice?

If you are going to purchase a milk formula forChild, the first thing you need to do is consult a pediatrician. A competent specialist will always be able to recommend the best baby food and choose the most suitable product.

Choosing a baby formula for milk: important points of choosing and usingIn no case should you rely on advertisingOr advice of girlfriends, tk. The body of each baby is individual and the same mixture can have different effects on the digestive system of different children.

After the introduction of a new gruel it is necessary to closely monitor the reaction of the baby and urgently stop feeding with a new product in the event of allergic reactions or intestinal disorders.

However, "Jump from mixture to mixture"For no apparent reason is not worth it because a very frequent change in the composition of the nutritional formula is also a stress for the baby's body.

Change of mixture is considered justified only in thatThe case when the baby has an individual intolerance to this product, the doctor prescribes a medical diet or the child has already outgrown this mixture and it is necessary to switch to more "adult"Version of porridge.

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