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What are the benefits of massage for infants


To newborn physically developed correctly, it is helpful to do a massage. Special measures to help improve the functioning of internal organs, including the intestines

Immediately after the birth of the baby, doctors recommendDo him a massage, because it has a favorable effect on the general condition of the crumbs, and is also a guarantee of its harmonious development. It is proved that children who regularly undergo such a procedure develop much faster and outstrip their peers whose parents refused such manipulations.

What are the benefits of massage for infantsIt should be understood that the massage for newborns should be done by a specialist or mother, who must necessarily master the basic techniques of performing such a procedure.

Why does the newborn need a massage?

When to start to do massage to newborns -A common question for young parents. Usually such procedures are prescribed by pediatricians for certain indications, but even if your baby is absolutely healthy, massage manipulations will only benefit him.

First of all, the special movements of my mother's hands exert such a beneficial effect on the organism of the crumbs:

  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • Improves blood circulation and breathing;
  • Increased muscle tone;
  • Immunity is strengthened.

Engaging with your baby, try to invest in every movement as much love and affection, then from such actions will be much more useful.

However, despite the benefits of this procedure, in some cases it is absolutely contraindicated in newborns.

You can not do it when the crumbs are experiencing such phenomena and processes:

  • Skin rashes, sweating or diaper rash;
  • Infectious diseases occur;
  • Diagnosed inguinal, umbilical or femoral hernia;
  • Congenital heart defect;
  • Disorders of the digestive system.

In these cases, the procedure is usually abandoned at all, but sometimes doctors can allow for an easy set of exercises that will not harm the child, but will strengthen his body.

Massage rules

What are the benefits of massage for infantsIt is important to know how to do massage to a newborn,That he brought the child's body benefits, not harm. You can do it after a morning toilet or in the afternoon before feeding. Remember: it is strictly forbidden to carry out such manipulations with the child after feeding. It is necessary to choose the warmest room in the house, as the newborns freeze very quickly.

It is best to perform massage actions onChanging table, however, if you do not have such a device, a regular table or a hard sofa is quite suitable. You will also need baby oil and a warm film.

Do not start to do a massage, if youNervous or feel tired, because the baby will pass all your emotions. Quiet music or a fun children's song will help calm down and distract you. Only calmed down, you can warm your hands and start performing massage movements. Each time, give this procedure at least 15-20 minutes.

We use the ball for massage

In recent years, the ball for newborns is becoming more popular, which is used both for massage and for gymnastics. Such an adaptation is intended for the physical development of the baby.

Fitball is the more accurate name of the ball forMassage of newborns. This adaptation contributes not only to the physical, but also emotional development of crumbs, because with its help you can conduct funny games and interesting activities.

You can begin to engage in fitball with an infant from birth. First, the newborn simply rhythmically shakes on the ball, contributing to the development of the vestibular apparatus.

Do the following exercises:

  • Put the child back on the ball, holding itWith his hand in the knee or shin area. Smoothly press the baby's legs against the tummy, hold it in this position for a few seconds, lower it to its original position;
  • Turn the crumb on your tummy, your right handKeep for a back in the field of a waist, left try to bend a leg, that the child has appeared in a frog pose. Smoothly swing the ball back and forth, then straightening, then bending the leg. Repeat this action on the right and left foot of the baby;
  • Baby put on the ball with your belly down to your face,Hold it by the handles. Shaking the ball back and forth, lift the shoulder belt and the chest of the crumb, gently pulling it by the handles upwards. Gently spread the handles apart, raising the child even higher.

Such actions with the ball are best performed each time at the end of the massage procedure, and after it is useful to take a warm bath.

Massage for colic in newborns

Often the only way to calm a baby whenColic is massage. Special movements of my mother's hands will distract the child, will restore him, relieve pain and adjust the process of digestion. Intestinal colic occurs in 80% of newborn babies, but this process is not pathology, but adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract of crumbs to new conditions.

Pediatricians prescribe children to remedy against intestinal colic, but many mothers have found a more correct solution to the problem - a stomach massage for newborns.

To ease the state of crumbs, perform the following actions:

  • What are the benefits of massage for infantsClockwise gently stroke the tummy of the newborn;
  • Alternately bend and unbend the legs, touching their tummy;
  • Turn the baby to the abdomen, stroke your hands in the direction from the sides to the back of the child.

To achieve better results in advanceWarm your baby's tummy with a warm water bottle. Such massage for newborns with constipation, which often disturb children immediately after birth, will help. In addition to massage, to improve digestion, nursing mother should not forget about the mandatory diet.

You will see how your baby will feel better after the massage: it will become more calm, cheerful, and a dream strong and lasting. Pleasant and beneficial procedures for you!

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