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At what age is best to start solid foods?


It is necessary to observe the basic rules of complementary feeding, so as not to harm the baby. Find out how, when and in what order to introduce new products in a child's diet

The most useful food for a child isbreast milk. Since birth and until about 6 months of breast milk is the only food of the baby. If the mother's milk is lost, then the child is fed with adapted mixtures.

After the execution of 4-6 months, he is introduced complementary foods. At the same time, milk remains the main food of the baby.

How to introduce complementary foods: basic rules

At what age is best to start solid foods?Before giving the baby a new meal, you should make sure that he is ready for it.

The main signs of children's readiness for lure are the following:

  • The child already has 6 months;
  • He began to show interest in what lay in his mother's plate;
  • He himself sits;
  • Can turn away from the spoon;
  • The weight of the baby was twice as much as at birth;
  • He asks for breasts more often than usual;
  • Extinguishes reflex, e.g. The food runs straight and does not crash.

You can introduce lure only healthy, wellFeeling like a child. If the baby has recently been ill or sick at the moment, he was vaccinated, teeth are cut, body rashes appeared, and no lure can be administered.

It is recommended to give new food in the morning,During the second feeding. Begin with small portions, a teaspoonful of bread, by the end of the week increasing the amount of food to 50 grams. After complementary feeding you need to milk.

If the child is naughty, refuses to eat new food, you should show patience, offer a spoon several times.

There are two ways of introducing complementary foodsBabe: pedagogical and traditional. The pedagogical method involves feeding the baby in small doses from the mother's plate. Mom gives the little one a little taste of food, which she eats herself, and then gives him milk. The purpose of this supplement is to introduce the baby to the new food.

If the product is liked, it is necessary to bringServing up to three teaspoons. When a baby is introduced a lure in this way, he gradually learns to eat on his own, forms taste habits, and does not experience pressure from adults, and after a year calmly and with pleasure uses adult food.

Under the traditional scheme of introducing a new mealMean the child's feeding the food in a certain sequence. This way of getting to know food is better known among mothers, it is recommended to combine it with pedagogical lure to develop food interest in the baby.

Traditional scheme of introducing a new meal

Basic rules, how to enter Child feeding, Are already known, it remains to understand in which order and at what age to introduce new products.

At what age is best to start solid foods?As the first complementary food, it is recommended to introducevegetables. According to some pediatricians, it's better to start with juices, fruit is not the best meal for babies, because They irritate the gastrointestinal tract and can cause allergies. With them, it's worth to be neat and enter when the kid already eats almost all adult food.

If the baby lacks weight, you can enter as a first supplement of porridge. In this case, the vegetables follow them.

The most suitable for complementary foods areZucchini, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli. If the baby has a loose stool, you should not start with zucchini. The first time is enough to give a teaspoon of vegetable puree. The second time you can give two, then four and so on. In general, you should focus on the child and give him as much as he asks.

After the baby has eaten a mashed potatoes, it is necessary to feedHis breast milk. Once a week, you can make mashed potatoes from two types of vegetables, the rest of the time - from one. In vegetable puree you can add a little vegetable oil: olive or sunflower.

A month after the introduction of vegetables can be givenPorridge. How to inject porridge into the lure of babies? As well as vegetables, first a teaspoon of kasha is enough. The first porridges of the child will be corn, buckwheat and rice. Cook them on the water, without spices, salt and sugar. Up to 8-9 months, it is not recommended to feed the carp with porridges containing gluten.

Approximately at the same time, at 7 months, you canAdd the yolk, literally a quarter teaspoon. Yolk should be consumed once or twice a week. Give it to be well ground and in the composition of milk or vegetable puree.

Do we cook or buy?

You can buy a special baby porridge, and you canPrepare yourself. Only for the beginning it is necessary to grind the washed up and dried groats on a coffee grinder. It is advisable to chop porridge with butter, starting with 1/8 teaspoon of oil and making up to 10-20 grams.

It is very important to add the yolk to the food, the whole egg can not be eaten by the kid. When the yolk is introduced into the lure, the child's state is carefully monitored so that there is no allergy.

After cereals, you can introduce the child to the fruit,Cottage cheese and yogurt. It is desirable to give fruit purée from this time every day. For the first time, one teaspoon is enough, then you should increase portions. Cottage cheese and yogurt should be prepared by yourself. Curd is easily prepared from milk and sour cream.

To a liter of boiled milk, you need to add a dining roomSpoon sour cream and leave for souring in a warm place. Then bring the mixture on low heat to a boil, but do not allow to boil. The milk will curdle and you will get a curd. How cottage cheese is introduced into the lure?

First the baby is given cottage cheese without anything, but starting from 10 months with fruit or other additives. At the same time, the child can eat baby cookies.

In 9-10 months it's time to introduce the baby to the meat. It is best to first give him meat puree from a turkey, then introduce chicken, beef and veal, from pork it is worth to refrain. In 10 months, when the meat is introduced into the lure, once or twice a week it can be replaced with fish (hake, sea bass or other sea fish).

From 10-12 months the baby can drink clarifiedJuices from white or green fruits. After a year, pearl, millet, barley and semolina milk porridges are introduced into the diet. However, you should closely monitor the child's reaction to them. In addition, it is necessary to thoroughly boil the porridge and give them, starting with two or three teaspoons.

At what age is best to start solid foods?Also after a year the baby can try the wholeegg. It is best to feed it with quail eggs, as it does not contain cholesterol and is more suitable for the baby. By the way, quail yolk is also more useful and safer for a child 7 months. In the year when the egg is introduced into the lure, they closely follow the reaction of the baby. Protein is a very allergenic product, so you need to be careful with it.

In a year the kid eats almost all adult food. In his diet, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products, juices, cookies, fish and meat. In 10-11 months he was given a forked food, and he began to chew independently. By the year the child already knows how to hold a spoon and eats almost without help. At this time, many mothers decide to wean the baby from the breast, but do not rush.

According to WHO recommendations, baby should be fedBreast milk up to two years and longer, if obtained. Children who are breastfeeding develop better in all respects, they get less sick, grow well. Delicious food and health to your baby!

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