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Delayed speech development: Help your child learn to speak


How does a delay of speech development in children. A survey at the doctor identify the cause of the backlog. Methods of developmental classes with a speech therapist and a home. Massage for the development of speech

child's personality begins to form in the first months of his life, and depends not only on the physical data and the conditions of life of the baby, but also on such an important form of knowledge of the world, as speech and communication.

Delayed speech development: Help your child learn to speakIt is not an innate human trait, andtransmitted by teachers (at first the family, then friends, and teachers) and develops, gradually becoming more complex. Teach your child verbal skills, unleash its potential to communicate and help to master the native language - the duty of every parent.

Language development is based on three main components: the organs of speech, especially the mind and the learning process. And the problems may relate to each of them.

What is a tempo delay in speech development

The normal course of formation of speech flows withidentical stages of all children, individual differences may be in transition time from one stage to another. A significant backlog kid in speech becomes clearly noticeable only in 3-4 years, when it becomes difficult to correct the deficiencies, so the earlier you recognize the symptoms, the easier it will be to cope with the problem.

The delayed speech toddler can not be suspectedonly his mistakes, but also unwillingness to communicate the grounds of misunderstanding and lack of proper response to your words. have their control points for each age.

Symptoms of delayed speech development is considered to be the following:

  • lack of response to the call of the age of 3 months and older;
  • the child does not seem interested when he hears the noise, the music, we are next to each other;
  • 4 months have not mastered labial sounds - "B", "m", "n";
  • in six months, the baby does not seem to feel the difference in your tone, not trying to repeat it;
  • year-old child is not trying to imitate adult speech is limited to one-syllable words, calling his mother just cry;
  • 2 years does not answer the simple question, do not show him the title word in the picture;
  • 3 years no Phrase it, kid understands only mononuclear commands (for example, does not understand the phrase "Take ... and Bring ...");
  • It does not communicate in 4 years with other people as an adult understands it difficult;
  • 3-4 years child we only understand the family, as he says, illegible or incorrectly uses the word.

Thus, with age the child should develop language skills in a certain pace, the backlog of which more than three months is considered to be critical.

When no medical help can not do

Delayed speech development in children can bedue to different reasons. Slowing down the pace of development of speech in some cases it is easy to fix classes with a speech therapist, while others require the intervention of a neurologist or even a surgeon.

Neuropathy, arising from birth trauma orcongenital disease should be treated under the supervision of a specialist. Forecasts for early detection of disease and adequate treatment are generally favorable. However, to ignore the problem and it is impossible to delay treatment.

Delayed psycho speech development can bea sign of autism, in this case, the therapist will not be able to provide enough help. Survey (consultation of child neurologist, psychologist, encephalogram and brain tomography) will give enough information to identify the defect and take action.

Speech authorities should develop normally. Silence of the child or his inability to master simple articulation of sounds gives grounds for inspection for defects of the mouth, soft and hard palate, bone structure of the skull, jaws. If such defects are absent, we can restrict speech therapy classes in the office or home of their dream.

How to help a child without speech therapy

Delayed speech development: Help your child learn to speakVisit the children's speech therapist and defectologist extremelynecessary for the diagnosis, because only a qualified professional can be found delayed speech and mental development. The most attentive mother is not able to give a professional assessment on the level of an experienced physician.

However, after examination, received recommendations, to continue to engage with a child can be at home, although the speech therapists often insist on a visit to their office for private lessons.

If you decide on your own to eliminate the defect speech of your baby, you will need some techniques, thanks to which you can accelerate the development of the speech center of the child.

Excellent results give table games forChildren from 1 to 3 years. You will need several sets of children's lotto with colorful cards, but the letters should be postponed to 4-5 years. Cubes with a variety of simple figures are also useful.

For the development of fine motor skills, get one or twoA set of designers (according to age, without details, which the child can swallow or shove in the nose, ear), small cubes for building "Locks", Small toys of really existing animals and objects (hare, chanterelle, mushroom, bucket, car, airplane).

Doing half an hour twice a day, try to interest the child with an object, tell the name of each, check if the kid has realized if he can correctly point out the subject on your question.

Pictures of lotto need to be folded in differentSequences, relentlessly pronouncing the names of the objects depicted on them. For example, today fold lotto in colors, tomorrow - in forms, complicate the task and teach the child to choose from the cards only pictures of animals, of course, with your tips.

Prepare for what you need to talk a lot. Training at this age is not built on the guesses of the baby, he can not "To understand", what "Teddy bear"And"Bunny" - this "Animals". Even if you teach him this word, the level of abstraction of a baby in 2-3 years is not so high.

Continue to call and talk about subjects, but do not make the child "Calculate"Difficult questions for him.

Massage techniques for your kid's best speech

You can not only play games with words.

Activate the center of speech in the left hemisphere can be with the help of a special massage with a delay in speech development:

  • Massage of palms and palms should be done daily at the same time, about 10 minutes;
  • Rub with light palm movements;
  • Rub the back of the hand;
  • Circular movements to stretch wrist joints;
  • Quickly rub each finger separately;
  • Bend and unbend four fingers and separately - opposing the thumb;
  • Gently stretch your fingers, tilting them to the back of the hand for about 1 minute;
  • Cotton massage on the palms for about 1 minute;
  • Play with the child, asking him to catch all your fingers with your finger, which you need to quickly undo and put it back into the child's palm.

Delayed speech development: Help your child learn to speakContinue the massage for a long time -Half a year-a year. Take breaks, but not more than 2 days. Insist, if the child is not located to massage, but do not rape in case of violent negative reaction.

The patience of children is poorly developed, so go for the trick - mask the massage under the game, do it while walking, swimming, sing songs together, ask the baby "To help"You, no matter what, the main thing, if he absolutely does not like hand massage, try to distract him even by talking.

In a pinch, give up the massage for a while,So that the child had time to forget, what he did not like, and continue, as if nothing had happened. Massage is very effective, try to make every effort to this method suits you!

Whatever the reason for the delay, make every effort to help your child learn the full skills of speech, your future depends on your zeal!

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