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Sling with rings: Terms of Use


Sling with rings is a popular model of a special device for wearing babies. Having such a useful thing, you need to learn how to wear it correctly

Some mothers prefer a sling beforeWheelchairs, since such a device has many advantages. Sling with rings, which is convenient for both mom and her baby, is very popular.

Advantages of sling on rings

Sling with rings: Terms of UsePediatricians allow the position of babies "Crib"From the first days of a newborn's life, so you can safely wear it in a sling. Moms who have acquired this useful thing have already appreciated its advantages.

Such devices designed to carry newborns have the following advantages:

  • Easy to put on and take off;
  • In them it is enough just to lay the baby;
  • The ability to adjust the product to the figure of the pope or mother;
  • The sling removes tension from the waist and redistributes it evenly over the entire back;
  • Cut the product allows the mother to hide and, if necessary, feed the child;
  • In the sling on the rings for newborns it is very easy to change the position of the baby if he falls asleep on the way, which can not be done in other models of such adaptation.

Sling on the rings can be used to carry the child in the "Crib"Until the age of 3-5 months, after which it is already possible to change the location of the baby in it.

Instructions for use

If you do not know how to tie a sling with rings to wear your crumb while lying down, follow this step-by-step instruction:

  • Put the device on the newborn for the shoulder. That pillow that should be placed on the back, can be in front, under the head of the child;
  • Take the baby in his arms so that he lay down on your shoulder, free from the strap;
  • Place the child in the desired position, holdingWith his back and legs. Often moms use this option of putting crumbs into this product: put the baby on his hand so that his head is on your palm, and the body and butt - on the forearm. The legs of the baby at this time should be between your elbow and body;
  • Gently lower the baby into the carrying device;
  • Adjust the length of the product to make it convenient for you and your baby.

In addition to this method of carrying a child, there are many others.

Most mothers give such simple advice how to dress slings on rings:

  • Place the product intended to be worn by the child, on the bed, sofa or changing table as it is on your shoulder, but not so tightening the straps;
  • To make room for crumbs, slide the strap aside;
  • Put the child on the unfolded product between its sides, but not exactly, but slightly towards the outer edge, which will not touch your body;
  • Gently pull on the strap, putting on the device, first by thrusting his left hand, and then his head, the pillow should be on his right shoulder;
  • When the device is already worn, pull up the strap so that the baby is closer to you.

Sling with rings: Terms of UseThe device for carrying the baby is convenient alsoThe fact that a child can be worn in it, using a variety of provisions, given the age of the baby. You should also know how to tie a sling with rings, because it turns out that this is not done at all and not the first time.

In the ring you need to pass "tail"The product, if it is not sewn, the cloth should not be creased as horrible, but it is better to fold it in half, inside out. In this form, the device is almost immediately ready for use.

We sew a useful thing with our own hands

For women engaged in needlework, will not beSpecial labor to sew by hand sling with rings. If you have such a talent to make a product, you will need a fabric, a pair of rings and a pattern.

It is best to choose a natural fabric: Cotton, linen, chintz, viscose, these materials are ideal for summer time. To sew sling with your own hands for cold weather, you can buy fleece or woolen cloth.

Good looking products with soft fabric withDiagonal weave or jacquard pattern. This fabric is perfectly draped, wraps around the body of the mother and does not cut into her shoulder, which often occurs when the material is chosen incorrectly.

It is not recommended to use highly stretching andSliding fabrics, which belong to silk and satin. When choosing a fabric, it is important that it is dense, but at the same time soft, elastic, "breathing". Taking into account such criteria when choosing the material, it is possible to avoid overheating of the baby in the summer, and in winter - to keep warm.

Do not forget about the rings, because they, tooAre part of our product. Metal parts are considered to be the strongest and most reliable, so they should be preferred when you decide to sew a sling.

We will sew the product, adhering to this scheme:

  • Sling with rings: Terms of UseTake a piece of fabric rectangular shape: width - 80 cm, length - 220 cm (Fig. 1);
  • Fold and process the edges on three sides (Fig. 2);
  • We put one end of the fabric into two rings and fix it, fixing it in several lines (Fig. 3);
  • The product for carrying the child in it is ready, it remains only to put it on his shoulder.

On a pattern sewing sling with rings is enoughSimply, most importantly - to make the right measurements. Such adaptation allows the child to be in various, convenient for him, poses. Children can lay their heads to the rings, because they are so comfortable and comfortable.

This method is ideal for newborns and toddlers of the first months of life, when they are completely placed in the device. Older children can be arranged half-sitting.

Sling - a modern device,Designed to create more comfortable conditions for walking with a child or going shopping. Knowing how to wear a sling with rings, you will not be able to deny yourself such pleasure!

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