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Sling-scarf - a true helper of young mothers


Sling-scarf - one of the varieties of the popular device for carrying children, which has many advantages. Such a product can not only be bought, but also made by hand

Modern young mothers - fairly activePeople, so they so need to have a special device for wearing a baby. If carryings and kangaroos restrict them in movements, then slings are the ideal choice, allowing to free the hands of the mother.

Sling-scarf - a true helper of young mothersSling-scarf - perhaps the most versatile andA convenient form of such an adaptation for children. This model is very popular, and it is no accident, because there are many ways of winding the product, suitable for the age of the child and specific situations.

Advantages of the product

The device for wearing children is better to choose,Considering the figure of my mother. The product is a strip with a length of 2-6 meters and a width of 60-100 cm. Slings-scarves for newborns from other models of such products are characterized by the feature of evenly distributing the weight of the child on the two shoulders and the back of the mother. This makes it possible to wear children for a long time without experiencing gravity and fatigue.

The device has the following advantages:

  • The load on the back of the baby does not even have to be in a sitting position, since it rests entirely on the mother;
  • The hands of the mother are completely free, so with the baby you can safely go for shopping and even for work;
  • Sling is ideal for newborns and even premature babies, because, using it, skin can be contacted to the skin, because the body of the mother and child is completely covered with a cloth;
  • The legs of the baby in the sitting position are always diluted, which is useful for the hip joints.

The use of a sling scarf is quite diverse, many parents use it while walking as a hammock, shelter from the sun or cold.

Varieties of sling-scarves

Varieties of such products for children are determined, first of all, by the sizes of sling-scarves. The method of carrying the baby depends on the length of such a child's device.

There are such sizes of products:

  • Long scarf - from 4 to 5.5 meters, perfectSuitable for long walks. Usually it is worn on two shoulders, due to this provides a uniform distribution of the weight of the child, so it is not so hard to bear;
  • The average scarf is from 3 to 3, 7 m, it can be worn on one or two shoulders. Suitable for short walks;
  • A short scarf - from 2, 2 to 2, 7 m, is worn only on one shoulder, tying it into a ring. It is recommended to regularly outweigh from one shoulder to the other so that the mother does not experience unpleasant sensations.

Sling-scarf - a true helper of young mothersIt is most convenient to wear a baby in a long winding, but a short scarf is much more compact, so each parents decides independently which device is the most convenient and suitable for them.

Depending on the fabric used forManufacture of such products are distinguished by two types of sling - knitted and woven. They are equally good, but some mothers prefer the first version of the material, others - the second.

The knitted sling-scarf is more elastic, thereforeIt better fits the body of mother and baby. It is better to choose cotton, very tight jersey, which withstands the weight of the child. Woven fabrics better hold a lot of weight, they can even tie knots, because the fabric does not slip at all.

How to tie a sling-scarf?

To use the carrying deviceChildren by design, you should know how to tie a sling-scarf. There are several methods of tying such products, for example, the following methods are popular.

"On the side"

  • It is necessary to find the middle of the sling and place it on the shoulder, then take the two ends of the scarf and cross them on the opposite side so that they intersect on the side;
  • Loose the ends of the product around you in different directions, until they become completely short. After that, the remaining ends are tied to a double knot;
  • On the side, where the first intersection of the sides of the product was made, space was formed, this is where the child should be planted.


  • Fit the device on the shoulders so that its ends hang over the chest, while one of them should be slightly longer than the other. On your back, thus, a loop is formed from the sling;
  • The long end should be stretched behind the back so that it is crosswise under the breast. Stretch it in a loop on the back and tie the two ends with knots;
  • From behind and in front you should have a crosshair;
  • In front of such a crosshairs and you need to put the child, so that its legs go out on both sides of the sling.

Women choose for themselves the most convenient way of carrying a child. Known are such options as "Crib","kangaroo", Wearing on the back or thigh. The older children, when their weight no longer allows their mother to carry them in front of her, can be seated in a sling on her back.

We sew a sling-scarf with our own hands

Sling-scarf - a true helper of young mothersMany needlewomen are interested in how to sewSling-scarf for your baby. Having made your own device for carrying a child, you will get not only a useful, but also a unique thing. First you need to choose a fabric: strong and slightly stretched diagonally. Experts recommend using for this purpose cotton twill weave.

Take a tissue of the right size and wash it,Because natural materials sit at the first wash. After the fabric has dried, overlay its edges with an overlock, so that it will not crumble when used. The center of the product can sew a pocket, because it will be more convenient during the walk to carry diapers or other accessories of the baby.

A simple and convenient sling-scarf will be your indispensable assistant in daily walks with your child!

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