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Sling Backpack - for older kids


Sling-backpack - from what age to use? How to dress? What are the criteria for choosing good sling-backpacks? Compare the sling-backpack and kangaroo. Sling-backpack with your own hands

Sling-backpack is a convenient carry-over forSmall children, equipped with wide straps, a stable belt and an abundance of different straps. His ergonomic design attracts the mother, so let's look at the details of this model of carrying and determine who it fits, and who does not, and at what age it is possible to put the baby in it.

At what age is the sling-backpack recommended?

Sling Backpack - for older kidsIt can be used from four months, when the child can already raise and keep his head up to three years. A sling-backpack should not be used to wear newborns.

Manufacturers, taking advantage of the lack of dueControl of state structures behind the market for such children's products, claim that their backpacks can be used for quite a few crumbs that were just born.

However, this is not the case. A backpack of any brand can be used not earlier than the child turns 4 months old, and it is better to wait until reaching the age of six months when the little girl tries to sit down.

Below are the arguments against using slings of this model for newborns:

  • Form sling-backpack is great for the body just nowBorn crumbs. Slings, as well as mattresses and panties, which manufacturers are trying to compensate for this fact, harm the proper formation of the backbone and the muscular corset of the child. There are restrictions on wearing a baby in a backpack - this is a child's age up to 4-6 months, weight up to 7.5 kg, height up to 68 cm;
  • Due to the strong pulling of the sling lines, the baby in the backpack is too early to form a lumbar deflection;
  • Dense pressing to an adult forms hyperdisplay of the legs, i.e. a small one practically sits on a twine;
  • The carrying belt exerts a strong pressure on the mother's pelvis, which has not yet fully contracted and the uterus has recovered. This factor can cause discomfort in the lower abdomen and the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Therefore, it is better to choose other types of sling for wearing newborns - scarves, May-slings or carrying on rings, and backpacks should be reserved for more adult children.

How to dress a sling-backpack?

It starts with the position "Abdomen to stomach". Then the kid, at any moment seeing his mother in front of him, is not afraid of street noise or the world around him. Only when arranging a child in this position, do not forget to use the collar, to maintain the head.

Transplant your child back to you can, whenThe crumb will be six months old. By this time he is not so shy, and besides it will be pleasant and interesting to examine the world around him. And behind the back and on the thigh should be worn baby, when he becomes a little older.

While seating the child in an ergonomic baby sling-rucksack, make sure that these criteria are met:

  • The little one should hang slightly over the waist;
  • Knees of an as-yet-independent child should be raised above the booty;
  • The back of the backpack should be flat and well stretched, and the seat without a "Bubbles"And failures;
  • The straps must either run parallel to the shoulders of an adult and be supported by a sling or crossed behind his back;
  • The back of the baby in the lumbar region should be slightly rounded.

How to choose a convenient sling-backpack?

When choosing a carry, take into account the following parameters:

  • Age, as well as weight and height of the baby;
  • The ability to evenly support the child's spine.

It should also be noted that in comparison with otherSling, the backpack has a greater weight, which means that the load on the spine and the muscular corset of an adult increases. Another criterion is seasonality. In summer, in a dense backpack, the baby will be hotter, but for colder seasons, such a transfer will be the best option.

A good backpack model has the following criteria:

  • Sling Backpack - for older kidsHe has a hard belt to support the waist of an adult and wide straps that do not cut from the shoulders. These parameters guarantee an even distribution of the load to the adult;
  • The backpack of the backpack for the child should be wide and have a soft texture, which ensures correct physiological development;
  • Presence of a hood. It is needed to fix the head of a small one during sleep, if he dozed off for a walk, and also serves as a protection against unfavorable weather conditions.

What is better - a backpack or a sling?

Many ergonomic sling resembles another kind of carry - kangaroo. But in fact, there are fundamental differences between these two species.

In occasion of kangaroo some doctors and at allArgue that its use, if not regulated, harms the child's physical health and leads to discomfort for the adult. You can avoid this, you just need to properly adjust the straps and make sure that the baby is tightly pressed to the body of an adult.

The design of the same sling-backpack allows you to placeInside a small one in the right physiological position, even if it is in it is crouched. With the help of a non-elastic fabric, which fits tightly around the child's body, the sling evenly distributes the load on the muscles and the fragile corset of the baby, including the spine.

But there is between a sling-backpack and a kangaroo, then,That they are related. Both carry models allow to leave the adult hands free when walking with the baby, and also small, being inside, constantly in tactful contact with the mother, which is important for its development.

Sling-backpack: we sew ourselves

Sewing this model sling is more difficult than May-sling,Or variant with rings. In order to sew a backpack with your own hands, in addition to the basic fabric, you will need fast stacks - semi-automatic fasteners that allow you to connect the fabric elements between each other.

Another foam rubber - for stuffing the backrest and headrest. Isolon or a piece of tourist rug, which is inserted into the belt in order to give it extra rigidity. Slings are also needed so that the length of the straps can be easily adjusted and the crest can be pressed to the adult's body as much as possible.

Below is the amount of material per child for a year and a half:

  • The main fabric - plashevka, dense cotton fabric, jeans, the length of the cut is 2 meters;
  • Cotton fabric on the lining - 1 meter;
  • Slings 4-4.5 cm wide - 4-5 meters;
  • Fasteks - 3 pieces, up to 4.5 cm wide;
  • A centimeter isolon, an area of ​​70 cm by 22 cm;
  • Foam - 2 pieces, an area of ​​7.5 cm by 50 cm.

Sling-backpack consists of three parts - belt, back and straps:

  • Sling Backpack - for older kidsAt first, straps are cut out. They are sewn on the wrong side, then they are filled with foam rubber and slings are inserted in them;
  • The waist is sewn from the main fabric and isolone. Also inwardly inserted fastes and slings;
  • The back is not tselnokroenaya, and is cut out ofThree details. If the backpack is sewn for the winter, then it is additionally stuffed with sintepon. Also in the back stitches response stitches, so the allowance for the seam needs to be done more;
  • When the backrest is ready for it, I mark the straps in black, and try on the carry on myself. If everything suits, then straps are hooked on the typewriter, and the latter is sewn on the belt.

In conclusion, I want to say that there are no bad andGood sling-backpacks. If there are any problems, it means that you either use a sling not by age or wrongly put the child in it. However, if you use the correct landing criteria, you will successfully cope with this task!

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