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Silver-deciduous teeth against tooth decay


In children, regardless of their age, caries often develop, it is difficult to cure it. An alternative method of traditional treatment of the disease is silvering of teeth

Milk teeth in children, in the same way as inAdults are susceptible to caries development. That is why in recent years, the procedure of silvering teeth in children is so common among parents. This modern technique allows you to prevent the occurrence of diseases of the oral cavity and stop tooth decay even at the initial stage of its development.

Silver-deciduous teeth against tooth decayIn addition, the procedure will reduce the child's fear of visiting the dentist's office, since there will often be no need for this.

What is the essence of the procedure

Silvering of milk teeth - a modern methodPrevention of the development of children's caries, based on the antiseptic properties of silver nitrate. Milk teeth of the child are covered with a special compound, which protects them from destruction. The applied agent consists of a 30% solution of silver nitrate and other additional constituent components.

The solution is applied to the lesion on whichA protective film is created and prevents further damage to the tooth. This protective effect is achieved due to the deposition of silver nitrate on the surface of the tooth and its deep penetration into the enamel, which prevents bacteria from getting inside.

Therapy is prescribed in such cases:

  • Caries prevention;
  • The initial stage of caries development;
  • Underdevelopment of enamel.

A film that forms on the surface of the teethAfter applying a special formulation, is not able to protect the enamel from the effects of various acids. That is why it is impossible to prevent the development of caries by the method of silvering of milk teeth, this process only slows down the process of destruction of damaged enamel.

How is the procedure performed?

Silvering is effective only onThe initial stages of the disease, immediately after the appearance of dark or whitish spots on the enamel. If the already formed holes are silvered, then such actions will not only be useless, but even dangerous for your child's health. Silver nitrate can cause a burn of tooth pulp, and the baby will be tormented by severe pain.

Performing the silvering procedure, it is necessary to applyThe composition is exclusively on the smooth surfaces of the enamel, having previously cleared it from the plaque. To do this, the dentist uses a cotton swab that is well moistened in the prepared composition. The child opens his mouth, and the doctor carefully processes the damaged areas of the teeth.

Such therapeutic manipulations are shown only to children up toThree years, at a later age, the dental procedures used for the treatment of adult patients are appropriate. Silvering is just an alternative to traditional caries treatment, when a drill is necessarily used, and it is known that all children are afraid of it.

Initially for the treatment of children by dentists30% sodium silver solution was used. Modern dental clinics use new products based on fluorine and silver - diamine fluoride silver. The substance is produced under various trade names, the most common among them: Saforaid and Argentan.

Silver-deciduous teeth against tooth decayThe effect of the use of funds is based on theirReactions with dentin and enamel of the tooth. As a result of this interaction, silver phosphate and calcium fluoride are formed. They cover the dentinal tubules and inhibit microorganisms that provoke the development of caries.

The frequency of the therapeutic procedure is determined by the dentist individually for each child.

The frequency of silvering can depend on such factors:

  • The age of the child;
  • Type of feeding - natural or artificial;
  • Level of hygiene of the oral cavity.

On average, such preventive and curativeActions are conducted from 1 time per month to 1 time per year. If you ask how much the silvering of the milk tooth is, then processing one element of the oral cavity will cost about 200 rubles. The cost depends on the depth of the lesion and on the chosen medical center, so the procedure can cost much more.

Disadvantages of therapy

Despite the fact that therapy is not expensive, sheIs not a reliable prevention of caries development in children. It is caused by the fact that it is practically impossible to stop the pathological process with the help of silver nitrate. In addition, the product does not protect the damaged enamel from the harmful effects of acids.

The main disadvantage of the procedure, whichIs a serious problem for children, is the discoloration of tooth enamel. Silver settles on the surface of the enamel and makes it black, which is always noticeable to others.

The doctors themselves also highlight such shortcomings of medical manipulation:

  • The therapy is ineffective for the chewing surface of the tooth, it can even be an obstacle to the timely detection of carious cavities;
  • Before the treatment requires careful treatment of the surface of the teeth, which is very difficult to do in young children;
  • To improve the effect requires frequent silvering.

Considering the essential shortcomings in the methodology, many parents resort to other, more effective medical processes aimed at eliminating and preventing the appearance of caries.

Fluoridation as an alternative to silvering

For those parents who are already disappointed inThe use of sodium silver in the fight against caries, a wonderful alternative to silvering teeth in children will be a technique such as fluoridation. This method is similar to the procedure of silvering, but differs from it by the means used: instead of sodium, silver is used the so-called fluorides in different compositions.

Fluoridation does not change the color of the milk teeth, evenAfter processing, the enamel remains snow-white. Despite the effectiveness of the technique, it is also just a preventative measure. Fluoridation is strictly contraindicated for children who live in an area with a high content of fluoride in drinking water.

Effective methodology will only be on the initialStage, when caries can be recognized by the presence of whitish spots. Despite all the benefits of using fluoride-containing drugs, only the dentist can say that you are more suitable: silvering or fluoridation of baby teeth.

Silver-deciduous teeth against tooth decayRemember, no matter how much the teeth covered with silver or fluoride, it is almost impossible to avoid the development of caries in the future.

To prevent this unpleasant process, observe the rules of oral hygiene:

  • Thoroughly clean the child's teeth immediately after their eruption, if it turns out, then you can use the dental floss carefully;
  • To balance the baby's nutrition as much as possible, if possible, to exclude foods that provoke the development of caries-buns and sweets;
  • Pay special attention to strengthening immunity.

Watch your baby's mouth immediately after teething, and then you definitely will not have to choose between silvering or fluoridation!

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