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Recovery after childbirth


Postpartum lasts about 8 weeks. How quickly bounce back after giving birth. Restrictions on sex. How to establish the bowels

Postpartum obstetrician-gynecologists call the periodFinal involution of organs and systems, i.e. Their reverse development. The fetus in the womb pushed aside and displaced the internal organs, and immediately after birth the woman's body begins to return to normal.

There are different approaches to determining how much internal organs are restored after delivery. From the point of view of gynecology, it takes about 8 weeks.

Genital organs and uterus

The first day after birth, the uterus quickly shrinks in size and weight. After a week, the organ becomes half as old, and after 6-8 weeks it returns to the previous weight and size.

Recovery after childbirthTo restore the uterus quickly,The action of the hormone oxytocin, which is produced when the baby is breastfed. If a woman does not breast-feed, the doctor may prescribe oxytocin in injections.

A simple massage of the uterus will also help. You can do it yourself. For this, lying on your back relax your stomach, then grope your fingers on the abdomen just below the navel upper part of the uterus. Softly and superficially stroking, you need to move it upward, moving to the center of the abdomen.

Postpartum discharge and menstruation

Bloody discharge after childbirth (lochia) lastsThe entire postpartum period - about 6 weeks. While the uterus has not contracted, pathogenic bacteria can easily get into it, so the thorough hygiene of the genitals is very important. You can use special postnatal pads, which are coping well with abundant secretions. Gaskets should be changed frequently, every 2 hours.

Menstruation restored in one and a halfMonth, provided that the mother refused to breastfeed. Lactating women can expect a month in six months. Gradually the menstrual cycle is adjusted and passes less painfully than before the birth.

Renewing Sexual Relationships

Recovery after childbirthThe hormonal system and mammary glands work hard during the entire lactation period.
Simultaneously, the sexual, cardiovascular and circulatory system gradually come back to normal.

The vagina returns to its normalState and size after 1.5-2 months after childbirth. The reproductive system is restored, and a woman can resume sexual relations. A full recovery of the body after childbirth requires that women are constantly in this period of concern for contraception.

For the next pregnancy and childbirth the body will be fully ready in only two years.

We adjust the work of the bladder and intestine

Tonus of the bladder in the first few daysAfter childbirth is reduced, so there is almost no urge to urinate. At the same time, if it is overcrowded, it will negatively affect the normal contraction of the uterus and postnatal purification. To avoid problems and help the body to work the bladder, you need to visit the toilet every two to three hours, even if there is no urge.

Disruption of intestinal function after childbirth is associated withThe fact that during the entire period of pregnancy its walls were squeezed by a developing fetus. After delivery, the walls of the intestine expand, and the muscles of the pelvis are not yet strong enough to support it.

To solve this problem, it is enough to take a few simple recommendations:

  1. Recovery after childbirthTake a warm shower and rub yourself with a towel;
  2. Do a slight bowel massage clockwise;
  3. Drink plenty of fluids per day.

It is necessary to remember a diet containing a lot of fiber: apples, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots will help gently cleanse the intestines.

After giving birth, a woman should closely monitor the state of health, and with malaise it is necessary to measure the temperature.

The first symptom of most postpartum complications is high fever.

A great help to a young mother can beA doctor's consultation on how to restore the body after childbirth: when you can begin physical exercises, which it is permissible to lift weights, do we need any medications.

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