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The brothel of a newborn: why does it appear, how it looks and is treated?


Causes of sweating in newborns. How does the swaddling look? How to treat a sweating. Than to smear reddening. How to conduct water procedures. Prevention of the appearance of sweating in infants

Potnikka - a phenomenon, probably familiar to everyoneThe parent. This skin irritation in children, provoked by excessive perspiration. In this case, the evaporation of sweat is difficult. Symptoms of this condition are almost always the same, but depend on the type of sweatshop and the cause that caused it.

Why does babbling occur in newborns?

The brothel of a newborn: why does it appear, how it looks and is treated?The child was 9 months in the womb, soAfter birth, he must adapt and adapt to the environment. While he is getting used, the systems of his body work differently than in adults.

In addition, they are not yet fully formed. This applies to the system of sweat glands.

When the child becomes hot, the sweat secretion system starts to work actively, forming a special liquid secret. This process helps to prevent overheating of the body.

If the baby is too warmly dressed, his skin is greased with a fat cream, it is tightly wrapped, then this secret gradually accumulates in the glands. As a result, redness and a small rash occur.

But babies do not always have sweating due to improper care. For example, during a disease accompanied by fever, children also sweat heavily, which is displayed on the delicate skin.

As a rule, rashes are localized in those places,Which are poorly ventilated - behind the ears, on the elbows, in the folds of the neck and legs, in the upper chest and back, on the buttocks. Spots usually do not increase in size, and if time to begin to eliminate them, the irritation will quickly disappear.

What does a baby's body look like?

There are two types of this condition:

  • Red. It has some resemblance to hives. The rash occurs in the form of nodules or vesicles, but they are always solitary. Around each nodule / vesicle, the skin becomes red. Single elements do not merge with each other. In this case, the rash is accompanied by severe itching and soreness;
  • Crystalline. Slightly different from red - on the skin are formed small bubbles with liquid contents. They are located close to each other. But this form does not deliver the baby discomfort and disappears a few days later;
  • White, yellow. This species indicates a complication. It looks like a crystal, but instead of a transparent liquid in the bubbles, white or yellow accumulates. In this case, you need to urgently consult a doctor, as these events indicate the presence of infection.

As already mentioned, the cause of the appearance is excessive sweating and poor evaporation of the liquid. This happens as a result of overheating or when the temperature rises.

With a red puffy rash small size - up to4 mm. It is localized on the knee and elbow folds. To treat this form you need a longer crystalline, up to about 3 weeks, but with good care it can disappear more quickly.

It should be noted that sweating can not be manifestedOnly in the form of rashes and itching. The kid becomes capricious, sleeps badly, turns. Parents, having noticed these symptoms and having found out rashes, can immediately diagnose, as to distinguish it from other conditions is easy enough.

How to properly treat swabbing in newborns

All activities should focus onCompliance with hygiene rules, but if there are signs of skin inflammation, then the probability of infection with bacteria and fungi is high. It is for this reason that redness and vesicles should be disposed of immediately, otherwise the therapy can be delayed for a month, and in the presence of complications, even longer.

The brothel of a newborn: why does it appear, how it looks and is treated?First of all, the mother should give the baby more breasts. No mixtures will replace breast milk.

If you are practicing natural feeding, thenThe disease will pass faster, because in breast milk contain all the elements necessary for the growing body. In addition, it enhances the immunity of the baby, thereby reducing the risk of developing a serious infection.

Then you need to eliminate the cause that led to the chicken. For example, if the child was too warmly dressed, you need to make sure that he does not sweat so much anymore.

Than it is possible to smear a pottery at newborns

If in the care of a baby a cream is used, fromIt is better to refuse for the period of treatment. These agents form a film on the surface of the skin, then sweat accumulates in the glands and does not go outside. It is recommended to replace the cream with a special baby powder. She will absorb excess moisture and allow the baby to not sweat excessively.

Even if the swaddling has appeared on the face of a newborn, you can gently lubricate it, while covering your eyes. You must first apply the remedy on your hands, and only then on the baby's skin.

Water treatments

Treatment of swabbing in newborns suggestsRegular hygienic procedures with the use of medicines. During bathing, water herbs are added. Chamomile and string are usually used.

Just do not get too involved with it, soAs they have a drying effect and can lead to peeling of the skin. Herbs are mixed in equal proportions. For 1 liter of hot water you need 6 tbsp. L. Collection. The product is insisted, filtered and used.

Some parents use a decoction of rosariesBlack currant. And the prescriptions of traditional medicine include the use of potassium permanganate. Indeed, it alleviates inflammation, but one must be very careful not to overdry the skin.

If there are no herbs in the house, then you canUse starch: a tablespoon dilute in a liter of water and pour the resulting solution of the child after bathing. As a result, a protective film is formed on the skin of the child, which acts as a powder - absorb excess moisture.

At the end of water procedures is not necessary immediatelyDressing the baby. It is necessary to wait until the skin is well dried and the moisture will be absorbed. After that, use powder. Then with the child it is possible to make gymnastics or simply to vilify it on hands, and only after that to put on.

Sometimes parents use zinc oxide or salicylic-zinc ointment. These two funds can not be used on their own. They can be prescribed only by a doctor in especially severe cases.

Prevention of sweating

Knowing the causes of sweating, parents can take measures to prevent it. Parents, faced with this phenomenon, are unlikely to want to see it again, so you can not disdain prophylaxis.

Do not take any special measures. Just need to take care of the baby. Since the puncture annoys basically in the summer, it is necessary to struggle with excess moisture.

Evening and morning toilet should be accompanied by undermining:

  • The child's clothing must be free, completeFrom natural materials, which will allow the skin to breathe. Bed linen, towels and other things must also be made of those. Optimum - flax, cotton, bike;
  • Monitor the temperature in the room, whereIs a crumb. His room should be cool. If the parents go somewhere with the baby, it must be undressed. The fact that the child is hot is indicated by droplets of sweat on the face (on the forehead, above the upper lip);
  • Dress the baby in the weather. Instead of one warm jacket it is better to put on two lighter ones. This will remove one of them, if necessary. It is not necessary to wrap the baby over the necessary, going out into the street. This applies to home conditions;
  • The child should be bathed regularly: summer - every day, in winter - a little less often. Soap, shampoo should not be used at all times;
  • It is necessary to monitor the change of disposable diapers. This is a very important point, since redness often provokes their repeated use.

The brothel of a newborn: why does it appear, how it looks and is treated?Sometimes a doctor's consultation becomes acuteNecessity. If after 2-3 days the rashes do not go away, the condition of the baby does not improve, it is irritated, moody, the spots become larger, the liquid in the blisters acquires a color, it is urgent to go to the specialist for examination, since the likelihood of complications is high.

The doctor, based on the condition of the child, the reasons for the perspiration, anamnesis, will prescribe the appropriate medication and tell you how to remove the complicated sweat in newborns.


Even knowing how the swaddling looks, you canMix up with hives or allergies, chicken pox and other viral infections accompanied by a rash. In addition, atopic dermatitis also has a similar symptomatology. A specialist can only diagnose the cause of the rash when it is examined.

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