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How to increase the appetite of a child and establish a healthy diet?


What are the main causes of poor appetite in children and are there effective methods for their elimination? What foods contribute to increased appetite? How to feed the wreck

The problem of poor appetite in children is oneFrom the most vital from the point of view of parents. After all, the full development and formation of the organism depends on how timely and fully nutrition the baby is.

How to increase the appetite of a child and establish a healthy diet?What to do if your baby refuses to eat, and how to increase the appetite of a child, we will consider in our today's article.

Causes of lack of appetite in children

There are many reasons why babies refuse to eat. Consider the most common of them.

Impairment of appetite in infants, as a rule,Is associated with a violation of the usual mode of feeding. Therefore, do not often put the baby to the chest, and even more so do it chaotically. In addition, there is no need to give the baby sweetened teas before feeding.

This only will break the appetite of the baby, and the stomachWill be occupied with unnecessary water. Herbal teas and juices are best given after feeding or during a very intense heat, when the body has a great need for fluids.

At the age of 6 months, when the crumb beginsGet the first lure, often the reluctance to eat may be due to the abuse of fruit sticks. This is explained by the fact that sweet fruit purees contain mainly fast carbohydrates, which discourage the appetite.

Also, a crumb can refuse to eat, ifFor some reason, the taste of mother's milk has changed. A similar phenomenon can be observed if the mother eats something sharp or a dish well seasoned with spices.

Among the more serious reasons for reducing theFood includes the disease of the baby. Even with a common cold or cold, you can completely forget about increased appetite. Since with a cold in the nasopharyngeal mucus accumulates, the baby begins to experience discomfort when sucking and refuses to breast. Therefore, with a cold, it is necessary to clean the baby's nose before feeding.

A special moment with which reluctance is associatedThe child to eat food, is the time the appearance of the first teeth in the crumbs. Therefore, noticing that the baby on the gums appears a small slit, and the saliva flows a river, prepare for sleepless nights and refusal to eat.

How to increase the appetite of a child and establish a healthy diet?Causes that affect the increase in eitherDecreased appetite in the child include even weather factors. Therefore, babies are often capricious and refuse to eat at sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. In this case, you can try to interest the crumb with something delicious. It is also often a cause of intense heat. During this period, it is best to avoid high-calorie and fatty foods.

In children older, loss of appetite may beIs associated with strong emotional feelings, resentment or grief. In this case, the main thing is to return the child to a mental state, to calm him down, and along with this will come the craving for food.

Key recommendations

So, let's move on to a list of tips that include tools that effectively increase appetite in children:

  • If you take into account homeopathic remedies,Then in this case complexes that include Cin, calcium and magnesium salts, and also Colchicum are excellent. Use them is recommended only for the doctor's prescription;
  • Medications that promoteImprove appetite, can be used even for babies. This group includes: Glycine, Elkar, Creon and Lysine. Use drugs that significantly increase appetite in children should also be strictly prescribed by doctors;
  • Among the foods that increase appetite in children, there is sour apple juice, which contributes to the secretion of gastric juice.

Application of phytotherapy

To reach an increased appetite in a child, you can andWith the help of special herbal teas to improve the digestive tract. But even using phytotherapeutic drugs, you need to be cautious and closely monitor the baby's condition, since allergic reactions are possible.

Consider the most effective herbal formulations that increase appetite.

Well helps infusion of herb grass, forCooking it is enough to take 10 g of grass, and pour it 0.5 liters of boiling water. The mixture should be infused for 20 minutes, and then you can strain and consume 70-100 ml after each meal.

Quite appetizing is also tea based onDry gentian spring. To make it, you need to take 1 tsp. Dry matter and pour it with a glass of boiling water. The mixture is infused for an hour, and after giving the baby 10-20 g for half an hour before meals.

Beneficial effect on the appetite of children is alsoRenders also tea on the basis of a tripartite sequence. To make it you need to take 10 g of grass and pour a glass of steep boiling water, and then insist in a thermos for 4 hours. The obtained infusion can be given to children before meals 4 times a day for 1 tablespoon.

To increase appetite, it is necessary to organizeBaby food in a clear time frame. Those eating breakfast, lunch and dinner should be strictly scheduled. You will easily encounter the fact that at first the baby will resist such a regime, so do not be afraid to leave it without lunch or dinner.

But soon he will understand, then if he does not eatSchedule, then the next meal he will have to wait long enough. Also, his stomach will get used to the systematized feeding and will start to allocate gastric juice to the necessary time.

One of the main rules - avoid snacks! If you constantly feed your child with rolls, sweets or cookies during the day, he will certainly not want to eat soup at lunch.

The maximum that can be given is mineral waterwithout gas. And do not be led by plaintive persuasions and requests for at least one candy, since if you succumb to them, then you can not build a proper diet. And if you survive, then you are guaranteed an excellent appetite for your baby.

One of the most effective methods for improvingThe children's appetite is a walk. This method has been familiar to all for a long time, but very few people give it due attention. This group also includes all kinds of outdoor games, swimming, gymnastic exercises, in short, everything that will make the child spend a maximum of calories and energy.

Thus, the body will immediately tryTo fill the costs and will signal this desire to eat. Therefore, do not let your child sit for days at computer games and watching cartoons, but rather send him to walk on the street with his peers.

To arouse the child's interest in food, you canJointly prepare food preparations or draw them to simple actions that I will be able to do for him. For example, you can ask him to break eggs or mix a dough together. Here you will see how the baby after eating with pleasure will eat the food, in the preparation of which he personally participated.

How to increase the appetite of a child and establish a healthy diet?One effective method is alsoAlso decoration of dishes. There are lots of options to give ordinary dishes an intricate look and turn them into muzzles of various animals, as well as draw drawings of jam or sour cream on pancakes. It is not difficult to learn this, just look at the Internet and find a step-by-step instruction on how to design dishes.

And do not try to feed the child in any wayForcibly. This will give a cardinally opposite effect, and the baby will develop a persistent rejection of food. It is not uncommon for parents to force food into a child and force him to vomit. So just show patience and try to diversify the children's diet better. The kid will be interested in a new dish, and the appetite will appear by itself.

By observing these simple principles of nutrition, you can forget about the persuasion of the baby to eat. You do not have to ask to eat a spoon "For mother and father", And your child will fully eat and grow healthy for the joy of his parents!

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