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Pinworms in children: Symptoms and Treatment


Enterobiosis is the most common helminthic disease. Pinworms in children appear due to violations of hygiene standards. It is important to recognize signs and begin treatment in time

If the child is bothered by an itch in the anus, it is quite possible that this is a helminthic infection. Most often these are pinworms - the causative agents of such an unpleasant disease as enterobiosis.

What do we know about parasites?

Pinworms in children: Symptoms and TreatmentPinworms look like small white worms. When the time comes for reproduction, adult females go into the rectum and lay eggs in the folds around the anus. Hatching larvae move to the lower part of the small intestine, into the cecum and after their puberty the process repeats.

Because of what is happening? Movement of female pinworms causes itching in the anus. The child begins to itch, spreading eggs on the hands throughout the body, on the surrounding objects. Children often take their hands and foreign objects into their mouths. And of course, they do not always wash their hands before eating.

Thus, ideal conditions are created forSpacing of parasites. In this case, not only the bearer of pinworms suffers from this, but also other people, since they too can pick up enterobiasis. That is why at the first signs of this disease it is necessary to undergo examination and begin treatment.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Disease

How to determine the presence of pinworms? First of all, the child starts to worry about the itch in the anus. This is due to the fact that the pinworms migrate to lay eggs. Their movement causes unpleasant sensations. The baby combs the skin, which poses an even greater threat, because the wound can get infected and provoke an inflammatory process.

If the number of worms becomes critical,Itching almost does not stop, because in the child's body there are already several generations of pinworms, the maturation of which occurs at different times, and, therefore, they move every day.

Symptoms of having pinworms in children can be:

  • nausea;
  • Dysbiosis and stool disorder;
  • Abdominal pain near the navel;
  • Increased salivation;
  • Pale complexion;
  • dizziness;
  • Rapid fatigue;
  • irritability;
  • Exhaustion;
  • loss of appetite;
  • General deterioration of health.

Despite the fact that the doctor knows how to lookParasite-pinworm in children, in the survey, it is seldom possible to determine their presence only by external signs. It is necessary to take tests. To do this, use a sticky tape or cotton swab, oiled with petroleum jelly.

After, the samples taken are examined under a microscope. Adult pinworms look like small whiteWorms with pointed ends. In length they are only about a centimeter. Females are usually larger than males. It is almost impossible to observe the eggs of parasites with the naked eye.

Pinworms poison the human body, it can beNotice the deterioration of his state of health. Due to scratching, dermatitis, vulvovaginitis, paraproctitis, sphincteritis and other diseases can join the consequences of helminthic damage. In addition, the development of allergies is possible. Therefore, you should start treating the baby as soon as possible.

Treatment and prevention of pinworms

Pinworms in children: Symptoms and TreatmentTo deduce helminths there are manySpecial medicines. Some of them can be used for prevention. However, you can use these drugs only after consulting a specialist.

How can you remove the pinworm from the child? At home, for this purpose, use unpeeled pumpkin seeds, onions, garlic, beet juice, and also put enemas. Use folk remedies should be cautious, because the child's body is able to take not all products.


Garlic juice is mixed with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Within 3 days it is necessary to give the baby this mixture before going to bed. You need to drink plenty of water. In a week you need to drink one more course. This remedy is inadmissible for stomach problems.

Quickly withdrawing pinworm will help an enema based on milk with garlic juice. Her put before going to sleep. However, do not use this method if there are unpleasant sensations from contact with the mixture.


Five days in a row, the child should be given the followingmixture. Onions are crushed to the state of gruel, sunflower oil (in the amount of half the onion) and salt is added. The composition is taken before bedtime and washed down with water. It should also be used with caution for problems in the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract) - the presence of inflammatory processes and chronic diseases.


One of the most effective ways to get rid ofPinworm is a pumpkin, or rather, its seeds. Unpeeled raw pumpkin seeds can kill parasites. To do this, you need to take a three-day course and take in the morning 3 hours before meals a mixture of green seeds and olive oil in a ratio of 1: 1. A few days later the procedure is repeated.


This method requires more time for sensationEffect. One course lasts 2 weeks. From the beet juice is squeezed out. You can also add carrots to soften the unpleasant taste. Before use you need to get rid of the toxic components. To do this, the juice is insisted in a cool place for about 3-4 hours. It is necessary to drink half a glass on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime.

Warning: when taking an empty stomach, a child may experience vomiting. Then the treatment with juice should be canceled or dilute the juice a little with water, but at the same time, the antihelminthic effect will be much worse.

In most cases, a faster methodGet rid of parasites is the treatment of pinworms in children with medications. Well proven anthelmintic agents such as helminthox, levamisole, albendazole, pyrantel, mebendazole.

Before using this or that drug, you should consult your doctor. It will be useful to drink a course of drugs to all family members for the purpose of prevention.

Prevention of enterobiasis

Pinworms in children: Symptoms and TreatmentIn order not to worry about how to treat pinworms in children, several rules should be observed:

  • Regularly change underwear to clean and ironed;
  • Wash hands after toilet, before meals and do not eat unwashed products;
  • Watch out so that the child does not pull into his mouth foreign objects and dirty hands;
  • Cut short nails;
  • Keep clean in the house and regularly hold a wet cleaning.

Pinworms in children - a disease fraught with dangerousConsequences. At the first signs it is necessary to start treatment, and also take care of the prevention of helminthic damage to all members of the family and children from the immediate environment.

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