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How to care for a newborn?


The kid in the first days of life should eat enough, rest, defecate and walk. Find out how much food a kid needs, how long it takes to walk with him and whether to swaddle crumbs

Many parents with the appearance of the first child in the familyThere are many questions about how to take care of a child. What do you need in the first place, how much should she eat? How often do you have to walk with her? How to care for the belly button? Is it necessary to swaddle a baby? How many times does he have to croak, etc.?

How to care for a newborn?It seems that caring for a newborn is somethingUnbearable, impossible, but if everything is arranged in places, to understand the issues thoroughly, it becomes clear that taking care of the baby is not only not difficult, but also pleasant. The main thing is not to give yourself to worry, but the rest will come with experience!

How many newborns should eat?

Most mothers primarily care about providing the child with enough food. How much milk does a newborn need?

On the first day of his life he literally enoughA teaspoon of colostrum. This is due to the fact that the newborn has a small amount of stomach, about 7 ml, besides colostrum is very nutritious. On the fourth day the stomach volume becomes 40 ml, by the 10th day - 80-90, and by the month - 100 ml.

Give milk to the baby you need as often as heAsks. Usually, babies on breastfeeding should eat 10-12 times a day about every three hours. Feed the newborn should be from 15 to 40 minutes, but do not over tighten, the baby should suck actively.

With artificial feeding, the child followsGive a certain amount of the mixture. How much to eat crumbs, calculated by the formula: the number of days a baby from birth multiplied by ten. That is, on the third day at a time the child should eat 30 ml of the mixture, on the 6th day - 60 ml.

How much should a baby eat per day?Calculate according to this formula: the number of days a child's life is multiplied by 70 if the weight of the crumb is less than 3200 g or multiplied by 80 if the weight is more than 3200 g. As you can see, a child weighing 3 kg a day should be given 420 ml of milk or a mixture, And weighing 3.5 kg - 480 ml of milk or mixture.

In the second week, the volume of the mixture requiredNewborn per day, calculated by another formula: the body weight of the child is divided into five. That is, if the baby weighs 3600 g, then he needs to give 720 ml of the mixture a day. The entire volume should be divided into 6-8 feedings: the child should eat every three hours during the day, and every five hours at night.

How much water is needed for a newborn baby?

Many are also interested in how much water is given to newborns. According to WHO recommendations, children under the age of one month are not required to drink water, they have enough water that is contained in milk.

After four weeks, you can give your child a littlewater. This is especially true in the summer heat or if the apartment has dry air. If the baby feels well, he has enough milk, then he does not need water.

The following signs may indicate that a child needs to drink water:

  • Dry diaper after a long sleep;
  • Dark and strong smelling urine;
  • Dryness around the mouth and lips;
  • There are no tears when crying.

In these cases, you need dopaivat baby. After feeding after 10 minutes, the baby should be offered about a teaspoon of water. You can drink it from a pipette or a bottle if you can not get it from a spoon. Also, you need to give some water to the baby with diarrhea, congenital jaundice, vomiting and fever.

How much should a new baby give?

On the normal development of the child and his healthA regular stool testifies. How much should a babe swallow - this question is often of interest to parents? A baby on breastfeeding usually croaks as many times as it eats, ie. Approximately 8-11 times a day. At the newborn on artificial feeding this number can be less.

Usually this is due to the fact that the crumb does not fitmixture. Sometimes a newborn can not even croak for two days. If at the same time he feels well, he is not disturbed by colic, the tummy is soft, nothing needs to be done.

Normal stool for a baby breastfeedingMust have a yellowish or greenish tint, on artificial - brown or black. If the newborn has a watery stool, then most likely he has diarrhea. In this case, it is worth turning to the pediatrician and so that the baby does not dehydrate, give him some water after feeding.

If the child suddenly became stale, it isMeans that he has constipation. In this case, the mother should revise her diet or, if the baby is fed, change the mixture. Also need to consult a pediatrician.

It is important to note that stool retention may beIs associated with the restructuring of the digestive system at the end of the first month of life of the baby. If the newborn is not naughty, he has an excellent appetite, the stomach is not swollen, you just have to wait, everything will settle itself.

How many hanging out with newborns in summer and winter?

How to care for a newborn?Walks for children are of great importance, theyHarden his body, strengthen immunity, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Walking with the baby is recommended daily. In the summer, you can start walking immediately after discharge from the hospital.

On the first day, walking should be 15 minutes. Every day, the time for walks should be increased by 5-10 minutes. Then you can spend in the open air as long as you want in summer and on warm days in spring and autumn.

Walk in winter should be done short, especiallyIn the first days of a baby's life. If the street is more than -10 degrees, you can walk for 5 minutes for the first time, then gradually increasing the time spent in the open air for up to an hour. If it's too cold outside, do not walk. If you can not go for a walk, you can take the child to the balcony.

Before you go out for a walk on the street, the baby should be fed so that he is full and could fall asleep. Of course, walking is recommended in parks, squares, where the air is cleanest.

In the summer, the crumb should be worn according to the weather, so that it is not too hot, but that the baby does not freeze. Even in hot weather, the child needs to wear a hat.

In winter, the baby, so that it does not freeze, you need a coverall, a warm blanket, a hat and a warmed wheelchair. Under a warm hat, you need to put on a cotton shawl or cap.

In case the child gets hungry, it will not hurt to have a little water in the bottle. Although it is better to take the child home and feed.

What else is important to know about newborn babies?

In the first month of a child's life, it is important to monitor hisGain in weight. By the number of grams a baby can increase his body weight, one can judge whether he gets enough nutrition. In the first week, a baby may lose weight, which is normal, since the diet is still set, and the newborn loses fluid.

Further increase in weight daily makesApproximately 20 g. Thus, for a month the kid should collect up to 800 g. If the child does not add the put weight, it means, he does not have enough food and he should eat more. If the child has typed more put, it is necessary to give him less milk or a mix, since. He is overeating.

Before feeding from the 10th day of the life of the child,You need to give him a little rest on his tummy. To start, it takes 1-3 minutes, then the time should be extended to 20 minutes. This activity helps newborns to strengthen the muscles of the neck, abdomen, and also simplifies the departure of the gazik.

It is important for young parents to know how many healsThe navel of the newborn. With proper care about 10 days. For the umbilical wound to heal normally and quickly, it is necessary to treat it with a 1-2% solution of chlorophyllipt or zelenka. In addition, you need to bathe the crumb in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for about 5-7 minutes. The crust from the umbilical wound should disappear after two weeks.

How many diapers are needed for the newborn?

In our time, few people swaddle the children. However, those who wish to follow the example of mothers and grandmothers can not do without diapers. Even if you do not swaddle a baby, every parent should have diapers anyway. The question is, how many diapers are necessary for the child?

How to care for a newborn?There are several answers to this question: A lot and a lot. If the crumb is worn immediately in clothes, then the diaper needs less, they can be put on a changing table, used as a sheet. If you follow the example of moms, then the diaper for the first month needs 30.

In this case, their size should be different:

  • 10 calico diapers 80-120 cm. They are small and not suitable for swaddling, but they are convenient for the underlining and bathing of the baby;
  • 10 diapers 120-150 cm. Such large diapers are best suited for swaddling for the night. The newborn is growing rapidly, and the size of these diapers will last up to 8-9 months;
  • 10 knitted diapers 120-120 cm. They must also be sewn. This is the most convenient size for changing. If there is no desire to mess with the fabric, there are diapers 95X120 cm on sale, they will be fine.

Diaper can be more and less. If there will be less of them, they will simply have to be washed more often.

As you can see, the science of caring for newborns is complex, but it is quite accessible and feasible. The main thing is to love your little miracle and then all your worries about it will be only for you!

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