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Rates of sweating in newborns and children under 12 years old - why does your child sweat?


We found the main causes of sweating children andready to tell you everything! Why sweat newborn or child older - experts tell us. Answers to all questions about the sweating babies, table rules sweating children - on

Isolation of sweat - it is a normal reaction of the body. But in some cases it may be caused by sweating next diseases, and they may take place invisibly. Let's understand why your child began to sweat more than usual, and to determine the rate of this or pathology.

  • Why does a baby is sweating head and neck?

The reasons are many - a long period of wakefulness, physical activities (games), overheating, hot room, not breathable clothing, feather bedding.
Furthermore, it can be a disease rickets due to deficiency of vitamin D. background

  • Grudnichok strongly sweats - can it be a disease?

Yes, it can be a disease. But remember, the disease will have to confirm the doctor who will make such a conclusion on numerous tests and analysis.
Self-medication is not worth doing!

  • A newborn cold sweat - what does it mean?

If the child is sweating while you noticed howhis cold arms, legs, neck, armpits, then this is a cold sweat. It can be assembled on the body drops. There is a cold sweat for the cause of the neurological disorders, infectious, genetic disease, rickets.
This sweat is not terrible for the kids, as they adapt to the outside world. But if it is present all the time, you should see a doctor.

  • Feet baby sweat a lot - Causes

Feet and legs of the child may be sweating due to colds, rickets, thyroid disease, Abnormalities in the nervous, cardiac or circulatory systems.
Before the diagnosis, should get tested, do not forget about it!

  • Grudnichok strongly sweats when suckles - why and what to do?

It is not necessary to sound the alarm as soon as your baby starts to sweat when feeding. Suckle for him - a lot of work, so he sweats.
Please note, if excessive sweating is present when sleeping, playing, crawling, it is possible that this disease - rickets.
Some therapists in order to prevent shortageVitamin D prescribe medications, but they should be taken, after assessing the overall picture of the child's illness and his health card. So give your child vitamins on their own, without consulting a doctor, is strictly prohibited!

To reduce the sweating during feeding, follow these rules:

  • Place your baby on a pillow, it is desirable not feather. It is desirable that was wearing a cotton pillowcase. Lying on your hand, he will sweat even more.
  • Before feeding, ventilate the room, that was not stuffy.
  • Wear baby for the weather. If your home is hot, try to dress your baby in the x / b undershirts. Not wrapped the baby in swaddling clothes. Give it to the body to breathe. Do not wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics.

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