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Maternity Capital: design subtleties


What is the mother's capital, when and who can use it? Who has the right to receive maternity capital and how the procedure for its completion

Many know that one of the social guarantees,Regulated at the state level, is the maternity capital. What kind of social payment is this and how to get the maternity capital, we will try to find out in our today's article.

Maternity Capital: design subtletiesWhat it is?

Maternity capital is a social program of the state, which provides for the allocation of funds in the form of a special certificate for targeted use and is valid until 2025.

The program can be used by families whoAre citizens of the Russian Federation and have two or more children. In 2014, the size of the maternity certificate was approved at the level of 429, 408 thousand rubles, and is the same for all, regardless of what kind of child they are waiting for in the family: the second or fifth.

Use of state assistance can only be done after reaching a child of 3 years of age for clearly defined (limited) goals:

  • Improvement of housing conditions;
  • Payment of educational services;
  • Formation of a pension fund for the mother.

The amount of state aid can varyAnd depending on the place of residence of the family. Residents of some regions have the right to additional regional maternity capital, as well as lump sum payments in the amount of 30 to 200 thousand rubles, which are financed from local budgets.

Required documents

In order to receive maternity capital, it is necessary to provide a package of mandatory documents:

  • A document that certifies the identity and confirms the citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • Birth certificate of the child;
  • Application of the established pattern;
  • Certificate issued by pension insurance authorities.

This package of documents is mandatory, without it you can not claim to apply for assistance.

Maternity Capital: design subtleties

10 steps to "child money"

To simplify the understanding of complex regulations, we will try to show as simply as possible the procedure for obtaining a certificate for maternity capital:

  • Obtain certificates of birth of the child in the registry office;
  • Apply for the registration of the child at the passport office;
  • To receive a note on the Russian nationality of the child on the birth certificate at the Migration Service Department;
  • Prepare the necessary documents;
  • Submit the documents to the Pension Fund Department, which belongs to your place of residence;
  • Fill in the application form for the certificate;
  • Wait for a maximum of 1 month;
  • Receive a letter from the FIU about the decision. If the decision is positive, then the letter should indicate the place and date of receipt of the certificate;
  • Obtain a certificate and carefully store it for 3 years;
  • When you celebrate the 3rd anniversary of your baby, you can use the certificate for maternity capital for the intended purpose.

If you do not have the opportunity to hand in the documents in person, you can send them by mail, or send them with the help of a trustee.

That the coming year?

From next 2015, the size of the motherCapital will undergo some changes, and its amount will increase to 453, 026 thousand rubles. For those who received certificates earlier and have already used part of the funds, the remaining amount will be increased by% of inflation.

And whether there will be "cash"?

Many parents who received the cherishedCertificate, the question arises, how to cash maternity capital? We hurry to upset you, it is impossible to transfer the certificate into cash; It can only be used strictly for its intended purpose.

Maternity Capital: design subtletiesNot all families like this, so some parents try to get around the Law and come across suggestions from various scammers who promise "Living»Money for a certain percentage. But we do not recommend going into such scams, since you run the risk of being left with nothing, and even more so - get under the criminal article.

Now you have first-hand knowledge of what isMaternity capital, who has the right to receive it and up to what year it is possible to use the certificate. Therefore, if you belong to the category of people who have the right to participate in this social program, we recommend not to hesitate, but to hurry to issue a certificate.

Who knows what changes may affect maternity capital in 2015. After all, in this way, you guarantee the worthy future of your children!

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