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Litical mixture for children: how to use it correctly


Indications for the use of a lytic mixture. Contraindications to use. How to correctly administer a mixture to a child. Through how much the medicine will work. Dosage for children and adults

Parents, as a rule, when the temperature rises in the child, try to immediately knock it down. In the course are pills, candles and syrups. But when these remedies do not help the lytic mixture is used.

When do we urgently need antipyretics?

Litical mixture for children: how to use it correctlyThe vast majority of specialists argue,That antipyretic should be given only when the temperature is raised to 38.5 ° C. If the indicators are lower, then the body itself successfully fights the infection.

But there are a number of excluding cases when the use of antipyretics is mandatory when increasing to 37.5 ° C:

  • Pale skin, chills, joint and muscle pain, worsening of the condition as a whole;
  • If there were convulsions caused by intense heat;
  • In these situations, the temperature is brought down by antipyretic, in other cases it is recommended to use physical methods, for example, acetic wipes.

The composition of the lytic mixture used from temperature

This drug contains three substances. The main component is Analgin, which has an analgesic and antipyretic effect. The second component is Diphenhydramine (1%), which has an antihistamine effect.

It strengthens the action of Analgin. Also, it can be replaced by means such as Tavegil or Suprastin. The third component is Papaverin. It expands the blood vessels and relieves spasms, which increases the heat transfer of the body and lowers the temperature.

Indications for use

After reading the composition of the lytic mixture,That it is a potent remedy. Therefore, it is used only in those cases when the temperature is much higher than normal, and other antipyretic drugs do not exert an effect. Very often the mixture is used for flu, when the symptoms include severe chills and fever.

Uncontrolled use of such a potent drug is fraught with complications, so do not give it to children without first consulting a pediatrician.

The application is expedient only in that situation,When antipyretic syrups, suppositories and tablets were ineffective. If very often give a child a lytic mixture, then he will develop an immunity to less strong antipyretics.

Parents should be very serious and responsibleTreat this tool. It is very important to correctly administer the drug, carefully disinfect the tools used to prevent infection with any infection. Dosage is also important.

It is not recommended to bring the temperature down toStandard 36.6 ° C, as this is difficult and not entirely appropriate. When after injection (after half an hour) an increase above 38 is not observed, then the remedy is effective. This condition indicates that the body can again activate forces and continue to fight the disease.

When not to use a lytic mixture

There are a number of contraindications.

If they are available, the use of such a potent substance can be dangerous:

  • High fever is accompanied by pain in theAbdominal cavity. Since one of the active substances is Analgin, it stops painful sensations. However, this is not always good, since pain can be a symptom of appendicitis inflammation;
  • If in the previous 4 hours the child was given substances that are included in the lytic mixture;
  • It is not recommended to give to children under 6 months of age;
  • Before you do an injection, you needConduct an allergy test: drip a drop of the drug on the lower eyelid. If during the next 30 minutes there is no pain, itching, redness, swelling, then you can use a lytic mixture.

How is the lytic mixture for children introduced?

It is necessary to observe certain rules to achieve good absorption of substances through the blood and avoid the formation of "Cones"At the point of injection of the needle, as well as infectious infection:

  • Before mixing the ingredients, the ampoules must be heated to the body temperature. For this they need to hold some time in their hands;
  • Before opening the ampoule, it is rubbed with alcohol;
  • Syringes are only disposable. All components are mixed in only one such product. A needle is also disinfected;
  • The place of needle insertion should be rubbed with alcohol before and after injection;
  • The needle is injected deep into the muscle (2/3), the piston is pressed slowly, so that the medicine normally spreads through the tissues;
  • The needle is inserted strictly perpendicular to the skin surface into the outer upper square of the buttock;
  • If there is a "cone", An iodine grid is made.

How much does a tableted lytic mixture

If the injection is for one reason or another doneIt is possible to drink a medicine, but it will be much slower to act. It should be noted that Analgin can cause irritation and unpleasant sensations, since it negatively affects the mucosa of the esophagus and stomach.

An alternative is cookingA similar agent from tablets. If it is necessary to bring down the temperature to a child younger than 3 years, then mix a quarter tablet of Analgin, Suprastin and Paracetamol.

When the heat of the baby's cold hands and feet,Suprastin is recommended to replace No-shpoy. Pieces of pills are powdered, mixed and allowed to drink crumbs. Approximately half an hour later, the indicator of the thermometer will begin to decrease.

Dosage of a lytic mixture prepared for children

Litical mixture for children: how to use it correctlyMetamizole sodium (50% solution of analgin) is taken at the rate of 10 mg per 1 kg of body weight. 1 ml of the solution contains 500 mg of active ingredient.

Diphenhydramine in the ampoule is used at the rate of 0.1-0.2 ml for each full year of the baby. For children up to a year, take a standard dose of 0.1 ml.

A solution of papaverine hydrochloride is calculated based on age. For children under one year, only 0.1 ml is needed. For older kids, the standard dose is multiplied by the number of full years.

An important point - the lytic mixture can be used no more often than once in 6 hours.

Dosage of the drug lytic mixture to adults

The composition of the drug for adults differs fromChildren's option, but this only applies to proportions. Indications for use remain the same. Typically, the drug is included: 2 ml of papaverine and analgin, 1 ml of diphenhydramine.

This dosage is designed to be used forAdult, weighing 60 kg. For every subsequent 10 kg of weight add another 1/10 of the specified standard. The same dose is used for adolescents who have reached the age of 15 years. The interval of injections is every 6 hours.

The mixture in tablets is also different. It consists of baralgina, suprastin or diazolin, papaverine or no-shpa. For the preparation of the drug mixture one tablet of each medicine is used.

It is worth noting that the classic drug will help quickly remove the symptoms of intoxication of the body to adults and eliminate the hangover.


To overcome hyperthermia in case of influenza withUsing standard antipyretics is not always obtained. In some cases, a high temperature, accompanied by a general intoxication of the body and dehydration can provoke severe muscle and headaches, a convulsive syndrome.

Litical mixture for children: how to use it correctlyWhen aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (tilfen, ibuprofen, indomethacin), paracetamol are powerless, it is recommended to use a lytic mixture.

It is advisable to use such a drug inChildren, elderly people and people with pathologies of the cardiovascular system, since prolonged hyperemia disrupts the heart, causes convulsions and dehydration.

In a number of cases, a prolonged temperature riseLeads to intravascular coagulation syndrome. Of course, it is better to call for emergency care, but if this is not possible, such treatment is the best option. How much time to give it depends on the person's condition, but doctors do not advise using more than a day.

It is recommended to always keep alcohol solution, 2 and 5 ml syringes, analgin, papaverine and diphenhydramine in ampoules in the home medicine cabinet. Similar substances should be present in powders / tablets.

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