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Clysterize baby


How to make yourself an enema infant

In infants after birth in the intestineThere is a complex process of formation of microflora and digestion. All organs, including the glands of the digestive system, are in the stage of development and ripening.

Clysterize baby

The digestive system is a complex device of continuous mechanisms, thanks to which the vital activity of the whole organism and its normal growth are carried out.

But sometimes, especially in children of the newborn period, problems arise in the functioning of the digestive tract, accompanied by a disturbance of the stool, more often in the form of constipation.

Conditions such as diarrhea, bloating, poisoning, intestinal infections, hyperthermia, can not do without setting a cleansing or curative enema.

How is it proper to make an enema for a child?

Before starting the procedure it is worthwhile to study and further adhere to certain rules:

  1. Rinse and then sterilize by boiling all the components for manipulation;
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly;
  3. Before you put a medicinal or oily enema, you need to empty the bowels of the slag by using Cleansing enema;
  4. To introduce only those liquids and preparations prescribed by the attending physician;
  5. Immediately before manipulation it is necessary to check the temperature of the injected liquid;
  6. During the procedure, do not make sudden movements;
  7. After the enema the child should be given time to lie down, then it is allowed to go to the toilet (with a cleansing enema).

The volume of fluid that is injected into the intestines of a child depends on age:

  1. The newborn is allowed to inject no more than 25 ml;
  2. The volume of liquid to 1-2 months increases to 30-40ml;
  3. In 2-4 months it is equal to 50-60 ml;
  4. From 6 to 9 months, the baby is 100-120 ml;
  5. The baby from 9 to 12 months, 120-180 ml;
  6. In 1-2 years the baby needs 200 250 ml;
  7. From 2 to 5 years, the child will need up to 300 ml;
  8. From 6 to 10 years, from 400 to 500 ml.

How to make an enema for a child?

The balloon from the enema should be thoroughly washed and sterilized by boiling.

You can take a special pear instead of a balloon. The balloon or pear is filled with the necessary volume of liquid, then gently squeezed from the sides, squeezing out all the air until the liquid appears. The tip is pointed upwards.

Clysterize babyThe tip of the enema is lubricated with oil or petroleum jelly. The child is given the position lying on his left side, pre-laying a clean diaper or oilcloth. The person who puts the enema, holds the left forearm of the body of the baby, and the legs of the child - left hand.

The legs of the child must be bent at the knee joints,The adult with his right hand inserts the tip of the balloon into the rectum for 4-5 cm without effort. After injection, the balloon is gently compressed, gradually the liquid enters the intestine.

After the entire solution has been introduced, do notUncoupling fingers, remove the tip from the rectum. After manipulation, it takes a few minutes to easily squeeze the buttocks of the baby, preventing premature fluid leakage.

After the procedure, the used balloon is sterilized by boiling, stored in a separate place.

How to make a cleansing enema for an infant?

The breast can be made an enema in the position on the left side with raised legs.

Cleansing enema set with the help of a mug Esmarha. The legs of the newborn lead to the stomach. The Esmarch mug is held vertically and filled with boiled water, cooled to 20-22 degrees.

Before the procedure in a separate bowl or sinkOpen the tap and fill the tube with water, block the tap and suspend Esmarch's mug above the bed level by 50-75 cm, you can use a tripod for this. Preliminarily it is necessary to lay a clean oilcloth folded several times, and the end of it to lower in a basin.

The rubber tip is lubricated with petroleum jelly orButter, spreading a little buttocks to the newborn, inject it into the anus. First the tip is inserted towards the anterior abdominal wall, to the navel, then slightly back, parallel to the coccyx. The depth of administration is not more than 5-10 cm.

The speed at which the liquid enters is convenientAdjust with a crane, which is on the rubber tube. After the end of the procedure, the tip should be removed and the patient should lie down in this position for 8-10 minutes.

During this time, peristalsis intensifies and there is a urge to empty the intestine.

How to make a medicinal enema for a newborn?

After cleansing, you can make an enemaMedicinal. It can be with a decoction or infusion of herbs. To medicinal enema has a therapeutic effect, it is carried out 30-40 minutes after the cleansing enema.

Clysterize babyThe technique itself for carrying out this type of enema does not differ from the manipulations performed with a purifying enema. However, that the doctor will also determine the volume of fluid necessary for the newborn.

When carrying out a medicinal enema, one should take into account the peculiarity - the injected liquid should slightly exceed the normal body temperature in order to absorb it more easily.

How to make a baby an oil enema?

If the child has an inflammatory process inIntestines, you can make an oily enema, it helps well. Oils envelop the intestinal mucosa, thereby reducing the irritating effect of stool and bacterial toxins on it.

More often from oils use hemp, вазелиновое or vegetable oil of a sunflower. Oils are also heated to normal body temperature or higher by 1-2 degrees.

Enema should be done correctly, and do not abuse them, even if they bring the desired effect.

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