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Is it possible to dental treatment during breastfeeding


How is dentistry treated during breastfeeding? Can I do x-rays while breastfeeding? As with breastfeeding anesthetize, remove and whiten teeth

Very often after pregnancy and childbirth, manyWomen begin to notice that they have problems with their teeth. An ordinary person without hesitation will go to the doctor, but nursing moms first of all think about the baby, and then about her health.

Some believe that a visit to the dentist andDental treatment during breastfeeding can harm a child. Fortunately, this is not so. There are certain bans, but the sick teeth of my mother will bring much more harm to the baby.

Features of anesthesia of teeth during lactemia

Is it possible to dental treatment during breastfeedingTo treat a teeth after sorts it is possible to begin at once,If this is necessary. Do not pull to the last, it's best to do everything in a timely manner. Arriving at the reception, be sure to report that the woman is breastfeeding. Treatment and removal is not done on a living, and, as in the usual case, the nursing painkiller injects painkillers.

To be calm it is necessaryTo ask what drugs will be used in the treatment and how they will affect the baby's well-being. All the adrenaline-containing and highly toxic drugs will be banned.

Treatment and extraction of teeth in the breastFeeding can be done not only with the help of anesthetics, but also with the use of nitrous oxide. In any case, before going to the dentist, it is necessary to feed the child and, if possible, to express a little milk for the next time.

Anaesthetizing teeth during breastfeeding,Know that the action of most anesthetics ends after 3-6 hours after the administration of the drug. So after coming to the hospital after the lady needs to express the available milk and just pour it out. The next portion will be already "clean".

If the trip to the dentist is postponed, and the toothIt hurts very much, many people start taking drugs that relieve pain. It is they who cause the greatest harm to the child. Before carrying out anesthesia, you need to read the instructions, sections "Contraindications" or "Precautionary measures".

Virtually all analgesics taken with lactation are prohibited. Permitted persons include "Paracetamol", Tooth-drops based on essential oils of valerian and mint. You can try folk recipes - rinse with soda, sage and bark of oak.

But these funds, if they will, will not last long. To treat a teeth all the same it is necessary. Infections from the mouth of moms can easily be transmitted to babies with a kiss, and this is more serious problems, since the immunity of the crumbs is still weak. In addition, many often lick dummies or taste food from a bottle, this way harmful bacteria can also get into the baby's body.

Removal and X-ray

Is it possible to dental treatment during breastfeedingSometimes in the process of treatment there is a needConsult a radiologist. Everyone knows that radiation is harmful to the body. And yet, the x-ray of teeth during breastfeeding does not affect milk in any special way.

When the picture is taken, the patient is covered with a special apron, which collects all the harmful particles. In addition, after visiting a doctor, milk will still be expressed.

Particularly sensitive can replaceRadiography for viziography. This technique is highly accurate. Only the sick tooth gets into the irradiation, there is no effect on the body. There are cases when the volume of incoming milk has decreased insignificantly after X-ray diffraction. Do not panic this is normal, soon all will recover.

Extraction of teeth during breastfeedingIs conducted in the same way as always. The only thing that a woman will need to think about is her diet for the next few days, since solid foods will have to be abstained, and the food should be full.

If you need to take a courseAntibiotics, you have to be very careful. Even a small amount of some active substances is dangerous for the child. The selection of the drug should only be done by a specialist and no self-treatment.

What can not be done during the period of feeding, is to put implants. First, you can bring the infection. Secondly, they can not take root well. Thirdly, it is necessary to take antibiotics.

Whitening and treatment

Is it possible to dental treatment during breastfeedingSo, if a woman breastfeed does not mean that she should suffer toothache and go with caries.

But whiten teeth with breastfeedingWith the help of professional equipment is prohibited. For these purposes, dentists advise to use special agents such as pastes, gels, chewing gums. After all, for a nursing mother is not important Hollywood smile, and healthy teeth.

As we see, in the lactation period, allManipulation: filling, treatment, tooth extraction and their X-ray. Just need to prepare in advance for the hike in dentistry and notify the doctor of his special situation.

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