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The basic rules of weaning


Every mother sooner or later confronted with the problem of feeding its grudnichka. How to wean the baby from the breast, so as not to harm him

The transition from breastfeeding to regular breastfeedingNutrition for many young mothers is becoming a serious problem. For this reason, lactating women often ask how to wean the baby from breast, without creating a stressful situation for the baby.

The process of excommunication can bring many problems if we do not take into account the physiological characteristics of the female and children's organisms.

When is it better to wean from the chest?

The basic rules of weaningThe only answer to this urgentToday the question does not exist, however, most experts recommend that women gradually reduce the number of feedings during the involution of lactation - a period when a small amount of colostrum begins to be produced instead of breast milk.

At this time, the mammary glands become soft, they do not fill with milk, even if much time has passed.

Some mothers begin to wean the baby from the breastToo early, which causes the baby to become stressed. In addition, this process adversely affects his health, because there is a decrease in immunity.

It is known that the involution of lactation occurs inChildren age from 1 to 4 years, so it is not recommended to refuse breastfeeding until the baby is one year old. At this age, the sucking reflex dies out in children, so it is much easier for them to transfer the transition to ordinary food.

If a woman hurries to stop the processFeeding, there can be unpleasant moments - the milk must be decanted, as it continues to be produced in a rather large amount. Moreover, stagnant milk often leads to the development of mastitis.

The most important factor in the transition of a baby to a newFood is his willingness to do so. Only his mother can determine his psychological readiness. This takes into account how the child relates to other foods, whether he will eat other foods, except for mother's milk.

Often there are situations when during a feeding a woman feels uncomfortable, then pediatricians recommend switching to regular meals, however, provided that the crumb has already turned a year old.

Advice of specialists

Every woman cares about the health of her baby, of course, this should also concern the period when he switches to normal food.

Before the child is weaned to suck the breast, it is important to get acquainted with the main recommendations of specialists and experienced moms in this matter:

  • In the absence of weighty indications for cessationBreastfeeding mom should not interrupt lactation. Pediatricians claim that the longer a baby receives breast milk, the healthier it will be;
  • It is necessary to categorically reject such aA method of stopping lactation, like bandaging the mammary glands. This action will lead to the fact that the crumb will become stressed, as a result of which he can get out of emotional balance. Breastfeeding should be gradually phased out so that the child's organism can adapt to the new conditions;
  • The process of breast sucking is not only a meal, it is also a close emotional contact with the mother. During this period, it is necessary to spend more time with the baby, not depriving him of maternal love and care;
  • If, during weaning, the infant has become capricious and restless, it is better to attach it for a while, so that it will become calm;
  • Children get used to daily procedures, they alsoRemember well the places where their mother used to feed them. Proceeding from this, while weaning the child to suck the breast it is desirable to change the place to play with him, so as not to disorient the crumb;
  • It is very difficult to disaccustom the child to fall asleep with a breast, andBecause most moms put the children to bed in this way. To the baby did not ask mother's milk before going to bed, it is better if during this period the daddy or grandmother will be laying the crumbs;
  • Transfer the baby to regular meals after 2Years is much easier, because at this age, children forget that you need to suck breast, if they are passionate about the game. During weaning, it is important to be interested in an exciting activity, to walk with them on the street, not letting you remember about feeding;
  • If you buy crumbs children's cutlery, you can make the process of eating interesting and exciting.

Compliance with such recommendations will help my motherMake the process of weaning safe for the child's psyche. Also, a woman should not forget about her health, she should not wear tight underwear that would squeeze the mammary glands. In addition, it is important to regularly check the breasts for the presence of seals, and if they are found, it should be carefully mashed.

Efficient transition to a new food

For effective and safe weaning of the baby from the breast, it is important to properly prepare for this difficult process.

It should consist of two stages:

  • Familiarization with new food;
  • Cessation of breastfeeding.

The basic rules of weaningFamiliarization with the usual food should take placeLong before the woman ceases to feed the crumbs with her milk. To baby quietly reacted to new conditions, milk should not be for him the main source of nutrition.

It is better if he drinks not from a bottle, but from a cup, and he must also be able to eat from a spoon. Having taught the child to eat, using cutlery, you can move to another stage.

Complete weaning may take severalMonths, because you can not abruptly stop breastfeeding. The most popular way to switch to a new food is to replace one feeding with another food. Gradually the baby should stop waking up at night to eat, instead of milk, it is better to give him water or tea.

As a rule, the morning and evening feeding is longAre present in a mode of a food of a crumb, clean them at the last minute. It is important to know that even if the child and the mother are ready to switch to normal meals, but the crumbs have health problems, it is not necessary to wean it, it is better to do this after recovery.

Many women listen to the recommendationsA children's doctor Eugene O. Komarovsky, who offers his system of weaning the baby from the chest. It consists of actions aimed at reducing the production of milk, as well as creating unpleasant conditions for the baby during feeding.

To reduce lactation, Dr. Komarovsky recommends adherence to such rules:

  • Limit fluid intake;
  • Refuse to express milk;
  • Engage in active sports;
  • Do not take stimulants of lactation.

The doctor says that you need to reduceDuration of breast sucking, distracting and entertaining the baby. Also, he does not rule out the use of a hard way to stop breastfeeding, which consists in changing the taste of milk. For this, the woman needs to eat garlic, as a result of which the baby will refuse to feed himself.

What to do if the baby bites

Very often mothers start translating the baby intoOrdinary food in the period when his teeth erupt. This is due to the fact that children can bite their mother's breast, causing her severe pain. But this is not done by all babies, so the eruption of the first teeth is not the reason to refuse breastfeeding.

The basic rules of weaningThe need to bite comes about becauseGums at this time begin to itch, so to ease their condition, they also bite their mother. To disaccustom the child to bite the breast, you can use special tools that relieve pain and itching of the gums.

Effective use of the dental ring is considered, if given to his baby before and after feeding, he will not cause pain to his mother.

Biting a kid can and at a time when heBegins to fall asleep. Many babies can not sleep without breast, but when the baby falls asleep, it can accidentally bite it. To prevent this, you need to follow the crumb and as soon as the jaw movement weakens, the mother should put him to sleep.

In the case when a woman sees that the child is going to bite her, you need to stick your finger into the corner of the mouth and unclasp the baby's jaws.

Proper preparation and serious attitude of the mother to this period of development of the baby will help to wean the baby from the breast easily and quickly, without causing unpleasant sensations in the baby.

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