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How to teach a child to swim


Once, many enthusiastically taught children to swim before walking. Now such excesses are no longer in fashion, however, the ability to swim will not be superfluous. How to teach a child to swim?

Today, it is fashionable to grow up hypermobility andSuper-advanced children who at the age of two years are free to use laptops and are controlled with tablet PCs. Teaching their children to high technologies, parents try to do everything so that they do not lag behind modern society, forgetting that the main thing is health.

And the most interesting, nature itself has prepared the newborn man for the fact that he will need to further strengthen his strength and skills, and immediately after leaving the womb.

When is it better to teach a child to swim?

How to teach a child to swimObstetricians and staff of perinatal centers in oneVoice insist on the need to temper children and teach them to swim from the very first weeks of life, while still fresh congenital reflexes and skills. Babies, who drifted for 9 consecutive months in the amniotic fluid, do not immediately forget how to stick to the input, and to preserve its knowledge it is necessary in the first years of terrestrial life.

We all remember how our caring grandmothers andGrandfathers, fathers and mothers kept us above the water, and tried to teach us how to swim at least dog-like. In principle, little has changed since that time, and kids are also taught to stay on the water surface, explaining how to breathe, how to move and in what order.

The second question is where to teachChild to swim, and the answer to it will depend on the age of the child. If we are talking about a newborn, then the bathroom is also quite good, whereas an older kid already needs a swimming pool with an instructor. Do not forget that fear Water to the child To overcome is very difficult, so do not leave him alone with the mentor, but conduct joint exercises.


Young parents, caring about the health and full development of the newborn, often practice the training of the infant to the basics of swimming.

This is done according to one of the specially developed methods, the main essence of which is as follows:

  • Do not let moisture get into the ears;
  • To teach the child to hold his breath;
  • Keep the head above water.

The task is somewhat easier if you decideTo teach an infant to swim in the pool, because then there is always an experienced instructor nearby who will advise, prompt, insure and dispel fears.

In the event that the first swimmings are made inBathroom, all have to do by themselves, and with utmost care. To begin with, you should teach your baby to stay on the water, for which purpose his head is supported above the surface of moisture.

To do it right, the newbornSpread on the tummy, one of his hand is placed under his chin, while the second should fix the head. The child begins instinctively to work with all the limbs, making his first movements in the water environment.

It would be desirable to notice, that such way of howPersonally teach the baby to swim, you can only use up to three months. Then the kid is already able to keep his head, and you will only have to support him physically and morally. And yet: do not count on a quick success, enjoy the process and make the most of it.

Swimming from three and older

How to teach a child to swimSince at this age children already completely lose the skills acquired in the womb, the question of how to teach a child to swim is better solved in specialized pools.

Beginning is worth learning from the exercise "barrel" or "float". This is when the baby needs to completely immerse himself in Basin, Group and wait until the water pushes it out. It should be loudly considered, accustoming the young swimmer to the idea that he will always be on the surface under the right figure.

If the dimensions of the font allow,How to teach a three-year-old child to swim correctly, it is quite possible and at home. Frankly, it is unlikely that you can swim fully, but overcome the fear of water and stay on its surface will be exactly.

As much as it does not upset the parents, but there is not oneWay of how to teach a child to swim with brace or crochet. This is explained by the fact that each child has personal knowledge and skills, is endowed with his personal goals, fears and stereotypes.

Of course, you can continue to use "Grandfather's"Methods, forcing the child to simultaneously keepHead above the water, breathe properly, and even watch the movement of the feet and hands. But first, try to do all this yourself, and you will understand the need to use the services of instructors.

Learn to swim correctly

How to teach a child to swimIn fact, there is not a single unshakable ruleHow to teach a one-year-old or an adult child to swim. In sports schools, parents and their children are offered a lot of techniques and techniques, among which the kid himself will choose his own style, comfortable and acceptable in all respects.

At all do not leave the one-year-old child without careful supervision, even alone with the instructor, even if he swims in "A paddling pool"And can already emerge. The water should not be too cold, highly chlorinated or hard, which should be followed by both you and the pool staff. If you are engaged in the open air, eliminate overheating of the child's head, risk of sunstroke or burn.

It does not matter if your child is professionallyTo swim by the crawl by the age of three, or simply it is important to move in the water like a dog. In fact, you just need to understand that water is the natural environment of the person from which it came out, which helps it in its excellent form and maintain its excellent mood.

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