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How to swaddle the baby and whether to do it?


Methods of swaddling. Prevention and treatment of hip dysplasia in infants. Special devices for wide swaddling

When a newborn appears in the family beforeParents have an important question: swaddling it or not? There is no unequivocal answer to it. Lately, more and more parents have refused this idea, motivating themselves that if the baby is packed in diapers, this will negatively affect his further physical development.

How to swaddle the baby and whether to do it?But there are also convinced adherents of the opinion that it is necessary to swaddle a child. And it does not affect the full development of the child, if you do everything right.

What gives the baby swaddling?

Swaddling is tight and free. Our grandmothers and mothers in their time actively practiced a tight version of winding, since in their time it was accepted that this way it is possible to make the legs of the child straight.

In our time this myth has been severely criticized. And as a result, more and more parents in the maternity home adopted a method of wide swaddling or abandoned it altogether, immediately giving preference to simple clothes.

Children of such parents are much easierAdapt in a new world for them. A newborn can easily take a natural posture that has become natural for him in recent months - press the chin to his chest, tucked up his legs. But at the same time he has the ability to move the handles and legs freely, if necessary.

What do experts say?

Some of the child psychologists claim thatSwaddling is necessary, in order to give the child the necessary sense of security, and provide him with a restful sleep. Others, in contrast, argue that a child can not feel secure if he is restricted in free movement. Controversy is ongoing to this day.

As a result, only one thing remains clear. There is no scientific evidence for the negative impact of swaddling on the baby. And therefore the right to make a final decision remains with the parents. In the end, your child.

For someone who has not decided yet how to proceed, I propose to consider all possible options in more detail.

Types of swaddling

Tight swaddling - dense wrapping of a childCut tissue. In the old days it was widely used, but now it is recommended to use it if the child was born prematurely or had a limb injury at birth. This concludes the positive sides.

A thoughtless tight swaddling can provoke the following:

  • Inhibits the development of motor function in infants;
  • Provokes a violation of the natural circulation of the child;
  • Helps to overheat the body;
  • Increased risk of syndrome "Sudden death".

After all of the above, I want to add that swaddling the child in a sedentary "Caterpillar"Optionally, it can have different versions.

How to swaddle the baby and whether to do it?Free diapering is when there is room inside the diaper for the child to be able to move a handle or leg, if desired. He gradually gets used to a new "Free"To the world. The child correctly develops coordination. Over time, the need for swaddling disappears.

Can not swaddle at all? The truth is that you should not rush to the extreme from the extreme. A child who, from the first days of his life, receives "Absolute freedom", Can later experience, problems with adaptation. Constantly waving his hands and feet, it will be difficult for him to fall asleep, so that the baby becomes irritable.

Moreover - he can get frightened. Negative emotion is so strong that it can slow down the development of motor, tactile and cognitive functions. Therefore do not neglect in such a way as "Maternal embrace". Using it, you will give your child a sense of confidence and security.

Wide diapering

Recently, this method is widespread. Do not confuse with a free swaddling. Wide - this is when only the lower part of the baby's body is fixed. Its peculiarity is in a fairly wide diluted state of the baby's legs and in the subsequent fixation of the child. It can be safely said that this procedure is of a curative and preventive nature.

Recently, the pathology of developmentThe musculoskeletal system is found in more than 3% of newborns. Wide swaddling for dysplasia is recommended to use from the first days of life and up to a year. Also, this method can be used without prescribing an orthopedist. Particularly respect this swaddling swaddling.

How to make wide swaddling

For proper execution, you will need three diapers:

  • The first diaper is about 80x120 in sizeIs put on the changing table in its unfolded form. The second diaper size 80x80 is folded in a triangle and a sharp end is placed on the first. The third diaper is not of principal size, the main thing is that it can take the form of a fairly long rectangle, with a width of at least 15 cm.
  • Put the baby on the diaper. Place the diaper three between his legs.
  • Lateral ends of the diaper number two in turn wrap around its legs, and the bottom edge, fix it in the navel.
  • At the end of the process, wrap the baby in diaper one.

If all of the above caused mixed feelings for you, I suggest consolidating the knowledge gained about the correct wide swaddling of a newborn by watching a video.

Panties, a pillow, maybe a cover?

If there is no desire to fiddle with diaper tetris,There is an option to use the ready-made device. Like the swaddling method, and the choice of auxiliary materials for this, it remains on the parents. I'll just talk about some of them to make your choice easier.

Pillow Freik - a kind of hard bandage,Which is placed between the legs of the newborn. Special straps fix the pillow around the belt. Patterns for independent production of such a pillow at home can easily be found on the Internet.

Just want to say that this device is worthUse only after the prescription of the doctor and only for the prevention of dysplasia of the hip joints. Orthopedist will help determine the time of wearing and determine the exact size of the product. Otherwise, the child may develop dystrophy of the femoral head.

Cover for swaddling - a long rectangle withStrings on the sides and in the waist. Having the desire and time you can carve it yourself. It is convenient to put it on top of a diaper or sliders without forgetting to put a folded diaper between your legs.

Panties for wide swaddling. Convenient and easy-to-use method of winding and fixing legs. For competent wide swaddling, the panties fit perfectly. In appearance, they resemble a diaper.

How to swaddle the baby and whether to do it?Usually, experts assign them to patients,Who need to prevent or treat hip dysplasia and have already reached the age of three months. These panties are made of cotton fabric and fixed on the sides with the help of special Velcro. Panties are perfectly worn and do not exclude the use of a diaper.

For correct and effective use of themIt is important to choose the right size. There are five sizes in total. For the correct choice, it is necessary to measure the distance between the popliteal cavities at the time of their dilution, after which it is necessary to choose suitable panties in the pharmacy. They are inexpensive, but they will considerably simplify the procedure of changing.

The decision regarding swaddling is yours,Dear parents. Remember one thing: everything that you do for your baby, will certainly affect his health and well-being. The right choice and health for your baby!

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