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Mustard children as a way to treat bronchopulmonary diseases


Gorchinniki children put at various diseases, but most often with their help they cough. Use bags with powder for infants with caution

Despite the fact that the range of medicinesCough and cold preparations for children are constantly replenished, mustard plasters have been and still are a popular treatment for bronchopulmonary and other diseases. However, many parents have forgotten how to put mustard children in children and what kind of danger this method of treatment conceals.

The fact that the misuse of this drug can lead to unpleasant consequences, so you need to know and adhere strictly to the rules of using mustard plasters.

application Features

Mustard children as a way to treat bronchopulmonary diseasesMany parents are tormented by the question: And whether it is possible for children to put mustard plasters at all? Of course, you need to follow certain precautions. What is the principle of the action of this tool? Mustards have a vasodilating effect, activating the flow of blood to the site of their action. At the same time, the tonus of the vegetative system rises, its excitation contributes to the activation of the body's defenses.

Therefore, their use is contraindicated whenIncreased body temperature. In addition, the skin of the child in the supposed place of setting mustard must be clean, free of any flaws, cuts, pimples, etc.

If you ignore this requirement and applyA remedy for the above skin problems, it can only aggravate them, since the powder inside the sachets will corrode the skin and have an even more traumatic effect.

How to put mustard plaster to the child

Most often, mustard plasters are put on by coughing andColds in children, and the effectiveness of such treatment depends largely on the time of their use. Doctors recommend that this treatment procedure be performed before bedtime, when the baby is already in bed and warm and cozy. Having moistened the mustard plaster in hot water, it must be applied with an active side to the skin of the baby.

Mustard children as a way to treat bronchopulmonary diseasesTop with a cotton cloth and cover the child with a blanket. After an incident of 10-15 minutes, the sachet of powder should be removed, the skin cleaned and greased with baby cream.

If parents resort to such a means of treatmentFor the first time, the exposure time should be shortened and constantly monitor the skin condition. If the baby complains of a burning sensation, and the skin has acquired a crimson shade, a bag of powder must be urgently removed and measures taken to facilitate the condition in the area of ​​exposure.

Locations of the localization of mustard plasters for various diseases:

  • With a headache, the place of application of sachets with powder is the neck;
  • Mustard for small children when coughing, whichCauses bronchitis, put on the upper part of the breast - above the mammary glands and heart. If the tool is placed on the back, then the area between its blades should be the place of its localization. In this case, if the baby is suffering from a dry cough, then it is better to put the sachets on the chest, and if wet, then on the back;
  • To cure a cold help mustard plasters installed on the feet of the child, or rather - on the heels. From above you can put on usual plastic bags, and then warm socks;
  • If it is required to remove intestinal colic, then mustard plasters can be placed in the navel: above or next to it;
  • To facilitate a condition at renal colic the pouches with a powder established on a loin will help.

Use in infants

The usual way to put mustard plaster to kids, notWho reached the age of 1 year, is not recommended. The fact is that their skin is very thin and delicate and even for a few minutes the effect of this medicine is enough to damage it. To prevent a burn from exposure to a burning powder, it is better to place the sachets upside down or lay a layer of cotton cloth between them and the skin.

Mustard children as a way to treat bronchopulmonary diseasesAnd it is even better to use a mustard wrap,Which can be prepared by yourself: 1-2 tablespoons of mustard powder, pour a small amount of warm water, give a little infusion, and then add another 1 liter of warm water and use this solution to wet the diaper.

After wrapping the baby's chest with it, wrap it around with a warm cloth. After 5-10 minutes, the diaper should be removed and the skin cleaned.

Babies can be completely wrapped up with such a diaper, after first securing the groin area.

It is important to note that the skin of infantsGentle and sensitive, so you need to monitor the baby's condition. At the first manifestations of the aggressive effect of the powder on the skin (as we already mentioned above - this is excessive redness and inflammation of the skin), the mustard mixture must be washed off immediately.

But in any case, before using this medication it is worth consulting with the pediatrician. Health to you and your children!

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