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A decoction of dill will help get rid of abdominal cramps


Dill Vodicka to help nursing mothers. Why dill Vodicka for newborns? How to brew dill vodichku? When and how to give babies dill vodichku?

The most difficult test for a nursing mother afterChildbirth - this is a problem with the tummy, which especially often occur in the first months of the baby's life. What to do in this case, what means to give - this is what most parents are most interested in. It turns out that there are traditional medicamental methods of getting rid of pain, and there are folk.

A decoction of dill will help get rid of abdominal crampsThe latter are not only effective, but also accessible to everyone. What are these means, how they are prepared and applied - read about it below.

Dill water

Almost all newborns first time stronglySuffer from bloating. This is due to adaptation to the outside world, since the baby's body is not yet accustomed to such food. In the future, problems with the intestines can occur when introducing complementary foods and new foods.

Doctors consider this to be the norm, but parents becomeI feel sorry for the child, who constantly cries and tries hard to release gazik or poke. Usually this happens after a while after feeding and lasts until the process of flatulence is over. What can be done in this situation?

Doctors recommend giving various medications,Helping to get rid of colic. On the shelves in pharmacies they can be found a lot. It can be teas, ready-made suspensions or powders, which quickly cope with gas generation in children. The most simple and effective means is dill vodichka, which is prepared from fennel oil.

Fennel is a medicinal herb, externallyIt is similar to dill, but has a sharper smell. Since ancient times dill water for newborns has been a real salvation. After drinking the baby with it, the parents saw that the baby is no longer bothered by pain, and the intestines are very quickly adjusted to the correct mode.

You can find this miracle remedy in a pharmacy or prepare yourself. We suggest you read the instructions to the drug and find out the prescription of home medicine.

Instructions for the use of dill

Sell ​​this drug only in the prescriptionPharmacy, which itself makes it. As it was written above, dill Vodichka is made from fennel. This medicinal plant has a good carminative property, and therefore is used to eliminate intestinal colic in newborns. It is produced in bottles of 100 ml and has a limited shelf life of 30 days.

This is a completely natural product thatA sweet fennel is made from distilled water and essential oil. 100 ml of the solution requires 0.1 ml of oil. Store the drug in the refrigerator and use until the date indicated on the label.

Dill water should be given to improve performanceIntestines of the newborn and removal of gases. This symptomatic tool, because it does not heal, but only helps to remove the exacerbation. In addition, the medicine helps to relieve spasms of the intestine and facilitates the progress of feces and gases along it. In a more concentrated form, this drug helps adults to cope with a similar problem.

In most cases, dill water for nursing mothers is "Lifebuoy", Helping children to get rid of the pain and givingRestful sleep. With proper use, the drug has virtually no contraindications, only occasionally there may be allergic reactions, in the form of rashes. To exceed the permissible norm, the child's organism reacts with an intestinal disorder, which manifests itself in the form of diarrhea.

A decoction of dill will help get rid of abdominal crampsHow to give dillBabies? Drug drug in its pure form is advised to give 3 times a day, after eating a teaspoon. If the baby does not drink water, then it is recommended that the nursing mother mix the same product with expressed milk or feed mixtures.

If this drug is not available in the pharmacy, then you can try to give tea "Plantex". It is also made from fennel, but only from the fruits of this plant. The drug is sold in the form of small bags of powder, which significantly increases the shelf life. This analogue of dill water must be boiled, it can be given to a newborn from the age of 2 weeks.

In addition, now on the shelves of pharmacy kiosks you can find many other drugs that help cope with intestinal colic. This is a children's "Espumizan","Happy Baby", Fennel tea from various manufacturers and"Sub-simplex".

How to drink them, is written in the instructions that are in the box or on the package. If pharmacy products do not suit, moms can always cook dill water on their own.

How to make dill vodichku?

Today dill-water is problematic enoughFind in the pharmacy, as there are quite a few establishments that make medicines on order. And since most of the known analogs are not cheap, it makes sense to brew the medicine yourself. For its preparation, the nursing mother will need the fruits of fennel ordinary. You can buy them freely in any pharmacy, they are inexpensive.

How correctly to brew dill vodichku? In a small container, pour 300 ml of filtered water and put on fire. After boiling in it, add a full teaspoon of fennel fruits and cover with a lid, leave to boil for 2 minutes. At the end of this time, the container is removed from the fire and insisted for another 40 minutes. After that, the broth must be filtered and can be given to the baby.

Many mothers prepare dill vodichku daily andCorrectly do. The kid should receive only a fresh medicine. Some landladies manage not only to make their own infusion, but also fennel to grow on a bed, that is, the medicine is obtained free of charge! Cultivated umbrellas after maturation must be cut and dried. Then the fruits are separated from the husk and it is possible to prepare the dill water.

A decoction of dill will help get rid of abdominal crampsGive self-prepared infusionPediatricians recommend a tablespoon three times a day after breastfeeding. If the mother is not breastfeeding, and the baby is on artificial feeding, then the water should be added directly to the ready-mix.

What's better?

Some young parents believe that dillVodichka does not do well enough with pain in the tummy, and imported teas are more reliable drugs. This is not true. Most of the newfangled drugs to reduce gas generation in the child are made on the basis of fennel. That is, in fact, these are analogs of this drug, but at an overpriced price. So, why spend more ?!

In either case,Consult with the pediatrician and find out what he thinks about this. In no case should you do self-medication, even if you are completely confident in the safety of the drug. You can give a carminative remedy only with the approval of a doctor, strictly observing the dosage.

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