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Lulls the baby: classic and modern methods, that run smoothly


How to properly and quickly put down the baby during the day or night's sleep? What methods will be guaranteed to be acceptable, and which are suitable units?

Happiness of motherhood almost certainlyevery woman, regardless of the fact that the new role brings a lot of problems, worries and experiences. But sometimes, having given birth to a child, we are in despair looking for answers to the seemingly quite banal questions as to his power or regime.

Sleep, my darling, go to sleep ...!

Lulls the baby: classic and modern methods, that run smoothlyNothing can so much worried young mom is crying and screaming her baby, which is actually "refuses"Sleep in the daytime or at night. Of course, the first thing you need to do - to see a pediatrician as the whims of the child may be caused by certain diseases and other health problems with the baby.

But if the doctor has issued a ruling that allNormally, a naughty pipsqueak due banal external factors, such as changing weather or fatigue on the background of the visit of relatives willing to give it their full attention, we will tell you how to quickly and safely put down the child.

The easiest way to lull baby - rocking. It is happy to tell you our mothers and grandmothers. But we live in the information age, and now there are more and more arguments against this method. Ardent opponents of his claim that "jolting"Detrimental to the health and functioning of the internal organs of the baby.

Nevertheless, conservative pediatricians believe the opposite: this method is truly physiological and natural, because in your stomach toddler feel that same "shaking"Constantly as you move.

Rocking baby best on your hands,however, this can be done by other devices - special cradles, rocking chairs, swings, deck chairs or wheelchairs. If you, for whatever reason enter the ranks of the opponents of motion sickness, check with other methods of calming the crumbs that we have collected for you.

Healthy sleep for your baby - in her mother's arms!

Lulls the baby: classic and modern methods, that run smoothlyHow to lull a child without sickness? For this there are many tricks and tweaks. The main thing that the chosen method does not harm your baby. If you want to provide a healthy sleep of your child, we will give you a variety of safe and interesting methods "lulling"Suckling, so you can take them into service, and to practice"stressful"Situations.

Newborn baby sleeps almost all the time, andwakes up only when the feeling of hunger. Sleep duration may vary from a few minutes up to 6 hours, especially if the baby is breastfed.

You, as the newly made mummy, it is in any case should not scare. The "bottle-"Day mode develops faster. Those babies that are fed mother's milk, require not only food, but also the unity with the families and friends of the person - from it they calm themselves.

The methods that will help you to quickly "lay"The baby to sleep:

  • Lulls the baby: classic and modern methods, that run smoothlyLullaby. If you do not have a pleasant voice, and "tolerable"Hearing, or simply shy to sing to your baby, you'll come to the aid"ready"Soporific music that can be easilyfound on the Internet. Options soothing music for children are manifold: it can be and the good old lullabies from our childhood with you, and composition written in a new way, and even classical overture. For "advanced"There are parents even cover versions of songstitans of rock music as the Queen, Nirvana, Depeche Mode. Of course, they do not sound electronic guitars and drums - only the melody, playing the piano, and sometimes the children's voices, performing a verse or chorus;
  • Noise stream. This method is especially important to practice beforenight's sleep, as it helps the child not only to sleep, but also to calm down after a day filled with new experiences. Your unborn baby is constantly heard the noise - the heartbeat, blood flow, environmental sounds. Therefore, non-intensive noise for him to become as physiological "soothing", As well as motion sickness. For this purpose, fit the sound functioning of the washing machine, vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. Some moms find that the most acceptable to use the data for the sound of the circulating water;
  • "Progressive motion sickness." Sometimes the kiddies need to move with his mother. Therefore, you can take his child in his arms and move quickly walking through the apartment. Soon the child tired and fall asleep. Sometimes young women claim that it is - it is the method that answers the question "how to lull a young child for a minute";
  • Tight swaddling. It is not known exactly how this method affects onsleep your baby, but those parents who have practiced or practice it, say that it really helps the child to sleep through the long night. That, of course, is good;
  • Lulls the baby: classic and modern methods, that run smoothlyMobil. How else quickly put down the baby? You may well help mobility! As new parents, you probably know what kind of device. However, if it is not, we'll tell you about his nature. Mobil - it is something like "rattles"Upon which spaced rotating circularsmall toys hanging on a frame, arranged above the crib baby. Often the entire process is accompanied by the lulling motion of musical sounds. It should be emphasized that this method is not for everyone. Some of the children, seeing the bright moving toys on themselves, not calm, but on the other hand, come in excitement. Therefore, the way to practice with Mobil important not to "emergency"And"test"Situations, but only if you know exactly how it affects the emotional background of your crumbs;
  • Nipple. If your baby accustomed to the nipple, it will helpway his calm before bedtime. However, it is unlikely one would be enough. This method is suitable only in combination with tight swaddling lullaby, or "classical"Rocking;
  • Joint sleep. If you do not mind sleeping in the same bed withchild, and you can try this method. However, it also is not for everyone. Rather, it is important for those who practice co-sleeping almost from the birth of a baby. Otherwise, it may further excite your child and make him worry;
  • Walk in the fresh air. Taking a walk in the park, you may want to sleep even adulthuman. And this phenomenon is quite justified, because it is no secret what a wonderful impact on our health and well-being oxygen. Try to walk with your child in an ecologically clean area! Of course, this method can not be attributed to the "fast", But it does work, and moreover, possesses somethingsuch cumulative effect, if you will do it every day, your child will no longer nervous and capricious, and will sleep at night;
  • Lulls the baby: classic and modern methods, that run smoothlyChest. If your baby is used to the chest, it will helpmethod to euthanize it in just a minute. But do not overdo it and abuse it, so that the child could sleep. Yet you can not be around every second, and constantly be in "alert". And to the good, as we all know, you get used quickly. Therefore, you should not always soothe children exclusively breastfed - try and look for new ways to solve their problems.

Every mother intuitively feels what tools are best suited to lulling her baby. Look for your options, and you will come to "ideal"!

An interesting method of lulling cloth

Lulls the baby: classic and modern methods, that run smoothlyThis method was first invented ... a young father! Driven almost to despair, does not know how to swaddle tight and has poured his chest, he tried to lull the child's normal tissue.

"How can you put down the child's napkin?"- Surely you ask. Just grab a white paper towel several times to touch her baby's face (in expanded form). How and why does it work? Consecutive repetitions of movements occurring when approaching and the distance of the subject from a person acting on the child comforting. In addition, the focus of view on a napkin almost instantly crumb tires and causes him to go into the arms of Morpheus.

Seeking their methods of calming grudnichka eachMom, sooner or later, invents his own version of lulling, which works perfectly in any situation. Do not be afraid to experiment, because all we have given funds are absolutely safe, and sometimes useful for your child.

And let your child will be the happiest!

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