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How to increase the fat content of breast milk?


How to increase the fat content of breast milk? The reasons for the low fat content of breast milk. What foods to eat to increase the fat content? How to determine the fat content of breast milk

Almost every mother is worried if herThe baby is not full of mother's milk. When a child after applying to the chest cries, does not gain weight, then it is worth thinking about how to increase the fat content of breast milk.

How to increase the fat content of breast milk?But do not rush from the extreme to the extreme. After all, if, with empty milk, the child receives less nutrients, then with too fat a baby can develop dysbiosis. Therefore we are looking for "Golden mean".

The reasons why women's milk can be low-fat

It turns out that its fat content depends on the maturation. Ripened milk - this is when a child turns a year, in composition significantly differs from that which was immediately after the birth of the baby. The child grows, his needs change, the composition and fat content of milk accordingly changes.

Another indicator of fat content affects the degreeEmptiness of the chest. The first milk is lighter in fat, the baby quenches thirst. Later, which comes at the end of feeding, it is considered fatter, and therefore more useful for a newborn.

The cause of low fat content can be unbalanced nutrition of the mother. There are a number of products that can increase the fat content of breast milk. This will be discussed below.

What products will help increase the fat content of breast milk

The opinion that the food the mother eats is compulsoryWill be in her milk, wrong. During the creation of milk, lymph and the circulatory system participate. Therefore, you can reluctantly put the fatty food aside. She can stay on your side, but not to benefit your child.

If the baby has a problem with the tummy, then only because the mother and baby are connected by an inseparable chain and they have one microflora for two. Therefore, if the mother has problems with digestion, they will have a child.

Overeating and diets are two big mistakesNursing mother. It is contraindicated, and then, and that. Eat as much as you ate before pregnancy. Do not be afraid to drink a lot of liquid, it does not affect the fat content.

Nutrition of the nursing mother should beBalanced. Not even because the crumb does not get any useful vitamins or trace elements. It is in the interests of the mother herself. After all, the child will still take from mother's milk what he needs, but her mother can leave with nothing. For example, if Mom does not consume enough calcium, then she probably has problems with skin, hair or nails.

How to increase the fat content of breast milk?

In the correct diet of the nursing mother, half of the consumed foods should be cereals and fruits. As for fats, they should not be more than 30%, but proteins - 20%.

We already wrote about calcium, it is very important for a nursing woman, and babies. Therefore, eat more foods that contain calcium. This cottage cheese, milk, fish, beans, cabbage, carrot juice, etc.

You need to eat small meals, adjusting to the regime of feeding the baby. If he eats 6-8 times a day, hence, and the mother eats the same time.

Soups and cereals must be in dailyMom's ration. For cereals any grains are suitable, but it's worth taking a cautious approach to rice, as everyone knows that it can cause constipation. Do not forget to butter the cereal well and, of course, it is better to cook it on milk.

As for soups, then they should be cooked from low-fat meat: chicken, beef veal or fish. Do not forget about the greens, put it whenever possible in all dishes - and in the first, and in the second, and in salads.

And the top of the hit parade of products that are capable ofIncrease the fat content of breast milk takes walnut and cabbage broccoli. Walnuts should be eaten gently, in small portions, as they can cause an allergic reaction in the newborn, or even better make them tincture.

It is prepared as follows: 2 tablespoons pour a glass of boiling milk and leave to infuse for half an hour. This infusion is prepared daily. It is used in the morning, at lunch and in the evening - on a third of a glass.

Improving lactation is helped by green tea with milk and fruit juices. Juices are best done by yourself or by choosing a trusted manufacturer, since they should be free of harmful preservatives and colorants.

How correctly to apply the kid?

If mom changes breast during feeding, then bothOnce a child receives earlier milk or is also called anterior. It turns out that the baby's stomach is filled with milk, the drinking value of which is rather low. Therefore, for one feeding, use only one breast.

More often put the baby to the chest. This stimulates lactation, which means that the crumb will never remain hungry.

Determine the fat content of breast milk

How to increase the fat content of breast milk?If there is a suspicion that breast milk isMum is empty, then the doctor lactation necessarily take a woman several samples to determine the percentage of fat. But you can check the fat content of breast milk and at home.

To do this, you must express later or backMilk, when the child only ate and pour it on 10 centimeters in height in an ordinary test tube. Then leave the test tube for 5-5.5 hours for stratification. The uppermost layer is the fat content. Measure its height with a ruler and how many millimeters it will turn out, so much percent of the fat content is contained in your milk. The norm will be from 3.6 to 4.6%.

And finally: breast milk in most cases by composition and fat content is ideal for your child.

If you still have problems with the saturation of the baby, it is worthwhile to turn to a specialist and already with him decide what exactly you should do to eat your baby and eat it deliciously, and grow up healthy!

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